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Fast, powerful, and muscular, the Doberman is one of the finest dog breeds in the world. This dog breed is famous for its acute intelligence, incredible loyalty, and vigilance. Although Dobermans seem intimidating, their personality rarely fits the bill. Modern Doberman breeders, unlike past breeders, create Dobermans with toned-down aggression and ferociousness traits. Just like similar breeds, Dobermans need consistent training and a strong alpha figure to lead the pack.

Dobermans do well as working, show, or companionship dogs. They are suitable for growing families, couples, and singles. Their mission is to breed Doberman puppies in Texas that you will love and cherish for a lifetime. Taillac Dobermans blend top-notch American and European Doberman lines to preserve the finest and most desirable genetic traits.

In their breeding program, they prioritize excellent health, superior quality, companionship, character, intelligence, temperament, and workability. The breeder raises their parent dogs and litters just east of Dallas, Texas, with plenty of room to roam. This Doberman breeder in Texas raises their puppies in the best way possible with daily socialization, regular veterinarian care, a nutritious diet, and exercise. Every puppy goes home with an AKC registration and comes with a months health warranty.

This is one of the most reputable Doberman breeders in Texas. For Texas Sizes Dobes, quality trumps quantity. Over the years, the breeder has maintained breeding 1 to 2 litters every year even as their demand rises. The breeder marries American and European lines into their breeding program to eliminate any instances of inbreeding. As a result, you may notice their bloodlines have more European influence and the Dobermans are slightly above the average size of American Dobermans.

Their male Doberman puppies in Texas range from 28 to 30 inches tall with 90 to pounds and the females range 26 to 28 inches tall with 70 to 90 pounds. These are large dogs that are Doberman for sale dallas tx to their breed. The average wait time varies from 6 to 13 months as per the waiting list.

When the list has reached the required quota, the breeder will no longer accept applications. The Doberman puppies come with a health warranty and with basic training such as obedience and crate training started. The breeder only produces European Dobermans selected for their health, structure, and temperament. They take their parent dogs through extensive health tests to ensure top-notch quality and breed after the dogs are 2 years old when they are fully mature.

At a young age, they expose the Dobermans to different environments and people to ease them into their future lifetime homes. The breeder will also have your Doberman puppy declawed, ear cropped, and tail docked. They do not want their Doberman puppies to end up in a dog rescue. The breeder prides itself on being approachable and easy to talk to. They are open to talking to any aspiring Doberman owner who is interested in purchasing a puppy. Alisa Brotherhood, the owner of Touchstone Dobermans, began her love affair with the dog breed in at 19 years old.

The love affair grew to produce over 65 champion Dobermans in America and Internationally. You can view all their championships on their website and DPCA website. This breeder is one of the most reputable breeders in Texas with deep roots in the Doberman breeding community. Buying from her is akin to getting the best Dobermans in the market. She is approachable for any questions and willing to take you through her breeding process. You can also visit her home, with an appointment, to see the dogs and puppies.

The first step to finding the perfect Doberman is to find a reputable breeder you can trust. Only breeders who uphold AKC principles and advance the health and welfare of dogs can get in. Stellar Dobermans is one of the few Doberman breeders in Texas who hold the highly coveted Bred with Heart title. The breeder goes over and above to ensure the health and well-being of their dogs. You can view the on the OFA website or request the records from the breeder. The breeder also has puppy nannies who help in the nursery.

They socialize the puppies from an early age and provide basic training to ease them into their future home. Every Doberman puppy comes with a limited AKC registration, 2-year health guarantee, up to date worming, vaccinations, cropped ears, docked tails, microchips, declawed, and veterinarian checks. They take each interested and new owner through a knowledge staircase before the puppy is born. This is to ensure they properly prepare the new owner for the challenges that lay ahead. Shipping is available on request and is per discussion with the breeder.

Dobermans are excellent dogs for active families, Doberman for sale dallas tx, and singles. The energetic dogs are a sight to behold and a joy to have. To find reputable Doberman breeders in Texas, start with our list. These organizations uphold Doberman breeders to the highest breeding standard for Dobermans to ensure your pup is healthy. If you consider adopting a dog at a rescue, we recommend you check out these organizations in Texas. This site does not constitute pet medical advice, please consult a d veterinarian in your area for pet medical advice.

Touchstone Dobermans Texas Alisa Brotherhood, the owner of Touchstone Dobermans, began her love affair with the dog breed in at 19 years old. Stellar Dobermans Texas The first step to finding the perfect Doberman is to find a reputable breeder you can trust. Do they show their dogs in various competitions?

How long has the breeder been in business? There are all essential questions that you know the answer to or ask the breeder. Health and Genetic Testing : Just like humans, dogs can pass down genetic diseases if the parents carry these traits. Make sure that the Doberman breeder in Texas you choose provides some Doberman for sale dallas tx of health testing on their dogs. Conclusion for Doberman Breeders in Texas Dobermans are excellent dogs for active families, couples, and singles.

If you consider adopting a dog at a rescue, we recommend you check out these organizations in Texas; Doberman Rescue of North Texas — This rescue has been helping Dobermans and Doberman lovers like you match since While adult Dobermans are more common, you can also find puppies under 1 year.

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Doberman for sale dallas tx

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