Dating a guy out of pity

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in. I met Collins on Facebook. We started talking and getti n g to know each other. He was very funny and interesting. He avoided monosyllabic answers. He always had something to say. He knew how to narrate an uneventful day in an eventful way. He could make you imagine beautiful things. I guess I fell in love with his words and not him. I was so eager to meet him. I had agreed to date him without seeing him. What more do I want, he made me happy, he was funny and from the pictures I have seen, he looked really presentable. This would be my first boyfriend and it seems everything was perfect.

He is my kind of man and he had everything I wanted in a man. Tall, dark, handsome and funny. We fixed a date to see, we kept talking about how that day would be. I was just 18, and I was bent on no sex till wedding night. Now I am 22, thinking about it makes me laugh.

Dating a guy out of pity D-Day finally arrived, being a very stylish person, what to wear have never been my problem. On this particular day, it was my major problem. After much deliberation I settled for less makeup Dating a guy out of pity a sexy hot gown because I believe in first impression. I got to the venue where we were supposed to meet.

I had arrived too early for my date but I was still upset that I had to wait. I got a call that he was outside the eatery, I told him to come in. I could feel the butterflies in my tummy. This is going to be my first date with a total stranger that I am dating without meeting him in person. So many stuffs ran through my head. I brushed off the thoughts almost immediately I saw him step in. I was so disappointed. He was tall, dark and very unattractive. It was almost like what you ordered versus what you got.

Everything about him was all shades of wrong. I hated his beards because it looked so scruffy. His hair was so full and unkempt. He clothes looked so rumpled. He looked really disorganized. I was thinking this was one of the stunts guys normally put on to test their lovers to know if they are gold diggers or not. I am not that type that knew how to hide my feelings. We had lunch, he tried to be nice and romantic to me but I was just giving him bad vibes. He tried to kiss me but every touch of his felt like a poison to my body.

I had to lie I was not feeling too well and I needed to go home. Collins laughed at his own jokes in such a ridiculous way. His voice was really loud that it seemed like he was doing a presentation to a large crowd. I was ashamed of him at that point. Whenever he laughed, people around had to throw a quick glance at who the joker was. I felt so little. He sponsors himself and his younger ones in school but he needs someone that would be there for him.

He dated me for three months but saw me twice. I always came up with excuses not to see him till he finally gave up. I saw Collins some years later and I must say he is really doing well. He keeps asking me what happened between us till this very day. Have you ever been ashamed of your spouse?

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Dating a guy out of pity

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