Adult want hot sex Citrus heights California 95621

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Not a member? Citrus Heights. Police are monitoring this place to bust guys. Posted Apr 22 The center stall is locked so no action. This spot is now way dead! It's a good hook up spot for men on the go. The peak times are between 11 am and pm, and 4 to 6 pm Monday through Friday. I am always able to find something. Posted Jan 26 This park was called out by name on a recent local news article UPN31 around the 24th or so about a police crackdown to get gay activities out of public parks.

Also mentioned was Del Paso Park and N Posted Jan 21 It was in the local paper last week that undercover cops were busting guys at this park for sex crimes. Posted Jun 12 There is a lot of police activity lately. Posted Jul 13 This is a great place to meet guys in the dark after the gates close around pm. You can park your car in the outer lying neighborhoods, walk into the park from the neighborhood entrances and have Most Recent Reviews Posted Jan 6 I was there during finals week and watched a well-hung college student stroke his cock, but we had nowhere to go to blow.

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There are lots of young students and good place to get stroked. Hit the jackpot here today and got to stroke a thick one. If you're cruising on campus and haven't checked this spot out, go! Cocks galore. Anyone want to try again? Anyone still go here? Every afternoon around 3 pm every stall is full. I've had dudes from both sides while sitting in the middle stall. Most Recent Reviews Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc. Bathrooms are located beneath the press box, under the bleachers on the west side of the field, around the 50 yard line.

With a gloryhole, you get cock and balls, but with understall, you get the whole lower body. Plus, there are plenty of guys myself included who don't want to Got blown and blew him in return. I'll be hitting this spot back up, no question. I go to jack off here pretty much daily and would love to have someone me. Elk Grove. Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 2 I was in town for a week and must say this park had no cruisers during the daytime 11 am to 3 pm.

The Dog Park restroom has a bad setup, it's too open, anyone can walk in and catch men in the act The bathroom is kind of busy in the afternoons. It's better to meet there and go to the baseball diamond lot further back in the park. I sucked a huge dick off on some g I sucked off a masculine guy with a nice cock in his SUV before lunch and another one afterwards at the softball lot out back. It seems likes it's most active between 11 am and 3 pm.

Several stra Most Recent Reviews Posted May 9 I tried it and the stall door opened up and a handsome, hairy guy was on his knees, ready to go to work. He didn't have a lot of time, but said if I stopped by again he'd definitely take my di Not too many guys come through looking for some fun. Most guys seem pretty normal. Never any BBC though. Security and maintenance come by several times daily but haven't seen or heard of problems. I think it helps that the cli Turn left at Parkshore Dr.

The Parkshore Trailhead is on the right. Fem trans bottom here, l It can be hit or miss here but I usually find someone interested in playing. Found nothing. Still Adult want hot sex Citrus heights California 95621. No one around. Take a nice walk in the rocks and find a secluded place and have a good time. I've sucked many dick here and also found myself bent over holding onto a tree. It's kind of sad because this is one of the finest places for cruising that I have ever visited.

I used to frequent the Windmills in San I took the detour around but have not seen anything going on. The only people I encounter are bird watchers and such. I did have some fun in the very back by the river. It's a great place for outside activity with a lot of discretion. Apparently no Rancho Cordova. Turn left on Coloma Rd. Take Elmanto to the end.

He came in and asked me if I wanted to suck some dick.

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Once I said yes, he pulled out his badge. Posted Jun 17 This is a great, private place where lots of married guys joggers look for a dick suck. Most Recent Reviews Posted May 25 This listing probably falls into the category of someone getting lucky once and thinking that it's a public sex hot spot.

It's not. Nothing happens here -- ever -- and no amount of wishful thi If someone mentioned peak times, it would be helpful.

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Check this place out. It is perfect during the off-baseball season! There are a lot of hot curious military and business type guys cruising this parking lot. There is a track nearby with lots of private bushes and dark spots to p Just like all the others in Sacramento: no doors, no people. No booths, just a small partition between a handful of screens. I visited this area recently, very quiet, perfect for sucking or quiet fucking.

I guess the middle stall is for tops only or something. People need to check it out. It's a lot of fun and not very well traveled during the week. I got a damn good blowjob there the other day and he swallowed my big hot load. No action. Stand in the stalls and you can see the guys next to you via the glossy wall. The guy next to me was stroking a huge dick and wanted to hook up with me. I wanted to too but I ha This place is getting busy with young cock.

I have found the best times to be between 11 am and 1 pm, generally the lunch times. Early evenings Lowe's is next to the interchange. I'm nine inches and there were two other white dudes there with that were way b Great understall action. Best time between 1 and 3 pm weekdays. Lots of young cock with lots of variety, and couple trolls also there every day. Weekend days have good traffic of hot white guys working out. Just give your cock a stroke or two and see if you get a reply stroke or head nod th Even at Adult want hot sex Citrus heights California 95621 am I was able to get a blowjob from an older Latino and another time it was a hot black guy.

There are lots of different flavors at this place. Most Recent Reviews Posted Aug 12 I've never seen any action in this parking lot or in the steamroom late or early morning. I've had a few blowjobs from hot gym dudes. Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 8 Sitting in the steam room, I discretely pulled on my dick and caught the eye of an earlys hairy jock-type of guy. There were other people in the steam room, so he nodded his head toward the door an When he turned around, I could tell he'd been working his cock as well.

Obviously lo Tap your foot for attention. Some understall play is always nice. It used to be a heavy cruising area with full gloryhole. Show off your cock at the far urinal by the wall and you can usually get some action. The best action is around 8 to 9 pm, but guys show off all day Most Recent Reviews Posted Apr 13 It ain't what it used to be, but still good for quick release.

Today is Saturday and I hooked up with a good-looking guy who probably lives in the dorms. I went down on my knees and he sucked me for twenty minutes until I came.

Adult want hot sex Citrus heights California 95621

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