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Update Best guest friendly hotels pattaya Currently, the Thai borders are still closed to tourists due to the Covid pandemic. Because of this, we do not suggest booking any travel to Thailand until more information is available. If the policy changes, this section will be updated with new information. Looking for a guest friendly hotel in Pattaya? Many hotels in Pattaya let you bring a guest back to your room.

However, many hotels have started to charge extra fees or place restrictions on the guests you can bring back to your room. This is a major annoyance and it means picking the right hotel for your time in Pattaya is very important if you plan on spending time with local girls. Our list includes every guest friendly hotel in the Pattaya area, ranging from popular hotels close to Soi 6 and Walking Street to quieter accommodation options near Jomtien Beach.

The vast majority of the hotels on our list do not charge a er fee, meaning you can bring back guests without having to worry about any extra fees. If a hotel charges fees for guests, we will have noted it in the hotel description. All of the hotels listed below were verified guest friendly with no er fees in September To read our full list of all guest friendly hotels in Pattaya, just scroll down. Note that this list does not include any hotels in Jomtien. Visiting Pattaya on a low budget? These hotels are the cheapest guest friendly hotels available in Pattaya with good review scores 7 out of 10 from guests.

This is, in my opinion, the cheapest acceptable quality guest friendly hotel in Pattaya. It is extremely basic, but costs almost nothing last time I checked, the rooms were about baht per night and has clean rooms and a great location close to Walking Street. There are two choices of rooms — budget rooms, which are very small at just 13 square meters, and larger front side rooms which offer 20 square meters of space.

All of the rooms are clean and have surprisingly comfortable beds. You can bring guests back from the nearby bars without any problems, and the staff are friendly and welcoming. Rated 8. Dream Hotel Pattaya is a simple two star hotel located less than two minutes from Walking Street. All in all, this is one of the best ultra-budget guest friendly accommodation options close to Walking Street. Rated 7. Located right in the heart of Walking Street, P. All in all, this place is a good low-cost option if you want to spend your nights in the Walking Street bars.

Check Current Rates for P. Rooms here are spacious and comfortable, with soft beds none of the ultra-firm mattresses that are common in Thailand and reasonably fast Wi-Fi. Located just off Pattaya Second Road, The Siam Guest House is a small but comfortable budget guesthouse with a good selection of rooms. With a good location, high levels of cleanliness and great value for money, this is a good budget option if you want to be close to the center of Pattaya.

Rated 6. Rooms here are modern and clean, with nice decorating. The hotel is also just a few seconds away from nearby restaurants and bars, making it a very convenient place to stay. All in all, Pasadena Lodge Hotel is a step above most of the other budget hotels around this area. Looking for value for money?

These three-star hotels offer the best mix of quality and pricing, making them the best option if you want to have fun in Pattaya without spending too much on accommodation. This small hotel is located just off Pattaya Sai 2, within walking distance of Pattaya Beach, Central Festival Pattaya and most of the nightlife along Beach Road and its surrounding sois.

Rooms at April Suites Pattaya are modern and comfortable, with plenty of space to stretch out. All in all, a very good place to stay, and completely guest friendly. Simply put, the location here is very tough to beat. Rooms at August Suites are modern, clean and comfortable, with large beds, sofas and desks in every room. The hotel even has a nice swimming pool and a small but well equipped fitness center for guests. Rooms at Eastiny Place Hotel are spacious even the smallest are 29 square meters and comfortably furnished, with large beds, TVs, large windows that let in a reasonable amount of sun and free Wi-Fi.

Rooms here are large, clean and fitted with comfortable furniture. Some even have nice views of the beach. In fact, all of the Eastiny hotels in Pattaya are guest friendly, with nice staff that mind their own business if you bring someone back. The third Eastiny branded hotel in Pattaya, Eastiny Residence Hotel offers spacious, comfortable apartment-style rooms in a convenient location on Soi The best aspect of Eastiny Residence Hotel is the size of the rooms. Many of the rooms here are almost 50 square meters in size, giving you plenty of space to relax and unwind.

The furniture is a little dated but the beds are large, with soft and comfortable mattresses. The staff are very tolerant and will have no problem with you bringing friends back late in the evening. Located right off Beach Road on Soi 8 and just a couple of minutes from Central Festival Pattaya, Eastiny Inn has one of the best locations of any three star hotel in Pattaya. The only downside of this hotel is the noise level. Check Current Rates for Eastiny Inn.

The rooms here are modern and even include small kitchens, making this a great place to stay if you want to prepare snacks and some meals in your room. The beds here are comfortable, the rooms clean and the overall comfort level high. Overall, a decent choice if you want to enjoy the nightlife nearby on Soi Buakhao. Another option on Soi Buakhao, R-Con Residence has large, modern rooms that feel comfortable and offer everything you need for a good stay. This hotel feels like it was built in the late 90s and looks and has a simple but pleasant atmosphere that makes it a good mid-priced option.

The only real downsides here are the building maintenance while the rooms are nice, the hotel itself could do with some new paint and the minor noise level on the lower floors. Rooms at Nova Gold Hotel are spacious and comfortable, with floor to ceiling windows that let in plenty of natural light and small balconies. The hotel is a short walk from the restaurants and bars on Second Road, as well as Central Festival Pattaya. Overall, one Best guest friendly hotels pattaya the best mid-priced three star hotels in Pattaya. Another good three star option, Nova Park Hotel has large, modern and comfortable rooms in a great location within walking distance of Second Road.

