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Forgot your password? So after having a couple of threesomes with girls lately my bf has told me he ants a bi mmf with him having sex with another man and me. I like that you are both so open with each other. You both know what you want and the other is willing to accommodate. That is very good. I've been in a couple of MMF threesomes, but the guys never interacted. It was more of a banging me while taking turns. The most they've ever touched was two guys gave each other a high five while I was sucking one and the other was screwing me. That was in college and the last time I did that. My husband is not bi, so it probably won't ever happen again, unless it's a share thing, he would never interact with another dude, we've talked about it before.

I think that's hot! As long as you both communicate and are clear on feelings, expectations, and boundaries, I say go for it! I know I would lol. Yep, did it with an ex a couple of times. Very, very hot. Still one of my go-to memories when I masturbate. Hmm sounds like you had a good time. It's great you guys are able enjoy every part of yourselves sexually together.

My husband was fucked in the ass when he was 13 by a 17 year old neighbor, he says that he blocked out of his memory until he's was 28 when a old gf fucked him with a dildo and he loved it. When his memories came back he said it hurt a lot at first then it started feeling good and when the older boy came in his ass he came so hard he hit himself in the face. I've pegged him several times with him loving it. His fantasy is us in a 69 with him on top and a young guy to come up behind him and fuck him and fill him with cum. He would be ok getting blow also.

We did this once. We'll sort of. A long time ago. Was a bit weird as DH got jealous and wouldn't let the other guy touch me. So was basically just me watching them. Which was still pretty hot. MFF was more fun for me. Having my pussy eaten by a girl whilst she was fucked by DH has to be one of my top moments ever!

It won't happen with my husband, but I would definitely go for it if I was in a different relationship. Can't say I'm turned on by guys having anal sex, but find guys kissing and giving each other oral highly erotic. I have had a of MMF experiences with my ex bf. The rule was that there was very minimal interaction between me and the other guy. I would absolutely soak myself watching Tim and the other guy kiss, stroke, do oral, rim and fuck each other my fav. Try it but talk first and set some boundaries. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

It's easy! Already have an ? in here. Existing user? in anonymously. Recommended Posts. Brookex Posted November 11, Has anyone done this? Must admit the idea of me and him sharing s guy has got me very excited. The thought of s man having sex with my man is. Huge turn on. Am I weird lol. Share this post Bi mmf forum to post Share on other sites. BiTriMama 7, Posted November 14, I haven't done it, but if it makes you both happy, go for it!! Have fun! KeikoM 1, Posted November 14, edited. Edited November 14, by KeikoM.

Neeq79 Posted November 15, Well it's been done. Will be revisiting this for sure lol. BessTheMess Posted November 18, Mztx Posted November 26, Brookex, your Bi mmf forum gave me a great mental image, that is so hot.

Catman 1. Posted July 5, Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Sapphic1 Posted July 6, Well this is an interested thought lol. CravingCuriosity Posted July 9, I'm dying to try FMF. Posted July 14, I'm so jealous! Yes MMF threesome are so hot! Tltl Posted August 19, DanielleIL Posted August 28, Posted August 31, Bi mmf forum LisaBPoole Posted March Register a new. in Already have an ? In Now.

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