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Last week, a white man targeted three Asian-run massage parlors in the Atlanta region, and killed eight people. Six of the victims were Asian women.

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The victims were disproportionately older Asian women. They were sisters, mothers, and grandmothers—and all people who worked in low-wage jobs. As two South Asian immigrant women living in the United States, these attacks are sadly familiar and hit home. These shootings, along with the marginalization of women by the junta in Myanmar, and the rise of gender-based violence in India and Latin America this past year, underscore a broader global crisis we all find ourselves in today.

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It turns out that words do indeed have consequences. We have watched in anger and dismay as Asians and people who appear Asian have become victims of a spate of violence across America. Asian women were more than twice as likely to be attacked as Asian men. These senseless murders also underscore the ways in which women, and particularly women of color and migrant women, are blamed or even killed because of their identity.

These stereotypes have perpetuated, and even normalized, misogynistic racism against Asian women.

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In particular, massage and spa workers that provide healing services. Whether or not they were actually sex workers or self-identified under that label, we know that as massage workers, they were subjected to violence stemming from the hatred of sex workers, Asian women, working-class people, and immigrants. After slavery was formally abolished in the United States, thousands of Chinese people were brought to the country to work in industries such as railro, sugar plantations, and mining.

Inthe U. Inmobs of white people attacked Filipino farmworkers after they were seen dancing with white women in Watsonville, California. The state later enacted a law to prohibit marriages between the two groups.

And inCongress restricted Filipino immigration to the United States to just 50 people per year, even as the United States completed almost 40 years of military domination over the Philippines.

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This discrimination expanded over time to include Islamophobia and anti-South Asian violence. After the September 11 attacks, the U. Ironically, Asians have been used politically in the United States, and across the globe, to create a middle ground between Black and white communities. Prominent leaders placed blame on the Black community for failing to escape systemic poverty and build wealth in comparison to selective immigrant success stories. This myth also erases the real struggles faced by Asian communities.

The harsh reality is that more than 12 percent of the Asian American population officially lives below the federal poverty level. These s do not include the informal economy domestic workers or sex work or the roughly 1. Even in recent years, as mainstream society has begun to acknowledge the need to address white supremacy and systemic racism, Asians and Asian Americans are often left out of the conversation.

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The spike in racial scapegoating and hate crimes has now exposed the intimate connections between anti-Black and Asian racism, white supremacy, and xenophobia. To end racist and sexist violence, the United States will need to recognize and embrace the diversity of all its communities as a strength. We see hope for this in a new administration, but we will need to keep civil society voices and movements strong to realize a truly open society here in the United States, and across the globe. Rather than shift the blame onto individuals who are forced to make impossible choices, policymakers should confront the virus through systemic reforms that center racial justice and public health.

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Asian sex a year without you

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