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Do you want to be locked up and controlled for days, weeks or even months? Are you masturbating too much? Would you like to relinquish control to a beautiful woman? I LOVE! It is one of My favourite fetishes. The thought of being in control of your cock at all times is exhilarating.

I love knowing you will wake up in the middle of the night thinking about Me, cock straining against your cage. I thrive on sending you naughty, teasing videos while youre locked up knowing there is nothing you can do about it. It is the ultimate tease! I will always take into your limits: not everyone wants to be locked up for months at a time.

You can start out slowly with a week or, if you are an experienced player, we can go for a longer stretch. So what do I offer? Lets read on …. I will keep your key and will require weekly updates and pictures from you.

You will receive one task via to do for your Mistress. If you are not able to do a task, I will send you a teasing video based around your interests to get you going while locked up! We will speak on a daily basis and I love to hear about your furstrations! A weekly subscription to My OnlyFans is included to keep you well and truly teased. This extreme chastity play will have you locked up on a monthly basis. You will be expected to send Chastity mistress london Courtney an image of you in chastity whenever She asks for one.

You will receive 4 tasks to do for Her over the period per month and you will receive a custom video 5 minutes once a month based around your desires. If you are unable to do tasks, I will send you teasing videos based around your interests to get you going while locked up! Lets put you to the test and see what you are made of! A monthly subscription to My OnlyFans is included to keep you well and truly teased.

You will send images and updates every day. You will receive videos from your Mistress giving you instructions or teasing you while you are firmly caged. If you are not able to do tasks, I will send you teasing videos based around your interests to get you going while locked up! Included in this package is a 5 minute Skype or Whatsapp video either to supervise the lock up or unlocking of your cock. I expect Chastity mistress london the best manners and conduct from you. If I feel as though you are not giving me the appropriate time or are constantly late with your tasks, I will send you your key back and not consider you for further play.

Please note: If you continuously fail to provide information I need, for example no image of you locked up with the date, I will terminate our play with no refund. I put time and effort into this play, I enjoy it and I expect you to take it seriously. For further information, please contact me here: courtneymorganuk gmail.

You must have experience with chastity to apply for My packages. If you are a newbie and have bought a device, I will edpect that you wear it for at least a week before requesting any play. To ensure you can withstand the cage, not because of horniness Chastity mistress london erections but for comfort. Ofcourse chastity is not Chastity mistress london to be comfortable but it needs to be the right device for you.

Practicing with your cage and testing it out will allow you to ensure that it fits and will not cause you pain which may bring the play to an early end. As a newbie you must experiment with your device before coming to Me. Chastity mistress london a deivice and asking to be locked up for a month without even trying the device does not impress Me. You need to put the research and effort in.

You must provide any health confitions that may or may not affect your time locked up. If you have any concerns you must share them with Me. If you are not able to fulfill your requested time or wish for a break, there are no refunds. If you book a month and ask for a break half way through, the contract is terminated, no you may not continue after your break. If you change your mind, there are no refunds. Within this website is sexually oriented material, which certain people may find offensive or obscene.

This includes pictures and text relating to adults engaging in consensual acts of Domination, Bondage, Discipline and Submission. This website contains images, links and text of explicit material. If you are under the age of 18, if such material offends you, or if it's illegal to view such material in your community please do not continue.

Read the following conditions before entering Mistress Courtney's website:. This site uses cookies to enhance your visit. I agree More information. Mistress Courtney. Surrender Yourself Today. Mistress Courtney loves Chastity Play Chastity play intrigues and excites me.

If the thought of your cock all tied up with no escape and hidden under your clothes as you go about your daily routine sends shivers down your spine and intrigues and excites you then get in touch. For you, going to the pub, walking into work and even waking up at night with the hard metal or plastic pressed against you can be exhilharating … our naughty secret!

Imagine the excitement of wondering whether those trousers you wear to work are too thin and reveal your permanent erection. Will a co-worker spot something glistening as you zip your trousers up in the gents? It is the ultimate submission from you and gives Me the ultimate authority. Orgasm control and denial are the key ingredients to making chastity play work.

If you do not enjoy these things then this is not for you. Chastity play can be a powerful aphrodisiac for the mind - 'cum days' become rare and special, sometimes resulting in body shaking and overwhelming orgasms. How does it work? These are some options to set things up: I will send you a lock for your chastity device and will keep the key. You lock yourself in and send me the key. You come to me and I will fit and lock the chastity device and keep the key. I can choose a device for you if you wish. I will, on some occasions, allow you to use a plastic ed lock.

You will be required to a chastity agreement before the period of time starts. Contact Me to discuss your requirements. If you want an additional task or video during your lock up then a tribute will usually be required. You can view their store by clicking HERE. If you purchase any devices from them please mention My name. Enjoy searching xxx. Read the following conditions before entering Mistress Courtney's website: I am at least 18 years of age. The material on this website is for my own personal viewing and will not be shown to minors. I will exit this site immediately if I am offended in any way by the sexual nature of any material.

This entire website www. Any images, text or links taken from here in order to be shared on other sites is against the law. Enter Leave.

Chastity mistress london

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