Balai indonesia prostitution

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Since the early s, child prostitution has become an increasingly difficult issue for Indonesia. This issue particularly affects the party islands of Bali and Batam where tourists exploit the child sex trade. It is estimated that approximatelychildren and women are trafficked each year in Indonesia — 30 percent are below the age of With technology constantly advancing, so does the aspect of sexual abuse. Traffickers have been creating s on a variety of social media platforms in order to sell sex acts from their victims.

It was estimated that this particular individual had trafficked nearly children using platforms such as Facebook and Grinder. Unfortunately, Balai indonesia prostitution is just one example of the crisis. There are many reasons why child sex trafficking exists and has increased in recent years. Usually, poverty and lack of economic opportunities can be seen as underlying issues in countries such as Indonesia. Furthermore, families and close friends can also play a role in sex trafficking — forcing children into trafficking to pay off familial debt or being tricked into believing their children will have a better life.

Indonesian women and girls can be trafficked as far as China, Thailand, and Eastern Europe. In West Kalimantan, girls are forced to prostitute themselves in jungle brothels. Although there are laws against such actions, there is Balai indonesia prostitution to no enforcement carried out by the Indonesian government on its legislation to act against widespread sex abuses.

But lack of action, lack of legislation, and lack of enforcement have allowed the illegal activity to grow. Often, the government ignores the situation and provides no additional enforcement. They should be blocking pornographic and sex sites and appealing to social media users to report such crimes. There exists a sore lack of communication between officials who must prosecute and punish perpetrators and the police who often discover the illicit activity.

While the Indonesian government and the police force continue to fail at ending child prostitution and sex trafficking, perpetrators continue to profit and grow. The Indonesian government lacks the means of severe punishment and sanctions against such perpetrators. However, sex trafficking and prostitution are not contained within Indonesia — we see an increasing of Indonesian children being trafficked worldwide.

The need for international awareness and pressure placed on the Indonesian government could increase prosecution and awareness of the issue. International aid should be provided to victims and their families who are suffering. This crisis requires the attention, care, and commitment of the international community.

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Balai indonesia prostitution

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