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Kazakhstan is a very beautiful country, Atyrau kazakhstan expat life that experiences the joy of all the seasons fully and has beautiful mountains and hiking trails. Although it gets quite cold in winter most expats acclimatize and become experts at layering their clothing. One of the things that most Expatriates, particularly Americans, British and Australians notice, is that Kazakhstanis dress very smartly. Women wear heels even in the middle of winter useful as ice-pics in the pavementsmakeup and smart clothing is de-rigeur. Men are also a lot more formal. Dressing casually will, in most situations, identify you as an expatriate straight away.

Warm clothes are worn until May, whether the temperature is warm or not and locals will be very surprised to see expatriates dress for the actual temperature not the season. Winter clothes aside women face very few restrictions on dress and can wear as much or as little as they feel comfortable with. Kazakhstanis love to celebrate just about everything.

Malls put up seasonal decorations and hold events and the city may put on a fireworks display or a parade. The website of the City Mayor is a good place to find out what is going on at any one time. Variable: Eid al Adah. In the event a public holiday falls on a weekend the government will grant a day off in lieu.

Sometimes days between holidays that fall close together eg 8 May is a normal day between Defenders of the Fatherland on 7 May and Victory Day on 9 May will be gazetted as a holiday to give people a longer break. If that happens a weekend day Atyrau kazakhstan expat life be declared a working day in lieu. Astana is an easy city to walk around, particularly in late spring and early autumn when the temperatures are extremely pleasant. Even in winter, however, the ro are clear enough that you can walk some distance if you have the right clothes.

Some companies provide a car as part of the employment package; some come with drivers others are self-drive. Driving in Astana is relatively easy once you get used to the rather liberal interpretation other drivers have of road rules. Speeds are slow, no more than 60km even on the widest ro.

Watch out for the Zhol road police who will, without warning, take over a traffic light junction and control it manually. They use lightsabre wands and rather Delphic gestures which do more to snarl up junctions and make people late for appointments than anything helpful like ease the flow of traffic. It is possible but expensive for expats who do not have a company car to purchase their own vehicle but be prepared to deal with a mountain of bureaucracy to get it registered to your name.

The process is slightly easier and cheaper for diplomats who do not pay import tax on their cars. If you do not want or cannot afford to drive yourself, you can use the extensive bus system which is cheap and relatively efficient, or you can use a cab. Official cabs are quite expensive and you need to be able to speak Russian to order them. Tell them where you want to go and negotiate a suitable fee. They will usually try to ask for more from a foreigner so ask colleagues what the current going rate is and use that to counter offer. Top 10 Countries with the Best Quality of Life.

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Atyrau kazakhstan expat life

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