Dating western knife

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Dating Western L Thread starter Meneldor Start date Dec 28, ed Dec 28, Messages Hi all, long-time lurker, first-time poster.

I was wondering if anyone could help in dating it? Is this likely the original sheath, or a later addition? ed Feb 19, Messages 10, That dangling pouch sheath looks like a nice home-made one to me. Rubbed a little beeswax to keep it from drying out. ed Mar 25, Messages 9, Meneldor said:. Click to expand Whetstone39 Gold Member. ed Feb 27, Messages 3, HI was wondering if anyone could help in dating it?

I was helped out recently on "show us your fixed blades". I have to go back and make a note of who I owe these notes to, but it's before because that's when they dropped the "Boulder Colo". Model on the ricasso makes it ed Apr 9, Messages That tang stamp reference that gets posted here has a lot of inaccuracies, and a lot of omissions. Unfortunately there isn't a better referece available that I've ever been able to find.

Best I can say is that the OPs knife has the same tang stamp as a knife that I know to be from the mid 70s. Western moved to Longmont in ' I wouldn't be surprised if Boulder-stamped knives found their way into the market after '78, chances are that your knife isn't any newer than ' ed Oct 21, Messages 8, Nice L My favorite Western sheath knife. Since it has no letter date code, no "Coleman" on the tangstamp, and the model is on the 'tuther side, I'll hazard a guess that it is pre c.

Thanks a lot, guys. Seems like I came to the right place to find out more about these fascinating sharp pointy things! Any thoughts on what steel Western was using back in the day? It was as dull as a rock when I got it, but it sharpened up quickly.

Hickory n steel Gold Member. ed Feb 11, Messages 15, Hickory n steel said:. ed Feb 17, Messages 5, I know this is an old post, but somehow I missed it back then. Mea culpa. That one is a VERY rare example of a "transition" knife. And yes, the sheath is not original. ed Oct 21, Messages 17, Western advertised their sheath knives as having chrome vanadium steel, most likely CroVan.

It takes a screaming good edge. ed Oct 28, Messages 1, This was my first fixed blade knife when I was a kid, carried it everywhere. ed Jul 26, Messages 2. The L66 always had a carbon steel blade, at least before they were bought By Coleman. I don't know if Coleman or Camillus used stainless blade if either did, it was most likely Dating western knifeor if Camillus went back to carbon steel when they bought Western, if Coleman did use a stainless blade, or if Camillus stuck with the stainless, if that is what was being used when Dating western knife acquired the company, and ran out of the Coleman produced parts.

It as to be a post "" to tang stamp. If memory serves, the L66 didn't come out until between andfrom what I remember of the research I did on mine a few years ago. Since the earlier posts were discussing the model stamped on the tang opposite the brand mark, I didn't know if it meant anything date wise when the model is stamped on the brass hilt instead. You must log in or register to reply here.

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Dating western knife

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How to date a western Boulder knife.