Crown molding and popcorn ceiling

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Nov 21, Just got a call to install some crown molding on some kitchen cabinets. The thing I'm unsure of is what is the best way to get the best look if the molding is to be touching the ceiling. This is the first time I've been asked to do a trim job like this involving popcorn ceilings. Should I put the pieces up after cutting them score the popcorn and remove it from the face of the crown back or just fit it as tight as I can and then fill it in with painters caulk.

Not a fan of the 2nd one just because I'm my opinion that doesn't look the most professional. ed Jul 20, If they aren't planning on having the popcorn removed I'd just run it as Crown molding and popcorn ceiling. I'd actually nudge them to get rid of the popcorn completely. The only popcorn that belongs in a kitchen is the stuff with butter and salt. ed Dec 24, If it were me, I'd go with option 1. However, Don Shepard is right, popcorn looks like hell regardless. ed Apr 10, If you cant remove it off the whole ceiling maybe you could use a small detail sander and sand a strip just as wide as you need.

ed Oct 23, I'm only brainstorming here. At first, I tought it would look good just pressing it up against the popcorn. Maybe would look okay, but I worry. I'm kind of wondering if you couldn't go just one step further than pressing it up against the popcorn.

Perhaps take 5 inches of the molding and glue some real rough sandpaper to the top of the molding scrap, exactly the same width as the top of the molding. Slide the molding along the side of the cabinet to just let the sandpaper knock the popcorn down only a hair. I imagine it doesn't have to be crazy. Only enough to snug the final molding up a little bit better than if you didn't -- mostly relying on the view angle. Test fit molding as you go. Disclaimer: I have no idea if this is good or bad. Just coming up with ideas. ed Dec 4, I have pressed and nailed it tight to the popcorn.

I believe that trying to scrape it perfectly, you will mess up and scrape outside of your boundary and make marks on their ceiling. Nail it tight, run a small bead of dap and be done with it. ed Sep 16, I've seen some ceiling details that may work with that.

From the corner of the wall: Crown molding to a 5" flat band to the spackled ceiling. ed Dec 31, ed Feb 24, No matter what, popcorn ceilings look like crap, and crown only highlights it. That said, the most effective way I've found, it to back-bevel the top of the crown slightly, so it only contacts the ceiling in the front edge, and nail it up tight. Might try and convince them to remove it. So I don't want to just toss something up. For what they've spent not sure they would be happy with that.

I still can't wrap my head around having acoustic ceiling in a kitchen. We have Crown molding and popcorn ceiling lot of acoustic ceilings around here, homes built in 60s and 70s. None of those have ever been done in the kitchens or bathrooms. ed May 13, Easiest way to deal with this is to take a piece of crown to your chopsaw placed upside down and backwards. Measure the outermost and innermost horizantal measurement of crown in contact with ceiling. Then build corresponding scaper block. Then use it to knock down popcorn. Builders Inc. I wouldn't sand chit of the home is older than the early 80's Screen Shot at 9.

ed Sep 11, I would make 6" piece of crown and slide it back and forth along the popcorn ceiling just enough to knock down the high spots. ed Jul 26, ed Dec 26, You could always use foam crown. Butter the top of it with some Drywall compound before it goes up, glue the bottom with liquid nails, then wipe off the excess mud with a damp sponge after it's tact in place. Should just blend in to the ceiling. ed Jun 3, Made painting much easier in the past. the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. About this Discussion. A forum community dedicated to professional construction and remodeling contractors.

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Crown molding and popcorn ceiling

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Crown molding against popcorn ceiling