Dating site adverts

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Dating apps are the definition of modern love. The convenience of online dating paired with the universal pursuit of love has made dating websites and apps extremely popular platforms with large user bases and Dating site adverts of marketing opportunities. Online dating has become a destination for people looking for positive changes in their lives. As the of single people grows and the popularity of online dating rises, advertisers could benefit from marketing on online dating platforms.

Additionally, negative attitudes toward online dating are declining, albeit more slowly than positive attitudes are growing. Innearly one-third of Americans believed that those who used online dating services were desperate. Ten years later, that belief is held by less than one-fourth of the population. The decreasing stigma surrounding online dating will lead to increased adoption and new opportunities for marketers.

Tinder, the largest mobile dating app, processes 1 billion swipes and 12 million matches per day, globally. Tinder users are very active, opening the app an average of 11 times a day. Women spend an average of 8. In total, a person could be spending 90 minutes a day in the app. That much time in-app is a powerful asset that digital marketers can use to their advantage. Substantial growth is likely attributed to changing attitudes as well as the widespread use of mobile dating apps.

Online dating is growing in popularity among adults over 50, too. Understanding which demographics use online dating services will help marketers target audiences more precisely. As such, dating apps represent a great way for brands to reach multiple people through a single screen. Match Group is the global leader in online dating, owning sites and apps such as Tinder, Match. Marketers can place advertisements in dating apps with confidence that the will be seen by a large audience.

Online dating is immensely successfully. In fact, studies have found that two out of three gay couples likely met online. For straight couples, that Dating site adverts closer to 1 in every 4 couples. The efficacy of dating apps suggests that online dating is here to stay, and may even gradually replace traditional avenues for finding romance.

This presents an interesting possibility for marketers to tie their brands to the pursuit of finding love. Related Posts. How Many Influencers Are There? Click the button to get in touch. Influencers Pass along your details so we can collaborate for future campaigns.

Dating site adverts

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