There are also several bars and nightlife options near the hotel itself. Aside from the nice rooms, this hotel has a great swimming pool with plenty of deck chairs set up for you to relax on. Rooms here are large, modern and comfortable, with huge windows that offer a great view of Pattaya Beach and the city skyline.

Check Current Rates for Flipper Lodge. Pattaya Loft is a mid-priced three star hotel located just off Pattaya Central Road. The rooms here are starting to show their age but still offer a reasonable level of comfort, making this a decent place to stay if you have your Best guest friendly hotels pattaya transportation. In terms of facilities, Pattaya Loft has a small outdoor swimming pool and a spa. Overall, a decent hotel, although nothing particularly special.

There are numerous restaurants around this hotel, as well as plenty of beer bars for having fun and meeting new people. Rooms here are simple but comfortable, with queen-sized beds, work desks and other useful furniture.

Rooms here are big, comfortable and fitted with large, queen size beds with soft and relaxing mattresses. Sabai Inn has an outdoor pool with deck chairs and umbrellas for relaxing during the day, as well as fast free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. Plus, the location close to Soi 6 and a short baht bus ride from Central Festival Pattaya is a big benefit.

Check Current Rates for Sabai Inn. The rooms Best guest friendly hotels pattaya are modern and comfortable, with large bathrooms and extra features like Whirlpool bathtubs in some of the larger rooms. There are also some small plunge pools on the rooftop, plus deck chairs for sunbathing and relaxing on.

Overall, this hotel definitely lives up to expectations and offers great value for money. A big hotel located just off Second Road, Royal Palace Hotel has a garden-style setting with great facilities such as a large swimming pool, plenty of deck chairs and poolside furniture, and a peaceful, chilled out atmosphere. The rooms have huge beds, large living areas and small balconies overlooking the pool area. A good choice if you want to stay in a large hotel within walking distance of Walking Street, Beach Road and other hotspots without paying a fortune for your room. The furniture is good and the decorating nice, with large queen size beds, comfortable bedding and a comfortable feel overall.

The hotel and units feel slightly dated but are still great value for money. Another serviced apartment, Mooks Residence offers mid-sized and comfortable modern apartment units with large beds, microwaves, sinks, dishes and everything else you need for day-to-day life. The rooms here are very modern and the building itself a nice place, with a convenient cafe downstairs. Check Current Rates for Mooks Residence. One huge advantage of Basaya is that the rooms are really big. The standard rooms here are a compact 24 square meters, but the superior rooms and suites start from 40 square meters and go up to 84 square meters in space.

The furniture is stylish, the beds are comfortable and large, and the rooms all get a good amount of sunlight during the day. Twin Palms Resort is a large resort-style hotel on Beach Road, with a great location close to Soi 6 and a short walk or baht bus ride away from Central Festival Pattaya. Rooms at Twin Palms are big, clean and nicely furnished with queen size beds and a small desk. The hotel has garden surroundings which make it a peaceful and relaxing place to stay in general. All in all, one of the best value for money options in the area.

Baywalk Residence is an upmarket three star hotel located right on Beach Road, a short five-minute walk from Walking Street and an easy baht bus ride away from the nightlife on Soi 6. Some of the higher end rooms even have sea views. Check Current Rates for Baywalk Residence. Summer Spring Hotel is a modern three star hotel just off Beach Road, less than a minute from Pattaya Beach and 10 minutes walk from Soi 6. There are also numerous beer bars around the hotel. Rooms at Summer Spring Hotel are very big, with the smallest rooms starting at 41 square meters and the larger ocean view suites offering more than 80 square meters of space.

The beds are large and mattresses soft, furniture modern and indoor spaces clean and well maintained. Overall, this place is highly recommended if you Best guest friendly hotels pattaya to be close to the beach and a short walk from nightlife. This hotel is rated three stars and has spacious, comfortable rooms with king size beds.

Most rooms look out over the soi, with a small balcony that you can relax on as the sun sets. The bathrooms are large and include bathtubs, which is rare for a mid-priced hotel in Pattaya. Easily one of the best options on Soi 4. As well as the apartment-style conveniences and large living spaces, units at The Whitehouse Condotel have large queen and king-size beds, comfortable bedding and large windows that let in plenty of natural light, giving the place a roomy and welcoming feel.

The furniture is modern and the decorating tasteful. There are several beer bars less than two minutes from the hotel, making it a good place to stay if you want to enjoy a drink nearby. Baan Sila is a modern three star hotel locate on Soi 11, just off Beach Road. The rooms get plenty of natural sunlight and feel very pleasant to stay in during the day. There are also some premium rooms available here with floor-to-ceiling windows and small balconies. All in all, this is another good guest friendly accommodation option if you want to be close to Pattaya Beach.

The staff are nice and will not bother you if you bring a new friend back to the hotel, even late at night. Check Current Rates for Baan Sila. Overall, the hotel feels very nice and modern, with large waiting areas and a stylish lobby. Like all of the hotels on our list, the Ibis Pattaya Hotel is a guest friendly hotel with no er fees for guests.

For a three star hotel, Baboona is extremely luxurious. The rooms have modern furniture and large, soft and comfortable beds. Seven Zea Chic Hotel is an upmarket but affordable 3.

Best guest friendly hotels pattaya

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