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Your voice has been heard and back by popular demand, we bring you more doppelgangers! And for the record, my wife still thinks that Hugh Jackman shops at her Ralphs. Not only do they play for two of the most vilified franchises in sports, but both have spotty dating records with Miles Austin being linked at one time to Kim Kardashian. A-Rod, who has been linked to Madonna and Cameron Diaz, is probably most famous for being on the arm of Kate Hudson -- who is best known for ruining the Black Crowes.

Kyle Orton once toiled in obscurity on the Bears' bench. Likewise, Dave Grohl was once overshadowed as the drummer of Nirvana. Yet somehow, we are without Kurt Cobain, while Rex Grossman is still running around. Not that there is anything wrong with that. WR Braylon Edwards has the type of frame that makes it seem like he would be a pretty good basketball player. But Edwards would probably drop passes from point guard Baron Davis, too.

Kip Pardue made his name in the movie "Remember the Titans. Yeah, I am ashamed of that last sentence, too. But come on, they look alike, right? I totally can. And if he doesn't, he certainly should. I'd like to think that the next time Rob Gronkowski is cut on the football field, an opponent shouts, "He's not a machine, he's a man," just like Rocky did of his look-alike, Dolph Lundgren in "Rocky IV.

FOR ME. One of these gentlemen is among the most beloved TV characters of the s who provided us with many memorable moments. The other is Franco Harris. Nick Mangold has said on his Twitter feed that he tries to find the humor in everything. Hopefully he feels that way after being compared to Amanda Celebrity look alike dating website. Do you ever get the feeling that Wes Welker is going to walk out of Patriots practice one day to find that Jonathan Wilhite has "pimped" his ride? And Welker would be all, "Thanks, dude. Seriously, this pool table in the trunk is totally going to be useful.

One Celebrity look alike dating website these men is known for having bleach blonde hair, tan skin and wearing fuchsia clothing. The other is Hulk Hogan. In the s, Hogan preached to kids to train, say their prayers and eat their vitamins. Well, Steelers fans certainly did lots of praying whenever Reed was called on to make a big kick.

Lovie Smith opened his own burger franchise called McDowell's. Oh wait, that was John Amos in "Coming to America. Fans of "Dexter" and Michael C. Hall will tell you that you might want to check Greg Olsen's bags if you ever see him cruising around Lake Michigan in a boat named the "Slice of Life. If they ever wanted to film a sequel to the movie, "The Program," they could just have Darnell Jefferson Omar Epps becoming the coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers after his career is over. Somebody get Warner Brothers on the phone.

The Los Angeles Rams unveil alternate thre for the upcoming season! Check out Rams players in their newest uniform. The NFL season -- the league's first game campaign -- will arrive faster than Tyreek Hill running a fade route. In fact, the most anticipated game of is just days away: Tom Brady returns to New England for the first time as a visitor on Oct. Brady, winner of six Super Bowl titles with the Patriots, is likely to receive a warm reception from the Foxborough faithful, but welcome-back cheers won't diminish the stakes in his return.

Brady raced out to an early lead in the "Who deserves more credit for the dynasty? Back in New England, Belichick and the Patriots wentexperiencing their first losing season since Needless to say, both sides will be highly motivated to win this matchup. While many of us can't wait to see Brady versus Belichick in Week 4, I thought this would be a perfect time to look back at some of the most anticipated homecoming games from the first 21 seasons of the current millennium.

The games are listed in order of anticipation leading up to kickoff, from least to most. The level of anticipation is tied to factors such as a player's status at the time of his return and how his tenure with his former team ended.

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Celebrity look alike dating website

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