Choi minho and yuri dating 2014

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By Guest roxxiMarch 18, in shippers' paradise. That guy took a picture when yuri's eomma birthday. Im sure everyone is really upset with the breaking Yuri dating news. HanaChoi Yes I saw the photo. But Im really suspecting something. If you want people to believe the news is real. Obviously you gotta make it till it looks like real. Imagine smart K-fans actually caught the pic of Minho taking a photo instead. Won't it be worst? But of cause, we may never know.

Maybe its really real. But I still choose to believe. I don't know about what you guys think. But I find it really suspicious after looking at the dispatch photos. I would just separate it into a few questions I immediately questioned myself when I saw the news.

Hyoyeon once said in a variety show that Yuri cares a lot about looks Which doesn't fit the bill of Oh Seung Hwan 4 It certainly seems like another cover up for another big political news in korea. Just If. Minyul actually really dated. But actually broken up. Why do they still interact with each other? Don't believe me? You will not see any or little interaction between these couples.

Elaborating further on point 2. If you see the video clearly. Why would Donghae be so embarrassed after he got caught? And how do you explain Yuri's shy and red face after seeing Minho's expression. Was this really all a show? If it was for show, was it necessary? What do they gain out of doing that for us? And dating Oh Seung Hwan? Elaborating from point 3.

I was think the same. And today, there's a news about seunghwan confessed his dating info with yuri and ready to getting married. Netizen found seunghwan dating kim gyuri on May He appeared on Radio Star on January and talk about marriage.

The news said that seunghwan still dating kim gyuri. But SM said that yuri and seunghwan already dating for 4 months. It's be mean on January or before. That's a contradictive news, I think. And yuri said on Dating Alone, she'll remove all about her ex-boyfriend. Yesterday, when I checked Yuri's instagram, minyul selca still at the place. Ah, maybe I talk too much and think too much about this weirdness. I just need someone to share. I don't want to talk about this in our facebook because too many upset person.

And if they just broke up. Don't you think it's a bit too fast for yuri and him to start dating? And if they were really dating, wouldn't Oh Seung Hwan be jealous of Yuri posting pics of her and Minho? And also saying on program shows that she dated a younger guy happily? It will show who was the one taking?

I think that too. For yuri, it's really2 fast. Only less from 2 months after she had a selca with minho. I still remember latest SMTown when yuri dance dorkily and look like attention seeker around minho. Until she had a moment with donghae and minho look at them angrily.

HanaChoi well like I said. It could totally be for publicity and for both celebs to be recognised. SNSD is coming back so such news will bring attention to her. And before Yuri's news, there were rumours of Taeyeon's crooked nose from the most recent advertisement and it is to divert their attention to Yuri instead.

And so it was a really huge WooHa from that too! So really many factors for this. And also! It is a "good" thing for SM. And also the sports team for Oh Seung Hwan! Bad news is a good news to the company. Of course to baseball team. Yes I have been keeping in contact with Lovelyseulgi! We've been discussing a lot about this issue. And we are starting to not believe it more and more. Don't you find it weird how the person seems to know what they were doing?

And if they observed for a few days why were the image of them only when they were out in an open space? To begin, their date was normal. They ate, sang songs, and watched movies. It was a date for them to get to know each other better. The their date was normal? You mean Yuri could be "Normal" being an Idol? That is a first for me to hear.

The reporters had a hard time researching and finding out what YoonGi do behind those photos and SooKyung and they could actually know what Yuri and Seung Hwan did? And whats funny is The article actually said they went on a repeated date for days?

Then why were the photos the same? Oh Seung Hwan did not even change his outfit for all the photos except for Yuri. Were they really dating for different days? And also why if Yuri went to Japan to support him for his games. Why didn't they take pics of her supporting him? I really doubt so. To normal K fans yeah it may be easy to believe. But I doubt so. Shinee were in Japan at that period of time as well. And I still remembered how both Choi minho and yuri dating 2014 them were smiling widely after they returned. Maybe I am delusional.

How do you explain all those things we have seen from their interactions? Yuri didn't back to korea after Tokyo Dome concert. I'm sure she is in osaka. As we known, she Choi minho and yuri dating 2014 a shawol. How the fans can skip her idol concert? It's just two days. If the article said yuri and seunghwan dating different days, i just think: when? Minyul interaction really tell us something. Also in malaysia. I can see their widely smile when perform, and minho tease yuri at encore.

Choi minho and yuri dating 2014

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