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Partly cloudy with afternoon showers or thunderstorms. High around 85F. Winds N at 10 to 15 mph. Widely scattered showers or a thunderstorm this evening. Then partly cloudy. Low 61F. Winds NNW at 10 to 20 mph. Updated: July 23, am. Colorado's criminal justice reforms are delivering a more violent mix of offenders to the state's troubled community corrections system.

Colorado's criminal justice reforms are delivering a more violent mix of offenders to the state's troubled community corrections system, filling up local halfway houses already struggling with violence, staff sexual misconduct, rampant drug use and health and safety concerns, a new Gazette investigation shows.

The beleaguered system is increasingly failing to rehabilitate offenders, according to state audits, data and incident reports. The recidivism rate has grown worse. Escapes are rising. Risk assessment, a formal process attached to each offender as they make their way out into the community seeking employment, is lagging.

Instead of fulfilling their role as a safe alternative to prison, the community facilities have become ravaged by drug trafficking so severe that one El Paso County judge reports defendants have begged him for prison instead. The study, done after an escapee from an Arapahoe County halfway house shot up the facility with an assault rifle, injuring two, found that more than half of offenders who go through the program are charged with a new crime within five years of release.

Reforms envisioned in the wake of the analysis remain at least three years away, while costs to the state continue to rise and more offenders end up in halfway houses as the state pursues bipartisan criminal justice reforms. As the cost and use of halfway houses increase, they remain ill prepared to meet their mandate to protect the public by helping offenders become productive members of society, according to a new set of evaluation tools the state began using this year.

Data shows that increasingly they're taking in offenders with violence in their past who are then expected to find jobs that take them out into the community. And critical incident reports filed with the state have documented even more problems. A review of the reports going back to show at least 90 allegations of sexual misconduct, including 55 involving staff, three homicides, three suicides, 13 overdose deaths, drug use, drug trafficking, more than police visits, an ongoing FBI investigation into alleged financial fraud at one facility, complaints about black mold, reports of inadequate nutrition and overflowing toilets.

COVID is challenging the facilities in new ways. Offenders in a halfway house program in Colorado last month ed a petition stating they feared the cramped quarters made them vulnerable to infection. And with prisons facing calls to release prisoners due to the virus, halfway houses may end up having to take in even more offenders. The Colorado Division of Criminal Justice, the state agency that regulates halfway houses and oversees their state funding, neither imposed financial penalties on dysfunctional halfway house programs nor closed any of them since Though the state has occasionally required corrective action plans after malfeasance emerged in facilities, in the past two years, no action plans have been required.

Local officials have intervened rarely. Two Colorado Adult want sex tonight Jefferson Colorado halfway house programs have some of the most acute issues, including repeated reports of staff sexual misconduct. A halfway house maintenance worker at one of the Colorado Springs facilities blackmailed female offenders for sexual favors by threatening to send them back to prison, according to his guilty plea on sexual assault charges and details in a lawsuit the facility confidentially settled.

Late last year, the facility, now under new ownership, fired a case monitor there after finding that she sent cellphone texts that appeared to set up a meeting to score meth and have sex with an offender she supervised. The board of directors of the other facility fired its chief executive officer and Adult want sex tonight Jefferson Colorado the FBI and IRS of alleged financial improprieties by him last year.

The facility recently fired a security supervisor after substantiating that he sexually assaulted female residents there. The state has acted more forcefully in the past, Ruske pointed out, closing down an acutely troubled halfway house in Pueblo owned by a former Pueblo city councilman inanother Pueblo halfway house in and one in Alamosa in Local officials shuttered other programs in Adams County and in Denver. But documents show it took years of accumulating problems before the state moved to close programs.

For instance, the San Luis Valley Behavioral Health Group in Alamosa struggled to keep qualified staff, failed to report drug overdoses and suicide attempts and did not follow up on sexual misconduct reports of staff or refer them for investigation and repeatedly violated treatment standards, state audits from through show. In one incident, the facility's management forced halfway house residents to clean up blood after another resident sliced a wrist in a suicide attempt.

In another, the facility's managers neglected to alert the state after another resident went into a coma after overdosing on the drug spice.

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The state only moved to shut that program down in after determining that records had been falsifiedaccording to one letter from state officials. Another provider, Advantage Treatment Centers, Inc. A resident there in never returned to the halfway house after he left his work release job at a landscaping company. Instead, he murdered a teen with a shotgunleft the body near a reservoir, and then led police on a high-speed chase that left five officers injured. The newspaper also took the first public look at the new set of evaluation tools for halfway house providers that the state started using in The issues detailed in the more than 4, s of documents reviewed by The Gazette likely are understated because state officials withheld the release of hundreds of critical incident reports they claimed would violate patient privacy rights.

Further, the newspaper also found instances where facilities failed to alert the state of problems despite policies requiring them to do so. The plan, first envisioned six years ago, is centered on incentive-based contracting, which will pay more to better performing halfway house providers to entice them to improve.

Ralph Cole, a Republican powerhouse in the Legislature who had run prison camps during World War II, led a group of officials and lawmakers on a tour of halfway house programs in Iowa. He emphasized local control. Legislation Cole successfully pushed in authorized locally elected officials to create local community corrections boards that could screen and reject referrals to programs in their communities. The local community corrections boards decide which offenders are appropriate for Adult want sex tonight Jefferson Colorado programs.

Prisoners convicted of nonviolent offenses can apply for a local halfway house program within 19 months before they become eligible for parole. Those convicted of violent offenses can apply nine months before. Judges also can directly sentence offenders to community corrections halfway houses.

In theory, halfway house programs should rigorously assess why offenders commit crimes and then use those assessments to determine how to redirect offenders away from destructive patterns. There are 32 halfway houses spread across the state in all but five judicial districts. The small halfway house operations that began in the s have been replaced for the most part by much larger programs, with nearly half of them housing more than offenders at a time.

