Cool wedding rings for women

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info. With so many unique rings online and offline just waiting to be found, we decided to spotlight 59 awesome ring beauties. Whether an engagement ring, a unique wedding band, or just for fun, these all caught our eye for being absolutely stunning. Here are a few that really shine bright:. This Opal ring showcases beautiful color and fire for a classic yet vintage feel. Customize this ring to your preference with your choice of gold and side stones. Move over round diamonds, this triangle cut stone is going to stand out in a crowd.

If size matters to your special lady and you know it doesconsider a Trillion cut. Compared to a standard round cut gem of the same carat, a trillion cut stone will usually look larger. If you are not feeling the above trillion cut halo ring, how about this art deco-style baguette ring? It offers all sorts of unique geometric prettiness! Add a bit of drama by having the option to wear this breath taking blue sapphire that is set amongst pave white diamonds, either upside down or right side up — a daring take on the traditional halo ring. If your lady likes to live a life that is bold, daring, and unforgettable, this is the perfect ring for her.

An elegant and sleek eco-friendly engagement ring that could be the perfect alternative to an expensive diamond ring. The creator of this 14k yellow gold cast ring polishes it up using the same techniques that stone cutters use in order to achieve a super-sparkly look. Ying and yang, fire and ice, day and night — sometimes adding a hint of juxtaposition is the way to go! This exquisite ring by James Allen features a two-toned infinity setting, inspired by delicate Celtic knots.

Available in 14K or 18K rose or yellow gold, the choice is yours. This is a Cool wedding rings for women that is sure to draw interest and plenty of compliments. This is a simple stunner with a twist. A ring that Cool wedding rings for women tells a story of two coming together to cherish their diamond love for one another.

Sometimes less is more. Reminiscent of a kaleidoscope, this lovely asymmetrical engagement ring features a rose-cut centre stone. A rose-cut diamond offers a somewhat glassy appearance and dramatically less sparkle than that of a round or princess cut diamond, which are usual the go-to choice.

However, this cut and ring does offer an intriguing alternative to those looking for pure uniqueness — like Jennifer Aniston who received a rose cut ring from Justin Theroux back in An unsuspecting placement, which we are completely ga-ga over! Another ring from the talented artist capucinne, this rainbow Moonstone in 14k white gold also in rose or yellow gold setting gives off a completely whimsical flair perfect for those looking for that non-traditional ring.

For women who are into crystals or a rustic look, this ring is sure to be a favorite. The clear highly prized volcanic Quartz Crystals set comes in either a sterling silver or white or yellow gold ring. Let this crystal shine like a diamond with natural faces. As if resurrected from a time long ago, this diamond set into a beautiful 18k gold bezel provides an ancient look and feel.

A fitting engagement ring for someone Cool wedding rings for women loves vintage style jewelry? If you are looking for a unique ring that offers a little more of a demure feel to it, than this captivating emerald placed in a flat profile set might be just the ring you have been looking for.

Building on the knot ring above, if you love the look and want a little more bling, this infinity knot with diamonds Cool wedding rings for women the best of both worlds! A Greek goddess-inspired handmade ring with leaf de that is absolutely stunning. Natural diamonds in a unique asymmetric de completes the look by offering a little extra bling. The vintage inspired ring setting is adorned with beautiful maisonette diamonds. If romantic love stories steal her heart, choose a ring that is reminiscent of Victorian times — when jewelry was created with romance and nature in mind. This unique engagement ring de is made from platinum and features a delightful pear shaped ruby.

Stunning and timeless, an 14k engagement ring with center pearl that is deed beautifully with 3 diamonds flanked on both sides in an eternity motif. Based on an original vintage de. An earthy, organic ring featuring a beautiful round diamond set amongst accented diamond petals. A true work of art in and of itself. If the above ring is a little too blingy, but you are feeling the beauty of the flower, how about this handmade 14k yellow gold engagement ring shaped as a sunflower with a round centre stone?

A truly one of a kind trillion cut diamond ring is sure to draw the attention of anyone looking your way. Those with an Irish heritage will understand why we simply could not keep this ring off our list! Celebrate your marriage with a token of Irish love — a beautiful diamond Claddagh ring.

Maybe it is the red nail polish, but the photo below shows a ring that is oh-so feminine and elegant. The fine detailing of 2 heart-shaped side diamonds makes for the sweetest touch. A classic engagement ring with a complete twist … literally. Three hoops each made from either 18K rose, yellow, or white gold wrapped together to form a unique eye catching ring.

This ring is not only unique, it is beyond elegant and going to shine, shine, shine from all angles of the beautifully cut oval and marquise shaped diamonds. Totally worthy of being a tiara, this ring can also be engraved at no extra cost. Added bonus! If you are looking for something truly unique, this is the ring for you. A salt and pepper diamond. A diamond in the rough and one of a kind. A salt and pepper diamond basically has a lot of inclusions, normally what a diamond ring shopper is trying to avoid. But this is where the beauty lies. These diamonds show the real flaws and the natural beauty of a diamond.

Another beautiful and uniquely shaped diamond is the marquise. The marquise shape is believe to have been commissioned by King Louis XIV of France which reminded him of his true love perfectly shaped mouth and smile. I suppose so. In any event, this diamond offers a very dramatic shape and makes a dazzling choice for an engagement ring.

The illusion of this ring is fantastic. What looks like a near carat size rock, is really smaller diamonds put together in a channel set. If budget and quality are factors for you, think of other ways to get more bang for your buck. I once had a boss who sported a ring like this and it tricked me every time. This earthy looking engagement ring made from an organic twig cast would be perfect for any gal who appreciates the beauty of the great outdoors. Something about the sparkling split shank de just works with this cut of stone. A three ring set matching engagement ring and wedding band set that is made for a lady who is looking for something different.

Art deco all the way! We love any unique story of where a diamond comes from, like this one. They have larger facets than modern cut diamonds. The steep depth of this diamond gives it volume as well as a faint hint of yellow color, like that of a lovely glass of champagne. Cheers to that! A dramatic and beautifully shaped slithering engagement ring.

Just be sure she likes the look of snakes first! This enchanting ring was inspired Selene, a Titan goddess in Greek mythology who was the goddess of the moon. A matching set that will always bring a smile to your face. These matching wedding bands brings the ultimate symbol of love in two rings. Fit for a queen, this unique diamond crown band comes from a highly rated Etsy jewelry maker. We love the de and think it would be perfect for a fairy tale castle wedding! Think Big.

A lovely art deco wedding band features a charming decorative engraved pattern on top of the band, which will elegantly fit any size engagement ring. Hand crafted rings are so romantic and totally one-of-a-kind! Each unique ring is custom-made with the impression of your fingerprint. A love knot that is beautiful just on its own, this eye catching half eternity wave ring will be lovely sitting next to her engagement ring.

If pearls are good for any occasion, this will be a hit sitting beside her engagement ring. If she still needs something blue for her big day, this pretty sapphire ring will check that box off her list. If she has a knock out engagement ring, choosing something a little more delicate and minimalistic, such as this unique stacking wedding band, should do the trick.

Looking as though snowflakes are falling, this beautiful band would be lovely to receive during a winter wedding.

Cool wedding rings for women

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