9 drug panel

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A 9 panel drug test is a confirmatory toxicology test whose are used definitively for diagnosis and treatment of long term and short term drug abuse. A 9 panel drug test is carried out to test alcohol, amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, methadone, opiates, phencyclidine, and tetrahydrocannabinol. The test may be ordered for forensic information, medical screening, and monitoring pain management medication.

Athletes and employees are also tested. A person with drug abuse has drowsiness, small or dilated pupils, seizures, delirium and irregular heart-beats. Difficulty in breathing, agitation and nausea is felt too. No special preparation is required. Based on the symptoms, physical examination and abuse history the doctor will give specific instructions and order the test. Which sample is required to 9 drug panel tested will be intimated by the doctor.

A 9 panel drug test le to appropriate medication to detox and cure the sufferer. Time window when the sample was collected and tested, affects the test result considerably. A positive result confirms drug abuse above the cut-off level. The result does not give confirmatory result on how long or how much the drug abuse was. A negative result does not mean zero drug abuse.

It usually means that drug abuse happened and that the substance is present in the sample but it is lower than the cut-off level. It could also mean the substance has been metabolized and eliminated from the body. Time window for sample collection during or after drug abuse holds great importance.

A 9 panel drug test is carried out on the following samples 9 drug panel Urine sample testing is the most common. The urine sample is collected over days. Hair sample testing is done if the drug abuse is months old. The root of the hair is tested. Sample hair strand is collected in a labelled and sterilized closed container for laboratory testing. Testing on sample saliva is done if the drug abuse is fresh and within 24 hours.

Sample saliva is collected in a swab collector which is labelled and sent to the laboratory for testing. In case of past drug abuse, sweat sample is collected on an absorbent patch which is worn for days or weeks. We don't support your browser.

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9 drug panel

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