Dating cabinet cards

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Cabinet cards are photographs mounted on stiff pieces of cardboard. They were introduced in the s and gradually superseded the smaller carte de visite format. The popularity of the cabinet card waned around the turn of the century, particularly after the introduction of the photographic postcard, but they were still being produced right until the First World War.

Size The cabinet card was basically a larger version of the carte de visite. Paper prints measuring about 5. Mount Cabinet card mounts are usually thicker than those of cartes de visite. Edges By the s, cabinet card mounts sometimes had bevelled edges, and were often finished in gold or silver. Colour The colour of the cardboard mount can also help date the photograph. Cream Dating cabinet cards were always popular, but bolder, dark colours like black, dark brown, green or burgundy began to appear in the s and s.

However, my ancestors did not provide the names of people in the photos. I only have the identity of the photography shop. Is there any way to find out who is in the photos through the photography shop? Can you please advise. Records are longgg gone. I have a bunch of cabinet card photos and some photos know as daguerreotype if your interested I can Dating cabinet cards pictures of the photos. I have been passed down a very old book with the cabinet portraits in im looking to get it checked out as I do not know how much it is worth if anyone can help.

I live in the U. S I have a very old black and white photo which i believe are my great grandparents. I think the photo was taken in Massachusetts. I would love to know the time period. How can i find out?

Some clues to estimate the time period are: 1. The clothing. If it is sepia, the photo is older, if more of a true black and white, it is nearer to the turn of the century. I am looking for a card of a relative. He was a Tallman in the circus and I have seen his card before. Louis Moilanen. We are a small greeting card company, in your own words, LLC, producing greeting cards celebrating the LGBTQ community through photographs of affectionate men, women and children.

We are always seeking interesting photographs. Might you have a listing or catalog of any such photographs for sale or use? I used to collect cabinet cards and have a collection of After reading a little about cabinet cards, it is apparent that they date from ca. Is there a recognition software that allows one to obtain information about the people depicted? I had hoped that a well-scanned image would be helpful to the Google software but apparently artificial intelligence only goes so far.

What do you think? There is a cottage industry in self-avowed facial recognition savants who, for a healthy fee, will tell you that the photo of your great-great-uncle is actually Billy the Kid. Two tricks they use. First, rather than comparing the anonymous photo with an archive of, say, 10, images that includes the known Billy tintype, they compare it with just the known Billy tintype.

A clue deserving further investigation. What is the best way to archive and store cabinet cards? Hi all i have over cabinet cards that are in books i found them in a skip how do i know if they are worth anything please. Anyway, run-of-the-mill cabinet cards are not worth a great deal, but certain views are more collectible than others. And obviously, those that depict historical luminaries are very collectible. For a general sense of the market, look up whatever cabinet cards are presently up on eBay.

And check out the offerings at auction houses. Hi I have a cabinet photo of H. Keller who can help me tell who this is or where can I send a copy of photo to be viewed and valued? As a historic costume specialist, I noticed that a few of your dates were a bit off — particularly noticeable with ladies fashion, less so for men and sometimes harder to pinpoint with children — i. The seated lady holding a book in the long, dark velvet dress with the full skirt with no obvious support or noticeable petticoat underneath — I would date to about You would not see Dating cabinet cards full skirt like that in when dresses were quite form-fitting all the way through the skirt and Dating cabinet cards practically or no bustle.

The hairstyle with the long sausage-like curls is another clue. Dating a picture based on the fashion is generally the best bet if it is possible. By Colin Harding on 5 September How to spot a cabinet card —c. In the penultimate post in our series showing you how to date your old family photographs using physical clues, Colin Harding offers some tips on how to identify cabinet cards.

Part 2 of 2. Would you be willing to sell some of your beautiful cabinet cardsI am up to trade as well Dennis Cheers. Hello i have major military general cabinet cards and more!!! Pingback: How to spot a ferrotype, also known as a tintype —s - National Science and Media Museum blog.

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Dating cabinet cards

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