Dating a veterinarian

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Recently viewed. Veterinarians Dating a veterinarian expend their emotional energy during the workday. Car repairs and veterinary bills are two of the emergency expenses I fear the most. Friends and I used to joke that I should marry either a mechanic or a veterinarian since I love cars and cats, and they end up costing me so much money. Besides, everyone knows that veterinarians are really smart and they love animals.

So, what could go wrong? Well, okay maybe it does. I get free automotive care. Thanks to my Dodge Avenger, my husband is becoming an expert on replacing window regulators. I may be getting free labor thank goodness, since my car has eaten up three of them in the past two years! Diagnostic tests, anesthesia and monitoring, pain medications, and other surgical supplies, not to mention using the clinic surgical facilities, all cost money too. Even if your spouse owns the clinic, there will still be expenses involved that you would both face. With the right tools and parts my husband can fix just about any kind of car or truck, but when his Harley needs repair, he takes it to someone who specializes in them.

Traditional veterinarians take a vastly different approach to diagnosing and treating disease than holistic or alternative veterinarians do. Also, holistic and traditional veterinarians usually have different philosophies regarding the frequency and type of vaccinations necessary.

Most veterinarians are saddled with a large amount of student loan debt from veterinary school, and it often takes decades to repay. When it comes to working in messy conditions with smelly bodily fluids, large animal veterinarians seem to fare the worst, but all veterinarians deal with stinky situations on a regular basis. Some of the worst olfactory offenders -- anal glands, necrotic tissues, and pyometras to name just a few -- are apt to linger even after a shower and change of clothes.

He just moves on to the next car and the next customer. They have often expended all their emotional energy during the workday -- stressing over surgeries, calming frantic pet owners, grieving the deaths of patients. At the end of the day, many veterinarians aren't capable of much more than sitting on the couch and staring at the TV for an hour or two before they can even talk.

Before you set out on your search for your very own Dr. Doolittlethere are many more questions to ask yourself, such as:. Most likely, yes. By now you may be wondering if things really are as grim as they sound and if the prospect of matrimonial bliss with a veterinarian is really just a fantasy. Are there really nothing but cons? Where are the pros? The self-proclaimed romance specialists at eHarmony came up with a Dating a veterinarian you may find encouraging. Do your pets get to weigh in on your dating Dating a veterinarian Will they take it in stride or run and hide whenever your new love comes around, reeking of other animals?

How will they adapt to being part of a veterinarian's family? I want to thank you for your concern about your husband's mood shifts. I am a veterinarian and a psychotherapist and what you are seeing is concerning for depression in your husband. It's often difficult to bring up these types of concerns with our spouses, but I would recommend finding a time when you can speak about what you are seeing in a gentle way.

He might get defensive, might blame his moods on his work which may well be truebut ultimately you want the best for your husband; you want him to be happy and the two of your to be happy. I also would not discount that there could be some physical issues that are impacting his moods, so having him visit his primary care physician would be a good first step. Perhaps you could attend the visit with him. Another option is for you to leave a message with his PCP, explaining your concerns. Through V4V, your husband can avail himself to a confidential online support group or talk with a mentor, if he feels that may help him.

Veterinarians, as most health care providers, often will not seek mental health help, because they falsely believe that that makes them appear weak. So, you may have to visit the topic again. If your husband will not seek help, then for your own peace of mind, I would encourage you to seek some type of mental health counseling. I hope that your husband hears the care, concern and love that are so obvious in your letter to VetzInsight, and is willing to seek help for himself.

As a vets wife, I do my best to help in anyway possible to make life easier for him after work like cooking, cleaning, etc. I also work full 8 hours in corporate. But I also noticed that he's becoming extremely short-tempered, easily angered, and very cynical and judgmental.

It really makes me not want to be around the negative energy. So my question is, what can I do to make his life easier? Less negative Nancy, less Debbie Downer? I always told him I don't want him to end up being a grumpy old man, because I see it so clearly going down that path.

Should he go to a therapist and talk? Should I have him talk? Or leave him alone? I'm a vet. Luckily, I married a mechanical engineer who works on huge tumor-zapping devices, so we both joke that we are "married to our work. It is part of how we make it work. He doesn't let me talk about work over dinner. He has already heard the story about how a discussion between myself and a vet-tech friend stopped 6 other tables around us from eating when we discussed enucleation.

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See related stories ยป. Not every veterinarian works on all kinds of animals. You may disagree with the way your spouse practices medicine. They often come home stinky, blood-stained, or with animal parts in their hair. Being a veterinarian is emotionally draining. Try not to toss your cookies.

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Dating a veterinarian

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