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Last Updated on April 6, In Asia, there are a variety of cultures and many where the name starts with a particular letter or sound gleaned from the astral charts made at the birth of the baby. The time of birth, the astral chart, the ificance of the name and many more factors are involved. What is the first question you ask a person? His or her name! Names ify traits, seasons, values, power and even spirituality and royalty. If you are expectant mom and somehow feel it is going to be a girl, here are some beautiful Asian girl names that will motivate and stand your princess in good stead all through her life.

No name is common! It is just that names have a way of being called common names especially when they are culturally unique. So, what happens when the parents are from the same continent and have different cultures, languages and geographical regions? Choosing a meaningful Asian name for your little girl can be quite a challenge. Let us look at some unique names across Asia. Here are some baby girl names that can be used across multiple cultures and are inspired by historical events, nature, flowers, and strong traits.

Names have a way of integrating us. A list of modern Asian girl names is given below so you can be trendy and unique in the same breath. It is worth the effort for after all, your bundle of joy is unique and deserves a name that is unique, short and simple. The list of names and their meanings hopefully help you zero in on what you want to name your precious princess. After all, it is all in the name and what your name ifies! in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. FirstCry Parenting. Baby Baby Names. In This Article.

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You also acknowledge that owing to the limited nature of communication possible on interactive elements on the site, any assistance, or response you receive is provided by the author alone. Your use of this site Cute asian nicknames your Cute asian nicknames to be bound by the Terms of Use. All rights reserved. These names mean beautiful and bright and are very popular in Europe, Russia, and Asia too. The honey-coloured gemstone is valuable, precious and exotic just like your little girl. This name means a girl who shines bright at night times giving light to others much like the Indian name Aaina meaning a mirror.

From Sanskrit and Hindi origins, it means happiness and is also used as the name Joy is in India. The meaning of the name is fragrant and is from the Japanese word for fragrance. The name connotes beauty and light and is a very popular name among Indians. The name is hugely popular in India and means a twinkling star in the sky in the Hindi and Sanskrit languages. It is strong, tensile, good looking and evergreen which are good blessings to invoke for a baby girl. Heard of the elegant Seiko watches? Bestow your baby girl with a blessing in her name. Seema is very popular in India and originates in Sanskrit.

Great name for your beloved daughter! The term can be used in Japanese to define an angel and child from heaven. By the way, the name Angel and Angela are also widely used Asian names for baby girls. Named after the month of March you can also use names like April, May, June for baby girls born in those respective months. Similar to this name is Cute asian nicknames, named after the River Ganga that originates in the Himalayas and brings the same beautiful meaning to India.

It also can be used as Bhoomi and means to enact a part in Hindi. Very typically used in India and for multicultural children. This is an apt name for a Vietnamese baby girl and is the name for a sweet fruit of the citrus family. The name is used for a beautiful baby girl who is helpful to all in Japanese. In Hindi, the word Yami is full of godly beauty and knowledgeable. Are these the traits you want your baby girl to be filled with? This Vietnamese name means slumber or sleep and is quite frequently used to mean restful in baby girls. Many Chinese people name their daughters so.

Bright beauty and the sunshine in your lives? Akemi sounds perfect. In Japanese, this is a love song and is fast becoming popular abroad. A wee bit American but also very popular in Asia. Asmita means your daughter is a source of your pride. In Hindi, Asmita means full of family pride, and Smita pride or honour of the family. Very popular in the northern parts of India. Like Amber, the name is inspired by the jewel and its namesake; the tough colourful forms of marine life.

Originated from Greece and means the bright one. Remember Helen of Troy? The name indicates one who is fiery and very attractive in Chinese. Did you make a big wish for a daughter? It has been granted when you name your little daughter wish or Iha again in Chinese. Means delicate, lovely and dainty in Chinese — all that your little daughter is! Kalini means a flower and also invokes Goddess Kali who is also known as Kali, Durga, and Chamundi in her various fearful avatars. Kenja is a sage or wise for those looking for Japanese spiritual names for a baby girl. Kinu is a silky cloth in Japanese and makes a great middle name, first name in Japan.

Leela in Hindi means the manifestation of God whereas Leila can also be used as an endearment. Mala in Hindi means a garland. The short and simple ways of Japanese spirituality can be your source of inspiration too!

The name means an illusion and sounds exotic and mystical in Sanskrit and its derivative Hindi. Very popular in China, India and America.

Cute asian nicknames

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