Big private prison firms have rushed in, housing offenders in abandoned motels and buildings in industrial zones.

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Between andthe population of residential offenders moving through the system has been relatively stable, as many as 5, residents in and dipping to 4, in But in the past three years, the of residential and nonresidential offenders is rising again. There are plans in coming year to add more bed spacewhich, if current trends continue, will increasingly be occupied by a more violent mix of offenders, including murderers, armed robbers and those convicted of sexual offenses.

While Sen. The private and nonprofit companies that run them are contracted and overseen by the local community corrections boards. Infor the first time since the earliest year, the state began publishing detailed information about each offender inresidential offenders older than 35 out offenders between 18 and The of residential community corrections offenders whose underlying conviction was a drug crime has declined by one-third since But that has Adult want sex tonight Jefferson Colorado nearly equally offset by the increase in residential offenders with violent criminal convictions, like child abuse, assault, sexual assault, kidnapping and homicide.

The tens of millions of dollars in subsidies the state pays the halfway houses is just a small fraction of the money at stake for the providers. Leslie Herod, a Democrat from Denver who chairs the legislative black caucus. A survey conducted that year found that offenders pan the programming and conditions, with nearly half of those turning down a chance to enter a halfway house stating they did so because the facilities had a negative reputation. More than a third of the female offenders surveyed said they turned down the halfway house option because they were concerned about access to drugs and staying sober inside them, and a quarter of them said they did so because they feared for their safety.

Bain said he had grown tired of hearing defendants ask him to sentence them to prison, instead, to avoid relapsing because of the prevalence of drugs in a halfway house. More recently, he said in an interview with The Gazette that he hoped a promised crackdown by the operators of the halfway houses had fixed the problem, and noted that the complaints from defendants had subsided.

Concerns about alleged poor conditions at halfway house programs prompted controversy in Denver last year when the City Council moved to cut contracts the city had with two out-of-state private prison firms, GEO Group, Inc. The move was praised by reform advocates. The same data compiled by the state that shows community corrections offenders are increasingly older, with a greater mix of violent criminals, also shows the system is increasingly failing to rehabilitate offenders. Anything other than successful program completion can lead to more criminal charges, a transfer back to jail or prison, longer sentencing or other punitive measures.

At some facilities, as few as one-third of the offenders successfully complete the program. Privately run facilities have the lowest success rate, and county-run facilities have the highest. Sinceescape s for an increasing of offenders at almost every facility in the state. About one out of every nine offenders escaped inbut now, about one out of every six offenders escapes. Like the decline in success, the increase in escapes is most pronounced in the privately run facilities, where one out of every five offenders escaped in Nearly every offender gets a risk assessment when they enter a community corrections program.

The LSI s are categorized into low- medium- and high-risk. Sincethe population of offenders going into the community corrections program has increasingly higher LSI risk scores. At the same time, an increasing of offenders fail to receive a risk assessment within six months, which is required in state guidelines for the facilities.

The decrease in six-month risk assessments has come almost entirely from offenders classified as high-risk when they entered, and has been most pronounced at privately-run facilities. Offenders who go through the community corrections system are more often being charged with new crimes: A growing end up facing new charges within one or two years.

Inone out of every five offenders who successfully completed the program faced a new criminal charge within one year. All told, only one of every three offenders go into community corrections, successfully complete the program, and avoid another criminal charge within two years. The increased recidivism is more prevalent among offenders who came into the program with a moderate or high initial LSI risk.

State officials in meetings and reports going back nearly two decades have acknowledged shortcomings in how the halfway house system has grown. Similar warnings in from a state community corrections task force and a damning cost-benefit analysis by the Washington State Institute for Public Policy and the Pew-MacArthur First Initiative prompted pledges from state officials that they would find a new way to evaluate halfway house programming and would develop a plan to incentivize better performance.

Since Adult want sex tonight Jefferson Colorado, the performance-based contracting plan has moved forward fitfully. The Division of Criminal Justice this year finally is rolling out new evaluation tools for halfway house programs, but officials say those remain a work in progress.

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For example, he warned, giving more money to programs with offenders who commit fewer crimes upon release could result in local boards accepting only low-risk offenders rather than the higher-risk offenders who need services the most. Bipartisan legislation passed that year also included provisions meant to entice prisoners to apply more often for halfway house consideration. Under the legislation, offenders who successfully complete halfway house programming are automatically referred for parole consideration.

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The lawsuit alleged that the facility instituted a culture of fear in which residents were threatened with sanctions, including possible return to prison, if they pursued complaints against personnel. The facility, now under the new ownership of Boca Raton, Fla. She was accused of harboring an escaped fugitive from the facility at her home and of supplying offenders meth, according to an incident report filed with the state.

A lawyer is preparing to sue the other Colorado Springs halfway house program run by nonprofit ComCor, Inc. El Paso County officials said the law enforcement investigation is ongoing. He allegedly had been leasing to ComCor a building he owned in Pennsylvania, according to documents filed with the state. An to the state from ComCor said there was no valid reason for the lease because ComCor never occupied the building.

McDougall did not return telephone messages and s seeking comment. El Paso County community corrections officials have since placed ComCor on a corrective action plan, and ComCor officials said they're making the required improvements. Meanwhile, officials with the Colorado Division of Criminal Justice say they will do a better job of reviewing halfway house critical incident reports filed with the state. As the state continues working on the reform measures promised at least five years ago, people in halfway houses say they struggle with difficult conditions.

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Last August, a female halfway house resident at ComCor, Inc. She said the repeated sexual assaults from the ComCor supervisor left her traumatized and fearful, bringing back memories of a sexual assault she suffered as a teen.

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