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Until, when I was in fifth grade, my mom stood her ground. She told him to leave for good. And he assured us he was gone. Then, while I was away thank Godhe returned and took advantage of mom. This led to the end. He was out of my life for good. The story, as you can imagine, is much more complex that this brief. These are the scenarios we often associate with domestic violence. It has taken some time for culture to catch up to humanizing women most cases of abuse are done towards women and children, but there are certainly cases when men are the Discipline wife christian.

Women now can vote. They now can work. They now can charge men with domestic violence. Believe it or not, domestic violence as a normative crime is somewhat new:. However, only since the s has the criminal justice system begun to treat domestic violence as a serious crime, not as a private family matter.

Domestic violence is any physical, sexual, or psychological abuse that people use against a former or current intimate partner. It refers to a of criminal behaviors: assault and battery; sexual assault; stalking; harassment; violation of a civil restraining order; homicide; and other offenses that occur in the course of a domestic violence incident, such as arson, robbery, malicious destruction of property, and endangering a minor Source.

Clearly, just before I was born, increased protection under the law emerged for victims. I put it out on Facebook, and many of my friends thought it was a joke. So did I. It uses all the right and convincing language of someone who believes in domestic discipline. Add to this that it also has comments by women who seemingly appreciate being disciplined by their husbands. So, Discipline wife christian, along with friends who I sent to the site, sat scratching our he: is this a real thing or setting us up? Whether or not the original website I found was actually satire or serious, I did a google search which let to multiple websites discussing this practice.

Even Vice did a write up on Domestic Discipline. Google this topic and it will pop up :. A Domestic Discipline DD marriage is one in which one partner is given authority over the other, and has the means to back up that authority, usually by spanking. The application and practise of DD in each marriage is as unique as the individuals who make up that marriage… A Christian Domestic Discipline CDD marriage is simply a traditional, male-led, Christian marriage which utilises aspects of Domestic Discipline.

It is set up according to Biblical standards. He has the ultimate authority in his household, but this authority is tempered with the knowledge that he will answer to God for his actions and decisions. The final decision rests with him, and therefore, the final responsibility, whatever the outcome, is his to bear.

He is to be the head of the home. She is to be the heart of Discipline wife christian home. He is not a dictator. She is not a doormat. He is not a overbearing Lord of the Discipline wife christian, seeking to trample over his family. She is not some weak-minded lass, needing to be molly-coddled, or seeking to get straightened around. He has the responsibility for leading his family and is able before God for their well-being and development.

He has the authority to spank his wife for disciplinary reasons, but in real CDD marriages, this authority is taken quite seriously and usually happens rarely. Some CDD marriages also use non-corporal disciplines, such as writing lines, or the temporary forfeiture of a favourite privilege. Again, every marriage is unique, and CDD is much more than just corporal punishment or spanking. By making any woman as the inferior to a man by restricting her ability to discipline her husband as well, by nature means that she is a doormat.

In other words, if this system was actually mutually beneficial, it would have to work in both directions. Women in such relationships should also be able to use domestic discipline toward their husbands. Not according to CDD. This sounds like abuse to me:.

When administering physical discipline, take caution not to deliver the lashes anywhere but the buttocks. The first attempt at this punishment should only be delivered by hand so you can get an idea of how many lashings are needed. The best position will be for you to sit at the end of a bed or on a chair with no arms and have her lay across your lap.

She can also bend over a bed with arms tucked under her chest and your left hand on the small of her back. If a strap belt is to be implemented watch that each stoke falls directly on the buttocks and not higher. A fearful wife may begin crying or pleading and find it difficult to remain still.

Reassure her of your intent and love yes this will hurt, that is why it is a punishment then instruct her to be still. Remind her that she is not in control Discipline wife christian this discipline. You should continue the lashing through her tears and pleas for you to stop, until you are certain the message was received.

This will insure her remorse and therefore stop the undesirable behavior. A sound lashing is five to ten strokes with your hand, or three to five strokes with a strap; some wives need more. To avoid brusing do not strike the same area in repetition. This is wrong. So wrong. It is abuse: mental and physical. If a wife is in one of these marriages, she should run. The heart of the marriage, according the the above quotation about Christian Domestic Discipline, is the wife.

And that is the heart of the problem. And by twisting scripture into theologically irresponsible knots, proponents of this approach to marriage advocate a worldview that is more consistent with masculine Roman ideals such as virtue which, when reappropriated in the New Testament is something reframed around Christ for both women and men alike. When it comes to the church, women can be teachers, bishops, elders, pastors, and teach directly to Discipline wife christian.

When it comes to the home, women are more than capable of being spiritual leaders and being mutual partners in the marriage relationship. This is a New Testament concept. Eventually, that creeps into the church, so that by the second and third centuries there are clear limits on female leadership. But this is a Roman influence, not a Jesus, Peter, or Paul influence.

It calls for the wife to be submissive the husband. This is a total misreading of the passage. Clearly, even in modern day, men have a level of privilege that women do not have. Even in the United States which claims equality. They are taught that godliness is equated with submission to men. This is not Christian. This is Roman. Any time we talk about a hot topic like gender, we need to make sure that we are discussing the same thing. Gender is a constitutive element of social relationships based on perceived differences between the sexes, and gender is a primary way of ifying relationships of power….

It might be better to say, gender is a primary field within which or by means of which power is articulated. Gender is not the only field, but it seems to have been a persistent and recurrent way of enabling the ification of power in the West, in Judeo-Christian as well as Islamic traditions…. For concepts of power, though they may build on gender, are not always literally about gender itself. In the New Testament period this was quite true. For women, prostitutes, slaves, and young men teensfeminine qualities were assumed.

Women were derogated by modern standards. A concept that made an upstanding man considered manly was virtus. The idea is that masculine men are those possessing valor and virtue like the heroes of old. Virtus is possible for a woman to achieve at times, but only insofar that she acts like a man. A wife was deemed an adulteress if she was found to have had sex with any other man. However, women were usually still considered weak. This is two directional submission!

Husbands, submission looks like… Wives, submission looks like…. Next, whereas women are called in the text to submit and respect their husbands, husbands are called to love their wives. This word if loaded with way more intensity than submission and respect: love is sacrificial. Love seeks the well-being and status of the other. Love dies for others. Christ modeled this sort of love. A love so intense that he gave up the full rights of the Divine to take on human flesh and bones—only to be crucified! What does this mean? Some take it to justify male dominance.

In other words, if we are loving our wives as we lead as the head of the house, then we are doing so sacrificially like Christ. This approach can work. If you are a husband, Ephesians 5 invites you to model your relational role after Christ himself: by crucifying your privilege. Yes—take your Roman virtue and nail it to the cross! In doing so, you look like Jesus and can be part of a marriage of mutual image-bearing and kingdom co-leadership. CDD imposes restrictions upon women that the New Testament, when read in context, does not do.

In fact, I would say that the mentality that informs the CDD community, puts women as sub-standard and thus sub-human in regards to their own identity as image-bearers. Of course, in theory assuming one believes that corporal punishment is helpful at all, which in most cases I do notDomestic Discipline of spouses could avoid that trap if women were afforded the same level of discernment and ability to discipline as the men. But of course, this will never be the case in these circles.

It is Roman power. It is the wrong kind of virtue. It is definitely not the way of Jesus.

Discipline wife christian

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Christian Domestic Discipline Promotes Spanking Wives To Maintain Biblical Marriage