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Jump to content. I don't mind matchmaking in general. With that said as I grind through the woza woza at tier 9, mm does feel particularly brutal. I'm about games into the grind and the split between tier 9 and 10 games has been pretty even so no complaints there. Would I'm noticing though is the composition of the games. Iv had lo of "top tier" games that are just tier9's or 12 tier 9's plus tier 8 lights and arty. As for tiers 7's pfft I genuinely can't remember getting to feast on a tiger or a 8 9 matchmaking in my In conclusion I'm just saying that on occasion I'd like to be the bully tank lol and chew up tier 7's There is literally an Xbox in a museum, and this is the best joke you can come up with?

Some Classyfied info: I have my messages sent to friends only. However, I love seeing familiar names Think about it This is a perfect example where it is only possible to rob Peter to pay Paul. If Peter is happy then Paul is unhappy. If Paul is happy then Peter would be unhappy. I'm only asking to occasionally play tier 7's not feast all the time. When I played the tier 7 is-2 a few weeks back I had no such complaint about the match making.

I seen tier 5's as much as I seen tier 9's. Same with the Very Classy, on 04 June - PM, said:. The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything. Don't rush me, I'm waiting for the last moment!

I only play arty now Die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. My point was that the MM seems to be working correctly - the way you have described it for you. As you said, you played two tiers down, you were able to pick off tier 5s. If you feel the need to have "feel good" game, pick up a tier 7. The server population at that tier likely supports that to happen more often for you to notice it. It would be queue dependent. I think in that regards the MM is pretty agnostic and indeed fair the way you have described it.

Now if you were really getting Tier X all the time, which is not what is going on, in your case, you would have a point. As you have stated it, I see no standing to complain, IMO. Play EU server mostly evening get gmt. Could well be the reason. Just never really noticed it in any other tier 9 and wasn't that long ago I grinned through the m46 Patton. Played about 10 games in a 8 9 matchmaking in the wz yesterday, seen 1 tier In fairness the games where I was top tier at least had a decent of 8's playing so was better than it had been recently.

If you played 10 games in the kv-5 and half your games were made up of 9 tier 9's and 6 tier 8's and the other half were just 15 tier 8's on each team would you feel the benefit of pmm?? A tier 7 facing a 9 vs a 9 facing only a 10 at most - that is a big difference. I rarely but do see two tiers below in my tier 8 grinds.

I am happy with that since I know the poor saps at two tiers down do not have to face the wrath of the big guns of the 30 member teams. If it saw tier 7s even occasionally, two issues - one, it is not even a competition; and two, my XP reward likely would be reduced. Conversely, for the tier 7 that escapes being in that game, it would be safe to assume that they are happy being in the game they are which is hopefully not a tier 9 game. Sometimes you see tier 7 and dont have to deal with tier 10, sometimes you see tier 10's and 8 9 matchmaking a larger damage pool for you to get.

I can make most any tier 8 tank be productive in a tier 10 match so I give the MM little thought I do look to see if I'm going to run isn't a platoon of bat chats though. Community Forum Software by IP. Please log in to reply. Current mood: WoWS: Legends.

Consider playing a game of Jenga and appreciate what a small change can do to a loaded stack. Tier 9 MM is very queue population dependant Are you playing when queue s are low? Tier 9 is the best tier, With built in pmm. This is like normal for T-IX. Today I was plying mainly on T-IX grind too. Just more XP to farm sorry guys. I'm fine with tier 9 unless 8 9 matchmaking the VK45B. Tier 8 MM is what kills me. I damned sure face tier 9's when I take out a 7, so maybe it's not just you Tier 9 has best matchmaking in game.

Well it seems my complaining worked. Today my top tier games have looked much more normal with a better balance of all the tiers rather than majority tier 9's. I've been thinking more about your thread here Back to The Barracks. Reply to quoted posts Clear.

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8 9 matchmaking

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