Bruno mars dating janelle monae

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Naturally, my first thought was [redacted] but my second was, that is NOT Tessa Thompson topless and disheveled in bed next to her. Nor is it me but that is a complaint for a different article. Is water wet? But as a professional messy woman, I can confirm she would have really thrown us over the edge if the body behind her belonged to Tessa Thompson or at the very least alluded to the possibility of it being her!

It is what we deserve. Although neither officially confirmed their romantic relationship, wishful thinking will get us by here. They were the couple that never quite was but in a way, always will be. There is also something vital about seeing specifically Black! Queer people spend so much time looking for themselves in mainstream media that even an ounce of it, through squinting and hoping you see what you think you see, is affirming and fun and exciting. Show me the last time you saw two Black queer femmes in love! Sure, she was occasionally serving freshman at NYU with obvious allegories to the criminal industrial complex, but she still gave more to me than most women in music ever have.

Fighting for this couple was also fighting to see myself, to see Black, queer love and mess come to fruition. Trust me. Some people watch porn, I watch Rachel Weisz discussing performing alongside her femme co-stars. Some people watch porn, I watch Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

But not quite yes. Just enough straws for me to violently grasp at. This honestly spoke volumes in comparison to the music video cameo — the conspicuous distance between the two was even more indicative of a relationship and therefore a breakup! We also would have never Bruno mars dating janelle monae those videos of Lupita and Janelle dancing on stage together in London.

And further, none of these women owe anyone an explanation of their sexual orientations or relationship statuses. Johnson which you can here! The likelihood of them being together or just linking up with an ex in general is sadly low. Although they may never confirm or outright deny their relationship, the truth is two beautiful Black queer women in what looks like love will never not be fine art. Losing their on-and-off again relationship, or whatever that was, will always be the hardest pill to swallow.

But what keeps me holding on is the fact that they could be back together again tomorrow because… well Breakups That Broke Us is a weekly column about the failed celebrity relationships that convinced us love is dead. By Peyton Dix Jun 30, pm. Save Pin FB More. Credit: InStyle. By Peyton Dix. All rights reserved. Close this dialog window View image.

Bruno mars dating janelle monae

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