Cast of vampire diaries dating

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The cast of The Vampire Diaries has been living their lives since the show came to an end in When The Vampire Diaries first premiered, fans were really pleased with who producers chose to be in the cast including Nina Dobrev in the leading role as Elena Gilbert. She dealt with a lot of comparisons to Kristen Stewart who was also starring as Bella Swan in the Twilight movie saga at the same time and she totally held her own. He did an amazing job playing the bad boy character and a lot of viewers were rooting for him simply because of how attractive he is!

This year, he is He has the second-highest net worth on this list. Nina Dobrev has the highest net worth on this entire list! She is totally winning and absolutely thriving. She is 31 years old and dating a guy named Shaun White. She used to date Ian Somerhalder but the two of them did not work out and she ended up parting ways with the show earlier than the rest of the cast.

Just like Ian Somerhalder, he was around for the long-haul and stayed for all eight seasons. Stefan Salvatore was the vampire who always had good intentions and Paul Wesley played him well. Caroline Forbes was super lovable and someone who audiences were totally rooting for from the very first episode.

Kat Graham has landed quite a few Netflix original movie roles over the last few years but before all that, she was playing the role of Bonnie Bennett in The Vampire Diaries starting back in ! She used to be in a relationship with a man named Cottrell Guidry from to He is 42 years old and married to his wife Kylie Casciano. The Vampire Diaries is definitely one of his biggest rules ever as of now but he also starred in the spin-off, Legacies in Cast of vampire diaries dating Legacies ran for three seasons and has even been labeled as more interesting and intriguing than the original series that is based on!

That speaks volumes. Steven R. The brother-sister bond that the two characters had was super important in the show. In real life, Steven R. McQueen is 32 years old and totally single. Disney Channel seems to be a really smart place for young actors and actresses to get their start. Joseph Morgan played the role of Klaus Michaelson in The Vampire Diaries and he also was able to reprise his role in the spinoff, the originals. In real life, Joseph Morgan is 39 years old and married to his wife Persia White. Stephanie Harper is a writer and aspiring Young Adult fiction novelist.

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Cast of vampire diaries dating

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The Real-Life Partners Of The Cast Of The Vampire Diaries