Am i ready for a girlfriend

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Many guys go full-tilt boogie into finding themselves a girlfriend as soon as possible without having laid the emotional groundwork. Having developed the skills to attract a girlfriend without the emotional maturity or steadfastness to maintain a relationship is a recipe for misery. So, before you sabotage your own progress, I want you to ask yourself a series of questions, and answer as honestly as you can.

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of guys make — especially guys who are socially inexperienced — is that they expect their future girlfriend to be all things to them. Oh, and blowjobs on the regular. One of the things that tends to kill relationships is the tendency for men to put all their emotional eggs into one particular basket. As a result, our wives, girlfriends and partners play multiple roles in the relationship — from companionship to emotional intimacy, to being Mother Confessor and often provider of comfort as needed.

Being the intimate caretaker as well as the romantic partner is exhausting. The problem is that many guys see a girlfriend as the solution to their loneliness and emotional outlet. Having a broader social base of platonic friends — especially other men — makes you happier and healthier overall. It gives you a life outside of your relationshipwhich directly contributes to the longevity and satisfaction of your relationship.

Before you start looking to a girlfriend to solve your loneliness, start by looking closer to home. Another common issue that comes up with a lot of guys is the idea that a girlfriend is a magical being who will change your life for the better.

A lot of guys tend to describe their ideal girlfriend as someone who is their exact opposite. From the buttoned up, emotionally closed man wanting the outgoing wild child to the lazy slob who looks at the hyper-competent, organized and driven woman as his image of perfection, guys often look for partners who represent something they wish they were.

The driven executive is going to get exhausted dealing with the over-developed man-child. The difference in personalities is going to mean that your differences will overwhelm the things you have in common. If you legitimately want to make lifestyle changes, then you have to be your own motivating force. Asking her to take responsibility for your self-improvement regimen is an unfair imposition on her. Now, having just said all that:.

Relationships, even casual ones, require maintenance and care. In many ways, your relationship is a separate entity from you and your partner, and it will make demands of you. Like a sexy vintage car, if you want your relationship to work past the initial honeymoon phase, you have to put in the work. And to be sure: a lot of that effort is unglamorous, even tedious. The fantasy of the relationship is that your new girlfriend is going to slot into your life with no disruptions. Unfortunately, the reality is very different. There are only so many hours in the day, and time spent with your new snugglebunny means time not spent elsewhere.

Is your guild planning a massive strike-team mission Am i ready for a girlfriend Destiny 2 comes out? And of course, things like gaming can take the backseat to spending time with your sweetie. Yes, some of those are things you can do separately, and having separate lives is just as important as togetherness. But imagine sharing the things you love with your girlfriend; is it not often better than just doing it with your bros? This goes both ways — she wants to share the experience of things she enjoys with someone she loves. Some guys — geeks especially — try to get around this conundrum by trying to date someone as similar to themselves as possible.

This has its own issuesbut at the end of the day it comes down to the same mistaken idea: that you can have a relationship exclusively on your terms and without sacrifice. One of the most appealing aspects in a man — and often one of the most neglected — is a man who has his shit together. Like the dissatisfied youth from Fight Clubthey feel an emptiness and lack but have no idea how to go about filling it. But instead of finding something that brings them fulfillment and satisfaction, they see the answer in another person. These are the guys who are about to dump the responsibilities for their future happiness on an unsuspecting woman.

Needing someone desperately is only romantic in movies and trashy novels. However, a guy who has his shit together is immensely desirable. They have their needs met. They have their lives in good working order. This is important because guys who have their shit together are ready to handle the things that define whether a relationship will succeed or fail. Because they want A Girlfriend so badly, they often round up basic interest to epic love story.

Getting fuck-drunk has left many people in relationships they might have avoided otherwise. Many people get caught up in the excitement of limerence, that heart-pounding, mind-boggling sensation of an oxytocin flood. Ironically enough, those Ones are as interchangeable and disposable as Kleenex. This often leaves men in a position of using shitty judgement and ending up with a parade of bad relationships.

Yeah, the thrill of a new relationship is amazing. However, what makes a relationship work — and ensures that you have the right partner — is how Am i ready for a girlfriend manage the bad times. A Girlfriend is a pleasing fantasy. A girlfriend, on the other hand is someone who has your back in the bad times — just as you have hers. Yeah, shit is going to be hard at times. There will be days when the only thing you can do is grit your teeth and swallow the things you really wish you could say. Just as she will. Belinda I agree. The barber opened the door and the boyfriend knowingly walked through it.

And there's too much emphasis on it just being a hand job, as if that meant there was some line in the sand the NerdLove Dr. NerdLove Store Dr. One of the first things I ask people who are desperate for a relationship is simple: why? Maybe not the blowjobs. Or maybe those too. Stick with me for a second. Speaking of… Do You Want Her? Just remember: the most beautiful snakes are often the most poisonous.

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Am i ready for a girlfriend

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