Bored and looking for fun tonight

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Tokyo Olympics: Get the full schedule, events and where to watch. Trying to entertain kids who are tired of being cooped up at home? Try some of these parent-approved games and activities. We pulled advice, recommendations, and more from our TODAY Parenting Team contributors, all of whom have used these activities with their own families.

Whether you're looking for some fun outdoor activities or just trying to mix up a standard family night in, there's sure to be something for your family to enjoy. Boredom gives kids time to be. Whitney Fleming. I will let you play in the mud, bake cookies, try elaborate crafts, run in the sprinklers, and do science experiments. And Lord knows how many times I said no to the Play-Doh. Boredom can spark creativity. Leah Singer. I decided not to fill the entire summer with daily camps and activities for my daughter, Sophie, who was 5 years old at the time. I was going to take a chance on both our sanity and see what would happen without every minute being scheduled.

In fact, amazing things unfold when kids are — gasp — left to use their imagination and think on their own. In her unstructured summer time, Sophie created several things she may not have had she not been bored.

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They included:. Spontaneous backyard art Outside mud kitchen play. Bored kids can become self-sufficient adults — so don't feel guilty! Rachel Macy Stafford. Guilt wanted me to think about everything my children missed due to the temporary challenging situation I faced. If your kids truly are bored, turn the tables and let them be the cruise directors. Fanny Woo. I had a little anxiety of what they would request and if I could actually follow through with it!

In my head I am thinking they wanted Disneyland, Hawaii, and all these extravagant outings. Or worse, they would want to stay home and watch TV and play with electronics the whole time. Who knows where their imaginations would take them. But I loved what they wrote:. We have been able to check off some of the activities on the lists already. The best part? Here are just some of her ideas:. Go berry picking. Look for local places. Repeat in the fall with apples and pumpkins! Plant a garden. Plan out, buy seeds or seedlings, and consider pumpkins for the fall.

Street games. Pick 3 to 5 games you've never played before and learn them with your friends. Outdoor tic tac toe.

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First you have to make the game pieces. Outdoor checkers. Could be a visit to the bowling alley or OR you can make up your own bowling game with 2-liter soda bottles. If someone was visiting your town, what are the top tourist attractions? Have you seen them? Interview your grandparents. Grab your iPad to audio record. Get an inexpensive microphone and have your questions ready.

Learn to do three new things. You get to choose, and plan how you will learn. Play video games. This is on the list because it's not off-limits, just limited. Boredom can help kids learn who they are and what they love. Francie Arenson Dickman.

But she loves to do other things, too. There is no downside to this. They will either read the book score! Tell them to turn the swing set into a water park. Tell them to make it into a play. Yes, I cave on the technology rule if it involves movie-making. Last summer my kids and their cousins made Oscar-worthy movies on the iPad. And they figured the whole thing out on their Bored and looking for fun tonight, because this mama has no idea how to use movie-making apps. It took three days. Three days, people. NO running to the store. They have to use household items.

Provided you live in a safe neighborhood. This might freak you out a little. I get that. But more and more researchers are realizing kids need more independence, and crime is at a year low. Banish cabin fever by going outside.

Kate Sundquist. I also keep one of my larger sarongs in there to use as a picnic blanket or to string in trees for shade. We can be ready for a day out of the house as quickly as it takes me to fill our water bottles and throw some sandwiches together.

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Go to the woods or the lake or the river or the beach. If your Bored and looking for fun tonight gets bored with one, head to another. Make it special with a stop at the ice-cream store or the burger shack. Sommer Stiles. Wear your beach towel like a cape and transform into a superhero, build a fort and host a camp-out in the living room, toss some crayons and paper on the floor and start coloring, refresh with a juice box or Popsicle extra points for a blue tongue or red lipsand enjoy the simple pleasures of being a kid with your favorite kid s.

Cooking is a combination of science and art that involves skills like: planning, time management, healthy eating, and communication. As your teen brainstorms and seeks out ideas about new ways to create old dishes, it also cultivates creativity. They are also missing out on opportunities to develop their ability to recognize and understand social cues such as facial expressions, personal space, and body language. These skills are important for several reasons, including helping them discern whether or not they should befriend someone and how to avoid being taken advantage of.

Local organizations such as the YMCA, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts are good places for your teen to experience real life situations that will help him develop valuable social skills. Gardening is a great family activity that teaches children about the value of perseverance, patience and responsibility.

Professions, employment, the kind of individual a person becomes, and the opportunities he or she will be offered are greatly influenced by the character and abilities that develop before leaving home. Children of today are the professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow. Important skills like leadership and how to be of service can be gained by volunteering at places of worship, helping people in need such as the elderly, disabled, child care facilities and individuals with learning disabilities.

This is bound to help your child stand out. up here. Angie Goff. Get some red and orange tissue paper. Put a flashlight underneath it and let them roast marshmallows! To make the logs just twist some brown grocery bags or paper. Ready, set, race! Olivia Johanson.

Bored and looking for fun tonight

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