Black lips weed smoking

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. ed Jul 11, Messages Reactions 7, 44 Alleybux 27, I smoke ts a few times a week. I don't want black lips. Please advise. ed Dec 2, Messages 19, Reactions 77, 5, 8, Alleybux 60, Why not just do edibles? I would do edibles if they were legal in my state once in a blue moon but smoking in general is. Miss Alexis. ed Jun 1, Messages 5, Reactions 42, 42 Alleybux 9, Yes, eventually.

She just started like two years ago too. ed Feb 25, Messages 20, Reactions2, Alleybux 64, No lol. ed Jun 18, Messages 1, Reactions 4, 72 11 Alleybux 17, Blunts will make your lips black, ts can darken your lips but they will not be black. Use coco butter on your lips. ed Jun 1, Messages 5, Black lips weed smoking 19, 78 Alleybux 9, Exfoliate and moisturize your lips. ed Sep 4, Messages 40, Reactions6, 5, Alleybux 76, Dark lips is a characteristic of chronic weed smokers. Buckeye Rose. ed Jan 18, Messages 8, Reactions 46, Alleybux 27, Just some out of a device like a bong or a bowl.

Blunts are what make your lips dark. You can smoke a t too. ed Feb 28, Messages 5, Reactions 43, 57 Alleybux 67, High lasts a little longer too. ed Mar 28, Messages 9, Reactions 74, 4, 2, Alleybux 80, Click to expand ed Dec 30, Messages 10, Reactions 83, 3, 2, Alleybux 58, Drink a extra twenty ounces of water Find a lip scrub you like Find a good lip balm And your good.

I don't smoke anymore but these tips I think helped my lips from turning black. ed Nov 16, Messages 18, Reactions3, 1, Alleybux 34, I rarely smoked and my lips are still darker 10 years later after quitting. ed Apr 13, Messages 2, Reactions 16, 88 2 Alleybux 99, Maybe depending what people are smoking it may stain the lips but your lips turning.

If it does turn your lips dark it's probably they're dehydrated which smoking makes worse cause the heat dries them out more, or you're smoking so super wild weed usually extreme resin in it or you smoke blunts because of time the dye in a blunt wrap had my lips brown for 3 days. ed Aug 31, Messages Reactions 3, 67 7 AlleybuxI've smoked since I was a teen and my lips aren't discolored. I typically smoke bowls or bongs though. ed Jan 17, Messages 4, Reactions 32, 1, Alleybux 99, Miss Alexis said:. Bo thick. ed May 25, Messages 2, Reactions 9, Alleybux 14, Get a pen and do it.

ed Feb 21, Messages 10, Reactions 48, 2, 1, Alleybux 45, Ur gums will be black too. Pilot Jones. ed May 10, Messages 4, Reactions 14, 45 Alleybux 40, Use papers or quality wraps. These days there's even organic papers. MrMagnificent89 said:. TeacherCurious said:. Yes if you smoke it to the nub. ed Dec 5, Messages 2, Reactions 15, 1, 1, Alleybux 8, You need to exfoliate.

Black lips weed smoking O Hara. ed May 30, Messages 14, Reactions 66, Alleybux 33, You smoke roaches all the time or something? ed Nov 25, Messages Reactions 4, 51 16 Alleybux 1, Also, don't smoke it all the way down to the roach. Exfoliate often Brush your teeth really good after you smoke, be diligent about this part, Brush your lips and the roof of your mouth, and a tongue scraper Make sure you're hydrated. ed Mar 16, Messages 13, Reactions4, 3, Alleybux 25, I keep long nails so I can never get all the way down anyway.

Invest in one of these. You can get them super cheap on Amazon. I have a few and love them. ed Aug 19, Messages 16 Reactions 36 2 Alleybux 1, ed Sep 7, Messages 8, Reactions 48, 1, 1, Alleybux 1, I smoke all forms and my lips are fine. ed Nov 1, Messages Reactions 1, 80 3 Alleybux 70, ed Jul 18, Messages 3, Reactions 29, 41 Alleybux 42, I only smoke ts with filters and I've been fine so far. Neither smoke nor ash touch my lips.

Black lips weed smoking

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How To Get Rid of Black Lips From Smoking Weed?