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Post a Comment. Saturday, August 19, I dropped into the Twin Theaters on Buford HighwayBuford Hwy in Doraville, GA, a northeast suburb of Atlanta, which, as I found by reading some information posted in the lobby, is the legal name of the establishment these days. In the 80's they actually showed hardcore in one theater and mainstream in the other.

Enough of the history, on to the report. As I was checking into my hotel earlier in the evening I learned that there were actually two separate lifestyle parties being hosted there. That made me think that most of the "players" may be at the party rather than playing Adult cinema atlanta the theater, but I wanted to go over and check it out since I haven't been there since they reopened a couple of years ago.

Not much has changed since my last stop. I suspect that it hasn't been remodeled since Jerry opened the place, but it still serves the purpose. Couples are free. They are open from 9AM until Midnight. Friday and Saturday they stay open until 3AM. There are two theaters TWIN, get it? Theater one has a couples section all the way down in front, on the left side. The first 6 rows are marked for couples only and the guys seem to respect the limit. I should say that the left half of the first 6 rows are so deated.

It is possible to sit in the right half of those rows and, as you might guess, those 6 seats that are immediately adjacent to the couples seats are popular. That is where I happened to be sitting third row, middle seat, bumping right up to the couples zone when a couple came in around Click for more She was a curvy little brunette in a short black skirt and a thin, loose-fitting white top. She sat one seat in from the aisle, her man took the seat to her right, then there were 4 empty Adult cinema atlanta between him and me.

They took only a few minutes to get comfortable before he started playing with her pussy. She spread her legs and began Adult cinema atlanta play with her full tits through the shirt. Needless to say, the crowd began to form. Guys were slow and respectful, approaching only as it seemed prudent. Soon she was low in her seat, her top pulled up revealing her big tits, legs open wide, masturbating as several guys leaned in for a better view.

For the first few minutes they waved off those who seemed understandably eager to touch. After a bit she let a guy reach in and play with her pussy. He did a fine job of taking her to the next level, because she suddenly grabbed a dick over her left shoulder and began to stroke it.

A minute later, she was sucking it like a hungry calf. The hands moved in, but they could only touch as they were given specific permission by her man. Again, the crowd was well behaved and happy to enjoy the show.

As things escalated she sat up in her chair and sucked three or four cocks alternately as that guy kept working her pussy. Next thing we heard was that another couple had entered the room, so the boys had to give way. The second couple was black. She was stout, in a nice kind of way. She was dressed in a fairly fancy black dress and heels. As they sat down, the first couple moved to the general population area, taking most of the crowd with them.

Lets just say the lady knew how to please an audience. She used her hands, pussy and mouth very well, I can attest to leave a lot of the boys walking out with smiles on their faces. Meanwhile, the black couple was quietly enjoying a little private "hands on session".

Since they didn't seem to be in a hurry and a quick check earlier in the evening told me that there were going to be a couple hundred swinging couples roaming around my hotel, I decided to change venues.

Turned out to be the right choice, but that's a matter for a different site! I have been told by others who stayed later that there was a little more action after I left, including one very impressive tall babe. I hope to find her there next time I go back to Atlanta. Posted by Ray S. This BlogThis! No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

Adult cinema atlanta

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Adult movie theater, Plaza Theatre, on Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia, June 8,