Dating spanish shotguns

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Register Log In doublegunshop. Key: AdminGlobal ModMod. Most Online Aug 5th, How to date an Ugartechea SxS. ed: Aug Can anyone tell me if there is a way to date Ugartechea SxSs? I'm looking at one, but would like to date it and see if Ugartechea went through any period of quality problems. I undertand Spanish guns had a post war period that had some issues. Here are some pictures Thanks. Reason: photos added. Re: How to date an Ugartechea SxS.

ed: Dec Parker, Colorado. I only know a little about this one. For fairly modern guns, each maker has a code ased to them. Arietta and Grulla, Ugartechea, AyA, etc. Arrieta is 57, so is I believe the 3rd gun completed in the 12th month of Can anybody take this back to the earlier stuff? The post-war period had a little experiment in socialism that caused all the makers to be lumped under one giant Dating spanish shotguns, DIARM. This was an unmitigated disaster that blemished the reputation of all their guns for quite a while.

The makers I mentioned above, plus a few others make some really good guns that are an eceptional value in a hand-made firearm. ed: Jun Amarillo, Texas. ed: Apr On the barrel flats you may see S. I believe the chart is incorrect when it comes to beginning in the late 90s the last two s of the serial is the year of proof. A later made Zabala, in this case a TriStar Brittany is marked like this. Zabala appears to be What you are seeing is RIG grease that I use to preserve when guns are at rest.

Gents, Thanks for the assistance so far. I added photos on the original post, but I don't have any pics of the barrel flats, so I'm a bit out of luck with that. The marks on the action seem older that what are on SkeetTx's - at least in how they are stamped. Ugartecheas as are many Spanish guns are specific model engraving. Your gun appears to be the model A new today sells for about 10k. I have a very similar gun. Mine dates toand other than having cocking indicators looks quite like what you have pictured. Chopper lump barrels, stocked to the fences, intercepting sears, sculpted iron on a beavertail forend, seems like a nice gun.

I did a fair amount of research before and after Dating spanish shotguns mine, and what I read was that the firing pins are the "weak link. It is currently with Cole Haugh getting new pins fitted. When I received it the gun miss-fired on the right barrel with certain ammo.

Not only was the pin a little short on that side, but it was also sloppy in its bore. I don't know if the pins were bad from new, or if the pins were just sloppy fit or "off the shelf" replacements. I welded up the firing pin temporarily and used the gun for this whole bird season. The gun handles nicely, and doesn't feel as heavy as it should if that makes any sense. Nice strong ejectors. There seems to be a fair amount of wood to metal contact at the head of the stock, it doesn't look as "fragile" as the other sidelocks I have had apart.

I was never able to nail down an exact model deation, but if someone wants to send me half the 10k quote for a new the gun is yours! ed: Jan Patrick, you can tell by the serial that your gun is pre Otherwise, it would look like the SN on skeettx's guns. Yours will have the letter- date code on the barrel flats. I have an Ugartechea boxlock from Bill Hanus Birdgunand the marks on the watertable of my gun are very different than yours.

Mine also has a serial of xxx. Unless Ugartechea used different SN series for different types of guns--which is entirely possible--the difference in SN somes would seem to indicate that yours is pretty old. From some information I have, it looks as if the Spanish retained the old date codes untilwhich should mean that any Spanish gun made from would have both the new and the old date codes, like skeettx's. Can others with Spanish guns from that time period confirm that? Wild Skies. Lloyd3, your gun 57 03 12 97 was actually the 12th gun built in Thank you, Wild Skies. I've owned several Spanish guns and can't fault them for function and value, but I fear I haven't peered as deeply into their past as I have with the English and American stuff.

Wieland's book is the only reference I've used on the subject and it's obviously been awhile since I've opened it. Well now, it looks as though I've been promoted to Sidelock with a smiley face and lots of stars. How does that work? ed: Sep Originally Posted By: Lloyd3. Originally Posted By: 2holer. Dothan, Alabama. Adam Stinson. I'd have to disagee about that gun being a The layout of the engraving is similar but that's where the similarities end. The quality of the Dating spanish shotguns and gun overall doesn't match the Plus, the features archaded fences which the gun above doesn't have.

Nor does that gun have drop points Similar in appearance but 2 different guns. This is a case in point of the dangers of trying to determine model purely by engraving. The current Ugartechea catalog shows the model with arcaded fences. Older catalogs show the without arcaded fences. One Ugartechea catalog shows the exact engraving on the gun you identify at as model on a model Here's another example. Based on engraving, what model is this Ugartechea? I'll give a hint; it's not a model The only reason I mentioned the makers I did is because they are more of a "known entity" Dating spanish shotguns that they've been around for a while now and have pretty good track records that they strive to protect.

The "one-off" guns can still be lovely, but the market for them is frought with peril for the uninitiated. Adam, Is that gun yours? You sure do have some NICE guns - and quite a variety. I'm jealous of your opportunity to use them so much more than I can use mine. Originally Posted By: patrickwall.

Dating spanish shotguns

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