Acupuncture santa clara ca

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Santa Clara Acupuncturists Ready to Help. Shelley H. Lane, OMD, L. Hello, I have practiced acupuncture and oriental medicine since and recently moved to the Bay Area. I also have several certifications in nutritional therapy which is a great adjunct to acupunture. After all, disease begins in the gut. Let's get to the bottom of your condition and find the right diet for your needs. I focus on your digestion and aim Acupuncture santa clara ca improve its function which le to better health. Serves Santa Clara, CA 37 years in business. Request a quote View Profile. Annie Wang Acupuncture 5.

The best acupunturists of this company provides acupunture for holistic health or wellness care as well as treatment for diseases. Annie Wang and hire a professional who addresses women's health and issues with acupuncture and acupuncture services. Their treatments help with acupuncture services. Serves Santa Clara, CA. Chung Acupuncture Clinic 5. These dependable professionals provide acupuncture therapy services in San Jose.

Get relief from these professionals. Chung Acupuncture is an acupuncture clinic owner who specializes in providing acupuncture treatments for women to help relieve stress and anxiety, become pregnant, overcome menstrual issues, and more.

Yinfinite Wellness 5. Yinfinite Wellness is among the top rated acupuncturists who offer monthly specials and gift certificates. This notable and experienced individual also offers acupuncture services to local clients. These pros are available for acupuncture services.

This dedicated pro also offers acupuncture services services to clients who are suferring from lower back pain, migraine and more. This acupuncturist treats many conditions including digestive disturbances, respiratory problems and more. Gao Acupuncture 5. Gao Acupuncture provides good acupuncture services for anxiety, fibromyalgia and depression. Hongmei is among the best acupuncturists who combine their treatments with chinese Acupuncture santa clara ca medicines to treat arthritis, asthma, allergy and more.

This reliable and professional acupuncturist specializes in acupuncture services and also handles digestive illness among others. Springtown Wellness Center 5. Take away the stress and anxiety from your busy life by getting acupuncture treatments from Dr. This hardworking expert has a good acupuncture reviews from their clients.

San Jose Functional Medicine 5. Have this business provide you with acupuncture therapy services. This person is among the top rated acupuncturists who specialize in pain relief of all kinds. HeCares Integrative Medicine Center 5. Frank He has been providing some of the top acupuncture services for 21 long years. Their acupuncturists will treat you as a whole person and not just your condition. They focus on acupuncture services, specializing in weight loss and more. Serves Santa Clara, CA 24 years in business.

Reflections On You With Bri 5. Hello all Holistic enthusiasts. Welcome to Reflections on you with Bri. How it started: I've been working energy with my hands and with animals, dogs, cats, goats, horses, chickens from 8 years old. Along with a variety of sorts that work well as a collective of therapies that heal the mind, body and soul. The process: It's amazing what responses, I View Profile.

Serves Santa Clara, CA 10 years in business. Chelina Hwang is one of the best acupuncturists who provide solutions to your health and wellness needs. Get quality services from a pro like Chelina Hwang. Mosaic Healing Arts. Mosaic Healing Arts offer traditional reiki healing, medical massage, and alternative healing in an affordable cost. This pro provides traditional chinese medicine treatment solutions as well. They also offer other traditional chinese medicines including medical massage, acupuncture services, and alternative healing, and more.

Eastern Medical Center. If you would want to find an efficient acupuncturist, then check out and hire Eastern Medical Center. They also offer their clients the best traditional chinese medicines. This pro is among the acupuncture practitioners who are experts in traditional chinese medicine.

Whole Body is a healthcare boutique that specializes in injury, pain and stress management. Our team of Chiropractors, Acupuncturist, Certified Massage Therapist and Estheticians possess Acupuncture santa clara ca skill and know how to restore and rejuvenate your Whole Body. Serves Santa Clara, CA 7 years in business. I have a diploma in massage therapy. I do different types of massage like Swedish, deep tissue, Thai, reflexology.

I also do Reiki, homeopathy, acupuncture, natural healing. I am a male massage therapist. Some of the physical benefits of massage and myotherapy include - reduced muscle tension. Massage once a week or two weeks is good for your health. Serves Santa Clara, CA 25 years in business. We specialize is sensitive patients and patients who are needle-adverse with classical acupuncture. We have been in residence 4 years with the first acupuncturist in Marin county. I run his clinic when he is away and started a private practice in Mountain View where I was born and raised.

These traditions have been in my family for generations, but we seek to bring the spirit of the traditional into a modern, appea Serves Santa Clara, CA 6 years in business. Multiple modalities: Massage, acupuncture, cupping, herb, nutrition and exercises advices! Personalized three stages ptreatment plan! With long term client discount packages! Treatment at the comfort of your own home! Authentic, up-scales, and customized treatments! ability, reliability and responsibility!

Serves Santa Clara, CA 9 years in business. How much do acupuncturists cost? Acupuncture Cost. Do you provide acupuncture services? View our open Acupuncture Jobs near you.

Acupuncture santa clara ca

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