Bored and looking to cruise

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Is it for the destinations? Is it for the ship itself? Is it to relax and be spoilt? The reason for your choice to cruise can inform the type of cruise and ship you should be booking.

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Regardless of the itinerary you choose cruise ships today are near impossible to be bored on. Ships today are packed with activities to entertain: ice skating rinks, rock climbing walls, waterslides, cinemas, theatres, go-karts, high ropes courses and much much more.

Two large fins extend underwater from the side of the ship and adjust pitch using their aeroplane-like wing shape to cancel out waves before they can even rock the ship.

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Modern cruise ships have certainly increased the of passengers that they carry in recent years — but the ships themselves have also grown dramatically too. So whilst passenger capacity has grown the size of the ships has more than kept pace. That cabin, that balcony, is yours and yours alone — a little oasis just to yourself.

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Head to a bar, grab a glass of wine, and take it back to your balcony and just watch the waves go by. This misconception stems, in part, from the fact cruise holidays in the past were very expensive and thus aimed at those with more disposable income. To target this older demographic the ships, itineraries and services were tailored to match.

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The same economics can still often apply, however. With onboard activities, childcare, baby sitting and excellent safety cruises have always made for excellent family holidays — and as cruise lines attract younger passengers there are more families with children cruising than ever. Cruising has come a long way in the past few decades, transforming itself from a mode of transport, to a holiday for only the rich, to incredible vacation accessible to almost everybody.

Each year that passes millions of new people try their first cruise and drop their own misconceptions about cruising. If this was interesting to you consider sharing it using the buttons below.

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What myths and misconceptions have you heard about cruising? Are you thinking of booking? What advice would you give first time cruisers?

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Bored and looking to cruise

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