Dating a man who hates his job

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My husband hates his job. Any suggestions for him? I can tell how much you care, and also how frustrating this has to be for you. Often, our brains need specifics in order to pay attention. But by making a very specific request, we are asking for what we need. We also hand the person control, and they can accept or reject your specific request. You can also introduce him to outside resources, like ones in my free tools library here. Grab one of the amazing free apps out there to help. Or you may find that yes, you need a certain amount of money, but you have not yet explored other roles or companies where you could make just as much.

Changing what we think can be one of the hardest things to do, but often is the best way to help us manage through difficult situations that are not in our control. Spots fill up fast, though, so schedule yours now and start getting the support you deserve. When someone you love hates their job, what can you do? Sure, you want to help, but how? Yes, there is a difference, with therapy often focusing on understanding our past and coaching focuses on taking actions toward our future. The sooner we realize that, the calmer our lives can get. In fact, each of us only controls three things:.

I like what she has to say, and you might too. Let him bring it up in his own time. But is it the truth? You can still love someone but not love their behavior or actions. Hey—want more help?

Dating a man who hates his job

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Dear Abby: Man who hates his job drags girlfriend down with his griping