Double your dating seminar

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I just finished a seminar by hosted by David DeAngelo and Dr Paul Dobransky in helping build your deep inner game and attraction levels. It will help you uncover some issues that you may have such as fear, rejection, people entering your boundaries and more. From my experience, you need both attraction and inner game to be a well rounded grounded man. However when you do end up with the woman you want, you need to have your inner game handled in order to hold onto her. After the seminar I took a ton of notes. There were so many great concepts in this course. By observing your ego, you can see where you are burning your emotional energy.

When it should be kept within your sphere of control. David DeAngelo said that his purpose is to seek out new paradigms and continually evolve into the next level. There is enough paradigms to keep evolving for the rest of your life and more. Everything David DeAngelo does is for the future. He lives for the future. Keep learning for the future. Another aha moment is I realised that how you behave is how your business behaves.

A business is a true reflection of you. If you are codependent, someone will have the esteem and take all of it. Character is the pathway towards success. How to feel frustrated. Think about your ideal success picture with women, now think how far you are and how lame you are. You just need to make a decision based on your intuition. This was the first seminar that taught key concepts in the world of psychology and I was able to really uncover and find true treasures within myself.

Author: Khoa Bui. He also has his own podcast where he interviews famous celebrities around the world including Grant Cardone, Brad Sugars, Adam Khoo, Brendan Kane and many more. He is also the founder of Dauntless Developmenta digital marketing company that helps businesses get more exposure and generate more le online. Contact Khoa by visiting here.

He was born in Vietnam and raised in Australia. With a passion for learning, personal development, peak performance and leadership, this is his latest project which started in He is living in Sydney Australia. If you're tired of lagging sales, frustrated with all the slimey sales tactics and never want to pick up the phone and cold call, then this book is for you! Simply fill in your details and learn how to increase sales without cold calling!

Deed and Developed by Dauntless Development. Below are some key takeaways from the seminar. Observing ego is your own psychiatrist for life! Keep your emotional energy up. Intention is opposite of suffering. Hurt and loss. It was your problem. More of your needs are met, defends against Double your dating seminar. People with low self esteem are cruel to others and need to absorb your positive energy. Holding onto anger will make you depressed. Figure out your needs first so you can keep you wellbeing tank full and defend against anger and hurt.

Jealously is aggression directed to somebody regarding the future. Remember the sword and the shield. If someone attacks you and you attack back, you use energy. If they attack you and you lift your shield, they will tire out and you maintain your energy. Use your boundary against aggression. Jealousy is suffering. Assertiveness is getting your own needs met. Assertiveness is mothering yourself. Being rich is a state of mind. Anixety Loss or low on confidence will affect anxiety. Donald trump was worth negative 2 billion. His character got it back. Create value is creating money.

Money is a trust system. Learn how to create value. Assertiveness takes time to take care of your needs. Loss is one unit of energy from anxiety which le to worry, regret, Double your dating seminar etc which is 10 times units of energy. Courage Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it.

Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. Helen Keller Confidence is your reward after courage. Measure how many units of courage it would take to do something. How to feel good, look back 10 years 20 years in your life, look how far you have come.

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Double your dating seminar

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The Top Key Lessons From Dr Paul Dobransky MindOS Psychology System from David DeAngelo’s Seminar