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We celebrated Pride Month virtually last year, and it had even more ificance in conjunction with BLM protests. You may have seen the hashtag BlackTransLivesMatter, for instance, or the raised-fist resistance Pride flag. Though there still may be fewer in-person celebrations this year, there are plenty of marches and activities as well as quieter ways to celebrate in and in every June.

So what does each Pride flag represent? This list uses information from the The Advocate 's comprehensive guide, but even outside of this article, there are many more iterations of Pride flags that exist, including flags from different countries and states, flags that include relevant symbols, and two or more flags combined into one. There's also some disagreement about what should be considered the "official" flags, and controversy about some of the flags' origins and meaning.

But what's powerful is that the breadth of representation continues to evolve, a nod to the diversity of sex, sexuality, attraction, and gender. Read on to learn more about the flags, their origins, and their meanings. Milk said he felt that queer people "needed something that was positive, that celebrated our love. Milk was assassinated inand demand for the flag increased as people wanted to show their support.

Apparently Baker had trouble getting the pink color, so the flag began selling with seven colors instead. This is probably the flag you'll see most often: Six colors, apparently easier to produce than the odd-ed seven although other reports say it was more about making the flag easier for parades and to hang on posts.

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Many of the following flags intersex, asexual, non-binary, etc. If the de looks familiar to you It's because Lena Waithe donned the colors as a cape at the Met Gala in As a representation of Queer People of Color, it's not known who the original creator of the flag was but represents solidarity with the BLM movement as well as the intersection of the queer and Black communities including the importance of figures like Marsha P. Johnsonthe Black drag queen who may have thrown the first brick at the Stonewall Inn riots to the movements.

No surprise, the flag has become more popular in and beyond. The raised fist is a of unity and support as well as defiance and resistance, and the various colors on the fist represent diversity. Their Kickstarter explained that xe aimed to put more emphasis on the de to deepen its meaning. Brown and black stripes represent people of color and people who have died from AIDS, while the white, pink, and blue as you'll see later are colors from the transgender flag.

The flag was seen flying over the Massachusetts State House in Boston in honor of the cancelled in-person Pride Parade. Overlapping over the stereotypical colors for boys blue and girls pink is lavender—attraction to both sexes. Bisexuality doesn't necessarily JUST mean an attraction to two sexes, and there are other flags to represent attraction to more than one gender as you'll see.

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This flag, for example, represents pansexuality's interest in all genders: Pink for women, blue for men, yellow for "nonbinary and gender-nonconforming people. Inthe Asexual Visibility and Education Network stated that they wanted to "have a symbol that belongs to all of us.

Purple represents community. The demisexual flag exists on the asexual spectrum hence the similar colors in a different configurationbut also has its own separate flag. This flag isn't widely used—and part of the reason may be that the flag was deed in by a gay man, Sean Campbell. The Labrys is a double-sided axe apparently used by the Amazonians, and the black triangle was used by the Nazis to identify "antisocial" individuals. Just as the symbol pi goes on indefinitely after the decimal, there are infinite partners available to those who identify as polyamorous.

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Gold represents emotional connection, not just sexual love. A modified version was created in with infinity hearts instead of the pi symbol. Intersex International Australia deed this flag in with non-gendered colors "that celebrate living outside the binary. Trans woman Monica Helms deed this in The blue and pink represent boys and girls, and no matter which way you hold it, the flag is always right-side up.

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This flag was deed to embody all that genderfluidity can contain since their gender can vary over time : Pink for femininity, blue for masculinity, white for no gender, black for all genders, and purple for the combination between masculine and feminine. JJ Poole created the flag in Marilyn Roxie deed the genderqueer flag to represent those identifying outside the gender binary: lavender is androgeny, white is agender, and green is nonbinary. This is also known as the "nonbinary" flag.

Interestingly, this flag is controversial—and now considered outdated in favor of a newer version next slide. This one was deed by Natalie McCray in to celebrate lesbian femmes but isn't necessarily loved for its lack of inclusivity. Inthis new version added more colors to celebrate from top to bottom gender non-conformity, independence, community, unique relationships to womanhood, serenity and peace, love and sex, and femininity. The debate about representation goes on. But the "leather flag," created by Tony DeBlase inis a symbol of that community which includes many gay men —black may symbolize leather, white is purity, blue is devotion, and the heart is love.

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Craig Byrnes and Paul Witzkoske in made the " bear flag " for "a subculture of masculine-presenting gay, bisexual and trans men who embrace facial and body hair and may have larger bodies. Thus far, it looks to be the only subculture with its own flag, although there's apparently a " twink flag" used online. Peter Tolos and Scott Moats created it in and say that black represents "our lust for the look and feel for shiny black rubber," red "our blood passion for rubber and rubbermen," and yellow "our drive for intense rubber play and fantasies.

Polysexual attracted to multiple but not all genders, unlike pansexual is still similar to the pansexual flag, with green representing nonconforming genders and pink and blue female and male, respectively. The flag was created on Tumblr in Deer Salem X or "Ska" created a reversible flag—much like the transgender flag—to represent rejection of gender.

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Green is nonbinary, and black and white are absence of gender. In a similar color scheme, the green in the aromantic flag represents those living without romantic attraction or different romantic attraction. Gray and black are meant to represent all aromantic sexualities. To add to the genderqueer flag's representation, year-old Kye Rowan created the nonbinary flag in for gender existing outside the binary symbolized by the yellow. White is all genders, black is no gender, and purple is a mix of genders. Another fetish flag, the pony play flag was deed in by Carrie P. You have the freedom to choose the item you feel represents you.

Pride is about appreciating diversity and honoring the past and present of the LGBT community. It's beautiful no matter how you celebrate. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Eternal Sunshine of Juno Temple. Whatever Happened to Archewell Audio? Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Gilbert Baker Pride Flag. Wikimedia Commons. Traditional Gay Pride Flag. Norberto Cuenca Getty Images. Philadelphia People of Color-Inclusive Flag. Jason Kempin Getty Images. QPOC Flag. Progress Pride Flag. Boston Globe Getty Images. Bisexual Flag. Pansexual Flag. Asexual Flag.

Demisexual Flag. Ecelop Getty Images.

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Lesbian Labrys Flag. Polyamory Flag. Intersex Flag. Transgender Pride Flag. Genderqueer Flag. Lipstick Lesbian Flag. Lesbian Flag. Bear Brotherhood Flag. Rubber Pride Flag. Polysexual Flag. Agender Flag. Stock Ninja Studio Getty Images. Aromantic Flag. Nonbinary Flag. Photoplotnikov Getty Images. Pony Flag. Straight Ally Flag.

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Bi and real look here 30 all over 30

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30 Different Pride Flags and What Each Represents