Cz 75b 40 for sale

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But why? Keep reading to find out. Trusted by professionals across the world, the 75B offers fantastic accuracy at personal protection distances of five to twenty yards. A unique feature of this pistol is that the slide is actually in the frame, which allows for a tighter fit and lock-up, contributing to the accuracy. The heavy weight, long barrel, and higher beavertail grip all do their part to increase the accuracy, as well. Short-distance accuracy is impeccable, and long-distance accuracy is also very good!

Accuracy is important for a personal defense handgun, and the 75B certainly passes the test. CZ really took their time to create a superior, quality-detailed build, using materials that will last for years and years. The 75B comes in an all-steel construction with a black polycoat finish. The beavertail is upswept, which allows for a higher grip and helps mitigate felt recoil.

It comes standard with fixed 3 dot sightsbut you also have the option of a front fiber optic sight or Tritium night sights. While the standard sights are acceptable, the optional sights are better for those of us with bad vision. The controls are Cz 75b 40 for sale within easy reach, although shooters with smaller hands might find the slide release a stretch, and those with larger hands might find it difficult to turn off the safety in firing position!

Disassembly is a breeze, and no tools are needed to completely break down the pistol. The slide release acts as the takedown lever, so you just line-up the two takedown lines, push out the slide release, and push the slide forward and off! This handgun offers smooth double-action and crisp single-action, and overall, handles very well. The trigger on this pistol, like many semi-autos, has some high points and some low points.

The single-action trigger is a crisp and smooth 4. The double-action trigger is long and heavy, around 12 lbs, but is relatively smooth and comparable to similar pistols. The 75B offers a low-bore axis, which aids in trigger reach, and the trigger is adjustable to for any overtravel. The trigger blade itself is straight and flat, making it very comfortable to hold. Overall, the trigger is okay. Not great, but not terrible, and comparable to other similar models. While these are already pretty high-capacity mags, 20 round capacity is also available if that appeals to you more.

Also, CZ mags are fantastic because they are durable and easy to clean. As ly mentioned, the mag release button is extended to allow easy use for any shooter, and you can expect a very long lifetime for the standard magazines. This is a bigger pistolweighing in around 35 oz.

The slide-in-frame de also offers better recoil control, since the slide rides inside the frame rails rather than outside. This is a mid-range price, and quite a reasonable one for what you get. Richard Douglas is a firearms expert and educator.

In his free time, he reviews optics on his Scopes Field blog.

Cz 75b 40 for sale

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Meet the CZ 75B: One of the Best Self-Defense Guns (Better than Glock or Sig Sauer)?