Am i demisexual quiz

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Just a simple fan made quiz found, if its accurate or not its best to be used just for fun. It often seems like there's not enough questions to fit the known definitions to give an accurate score Note: Its normal to receive a score within the 40 60 range, as most people arent necessarily attracted to other people on a regular basis. Hmm, "I've never experienced love at first sight" hmm. And other questions in general that is more about romanticism than asexuality. Fun quiz, but I'm not going to base any decisions on it. Then again, maybe I'd have scored higher if they didn't The issue I have with this test is that I think it's confusing romantic attraction with sexual attraction.

I've been single for awhile but that has nothing to do with sexual attraction. And some questions aren't really related to demisexuality, like the one about love at first sight Howard mentioned above. I especially don't like the question "I never cheat in relationships", because 1 it implies everyone has monogamous relationships and 2 cheating doesn't have to be about sex. Pretty sure I'm not demisexual. I think I can count the demisexuality-related questions in that quiz on one hand. Some of the questions don't really apply to me cheating in relationships, sexual partners, etcbut it was a nice enough test.

The quiz finally worked only when I used Chrome. Many questions are irrelevant to me though. I have almost no libido and I never slept with somebody I don't have feelings for. There are even some questions which are wrong for demisexuals. I'm demisexual and still aroused by porn. It isn't necessary to be sexually attracted to the actors for that. The author seems to not be demisexual anyway. But I'm kind of all or nothing in most things, so I had a whole lot of "strongly agree" that could have been fours rather than fives.

And I've never been in a relationship, so I just put three for those things Some of the questions were asking if we have any attraction to strangers. Romantic and Sensual attractions can certainly apply to Demisexuals. Also, the wording on the porn question was odd. I can be Am i demisexual quiz by porn if it is sensual and romantic. Doesn't mean I am sexually attracted to the performers, or would ever consider having sex with them. This is actually quite comforting to me. I've been wondering if I am demisexual or not, especially after doing a lot of reading on this forum.

Perhaps I am demisexual after all. Interesting the things I am learning from this site. I think for most of the questions there were others influences like being used to a sexual society or my gender identity issues. I do actually not develop sexual attraction when in love, it is less an issue but totally have no desire.

I agree that some of the questions are inaccurate in weighing demisexual factors, however, I think it is more useful than harmful. Now why does that need to be in there? AVEN Fundraiser! Let us know what you think of AVEN's moderator elections. Are You Demisexual Test. Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Janus DarkFox Posted October 11, Posted October 11, If you received a score below 60 points, you may like to take our Sapiosexual Test. Link to post Share on other sites. ThaHoward Posted October 11, I got Am i demisexual quiz Rising Sun Posted October 11, My computer doesn't open the link when I click on the button.

Verb Posted October 11, Huh, seems like a plugin or flash issue with the test WhenSummersGone Posted October 12, Posted October 12, Notte stellata Posted October 12, Kitty Spoon Train Posted October 12, Guest Posted October 12, Rising Sun Posted October 12, Snusmumriken Posted October 12, It only works in Chrome. Nobleheart Posted October 12, Posted October 21, Posted October 22, Yeah, pretty sure I'm demi.

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Am i demisexual quiz

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Am I Demisexual Quiz – 15 In-Depth Questions