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Prepare yourself to drool over these 41 meals, each featuring mouthwatering Bangkok shopping market, details, and where you can eat it. I've also included some of my personal travel eating tips and answered some of your top questions Along with a fantastic array of Thai street food everywhere you looks, one of the most famous things about Chinatown are the shopping markets. The most famous of them all is Sampeng Market, a seemingly everlasting sprawl of random trinkets, latest inventions, jewelry, fabric and everything else you can imagine. The market is often jam packed with shoppers, street food carts and transport dollies all scurrying through the narrow aisles.

Although you can buy individual products, Sampeng Market is also a place where many store owners or market stall vendors from other parts of Bangkok come to buy wholesale deals and then re-sell elsewhere. How to Get There : The easiest way to get to Sampeng Market is to take the Chao Phraya River Express boat to Ratchawong Pier, walk up road for a few minutes from the pier, and make a right into the busy alley.

Open Hours : 9 am — 6 pm daily. This is a truly massive jumble of both makeshift stalls and permanent stores for the extreme shoppers. You may stumble into a vintage rock band t-shirt collection or an army fatigue clothing stand.

Be sure to sample the fried squid eggs, particularly famous at Saphan Phut! Like any of the shopping markets in Bangkokyou never know exactly what you might find! There are plenty of accommodation choices in Pratunam, and even some hotels like a Novotel directly above Platinum. Amidst the backdrop of modern flashy buildings and sky-rises, butchers slice fresh cuts of meat and vegetables are sold by the bushel.

Walking around Khlong Toey is a very interesting and insightful experience in Bangkok. Along with the abundance of food, Wang Lang market is a popular place to go shopping for trendy clothes or other little locally made gadgets. Catering to lots of students, the prices are pretty decent!

Along with delicious Thai food, browsing and buying things at shopping markets in Bangkok is one reason the city attracts so many visitors. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hi mark. I want to come there in next week. I want to start bussines. Can u help me. Im from iran. I want to bring cloth or every thing new and good price. I want to buy wholesale new cloth or car instrument or accessori motore cycle. Can u give me addres factory in bankok or another city.

Cloth factory and instrument accessori motore cycle. I will visit on next month. One of my friend suggested to go to indra market. Can you suggest which will be better. Indra or Chatuchak market. Chatuchak is best for everything, and only open on the weekends.

Hi MarkI have read your block its such a helpful thingBangkok shopping market are planning for Bangkok in april but we are not staying much time in bangkok. Hi, Mark, I am visiting Thailand,hua hin to kanchanaburi to bangkok, I am planning to book ibis Riverside hotel, for 3n, since I love have stay at picturesque place, does it have transport from thereand street food nearby, especially evening, please let me know.

Any Suggestion on where to buy such items in Bangkok? Hi Mark! Do you have any other recommendations? Hi Ying, great to hear from you, and congratulations. I think probably your best bet is Sampeng Market in Chinatown. Hope you have a great trip! I just love the details that you give on your video blogs about Bangkok. I love the city. And have visited it many times. I would also like to visit Pattaya though am not interested in the night life. Hi Merlyn, thank you very much, glad you love Bangkok too. Thanks Mark Wiens.

A very helpful writing. Do i need bargain for better price when i come to these markets? It has all kinds of ornamental plants and fruit trees ect. Bangkok shopping market a look if you like gardening. How can I get this book as a real book? Not as an e book. Can I getdown from e bey or something?

Hi Veena, at the moment I only have my books available as eBooks. The benefit is that they are instantly available for download and Bangkok shopping market, and they can be updated easier as well. Let me know if you have any other questions. I visited Bangkok 2 weeks ago and trust me, all the information you gave was usefull. Just 1more thing to add about Thai people, some of them speak pretty well english, however some of the pretend to understand english. When in doubt, we can sugges to use an english to Thai translator to get the accurate information.

As, you Bangkok shopping market that you have living in bangkok for quite some time, i want to know where can i get vegetarian food. I mean, i dont eat eggs, no meat, no pork, and no fish. I know its quite difficult to find such a restaurant or such food in Thailand, but u might know it. During my last visit, i almost starved myself by living on just coffe and cold drinks. Hi Rahul, thank you very much, and glad that you had a nice visit to Bangkok. Hey Josh, yes Khlong Toey is one of the biggest and best markets in central Bangkok. They do have a seafood and fish section as well.

But go early in the morning, maybe 5 am. I am excited to head to Thailand in November for my honeymoon. I am super excited about visiting the markets, but the way we planned our trip we are leaving Bangkok Saturday around noon for Phuket. Do you think its worth it making the trek out to Chatuchak Weekend Market Friday night or should I forgo a trip there and head to one of the other markets? Hi Erica, it really depends on what you want to get, Chatuchak is a good place for Thai souvenirs and clothes, but you could also go to a different market like Pratunam, or MBK, in the day-time and find similar things.

The other thing is that not all shops open on Friday, so it might be best to go somewhere else. Hi Mark, great website, and great video on Bangkok and the way of life in Bangkok! I am a 28 year old Australian Man, traveling to Bangkok and also to Phuket with my partner in September this year.

Thanks and keep up the good work! Overall, the markets and areas of Bangkok are quite safe. All the best with your trip. Thanks for sorting my day out — Wang Lang here I come! Glad i found this site! What can I buy from here? And time of operation. Is it a wholesale market?

Pratunam and Bo Bae Market. Which one I have to choose to buy cheap and reasonable clothes? Hey mark we are going for holiday to bangkok in feb we are from South Africa and like most we love our food, please could you tel me what kind of meat do you get in bangkok……we love meat but do not eat any cats,dogs meat is it safe to try all the local foods then? NO dog or cat meat in Bangkok!

I am coming to bangkok in may this yr Also i am a pure vegetarien. Hi, so which market really sell cheap clothing in Bulk? I am planning to sell them in my home country. Hi Samira, you can get to many of these markets quite easily. Hope you have a great visit to Bangkok! Mark, I went to Wang Lang today as recommended. Wow — it was great.

So much wonderful food — the sweet snacks were great. Easy to get to and not another falung in sight! Much love. Awesome to hear that Jay! Are you already in Thailand? When will you be coming? Next time I must visit try this Pratunam Market. No problem, glad you enjoyed this post! This post just confirm it. Thank you for this very useful website.

Bangkok shopping market

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