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Continue Browsing. However, as we look to serve the needs of the developing world, our test kits are manufactured in our India and China-based facilities. The test detects narcotic substances and their metabolites in the urine or serum sample. The drug test should be taken approximately within a week of any suspected narcotics activity, however, this varies depending on which narcotic substance is being tested for. A result will be available in 10 minutes.

Some prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications may affect the result, such as antidepressants. In most cases, it is recommended to consult a doctor or healthcare provider in the case of a positive result of the drug test. Temperature tests can also be taken at the time of sampling to prevent the patient from switching the samples with another sample to avoid detection. The consumption of narcotic substances, whether for recreational or therapeutic purposes, can cause a wide range Drug test buy unwanted side effects and can ultimately lead to addiction and possible death.

Addiction occurs due to the activation of basic pleasure and reward circuits in the brain, commonly involving the chemical dopamine. Once in the body, the narcotic will be metabolized, causing a biochemical modification of the substance. The rate at which the narcotic substance is metabolized influences the intensity and duration of the pharmacological activity.

Narcotic toxins are released into the bloodstream when body fat is metabolized, then filtered through the kidneys and excreted as urine. The period during which the narcotic substance and its metabolites can be detected in the bodily fluids is known as the detection window. The length of the detection window depends on multiple factors including the drug class, the amount taken, the frequency of use, metabolic rate, body mass, age, overall health, and urine pH.

There are rough estimates indicating the average detection window for each narcotic substance under normal conditions, as shown below. If a positive drug test has been confirmed then it is important not to only focus on the disciplinary process, but to also consider the process of rehabilitation for the patient. The individual should stop taking the narcotic substance, and should try to regain a healthy lifestyle involving regular exercise and a balanced diet. The individual should be monitored and supported throughout the rehabilitation process to ensure mental and physical wellbeing on their road to recovery.

The tests can be used for a variety of different situations, each calling for a different mode of action depending on the result. Narcotics are psychoactive compounds that are under strict governmental regulation, with the substances normally classified as dangerous and illegal. If a patient tests positive for narcotics the first step should be to retake the test to confirm the result. Or you can check more products within our AccuQuik Test Kits below:. Your List:. News. Request Quotation. When should the drug test kit be used?

The drug test kit can be used for a variety of reasons. In general, the test is a way of proving whether an individual has taken any narcotic substance. The test can be used for sportsmen and women to confirm the absence of narcotic substances before the competition. The test can also be used to discourage the use of narcotics by adolescents, through random testing by parents. Also, the test can be used to test individuals as a condition of employment, or for routine employee drug checks. Will the drug test kit indicate when the drug was taken or how much was taken?

The test can give a slight indication as to the concentration of the narcotic substance in the urine. However, there are many factors other than the time that will influence this concentration, for example, fluid intake. As a general rule, if the drug was taken recently, or a high dose was Drug test buy, then the concentration in the urine will be higher. Will the multi-panel drug test indicate which drug Drug test buy taken? Yes, the multi-panel test will indicate which narcotic substances are present in the urine, providing the test has been configured to test for the substance.

The tests will then indicate which narcotics are present, and which are absent following exposure to urine. Can the drug test kit be used at home? Yes, our drug test kit is simple and easy to Drug test buy. It only requires a fresh urine sample from the individual who is being tested.

The can be read visually after minutes. Following the use, the test strip should be disposed of hygienically. If you think you may have produced a false result then taking another test will confirm whether the result was correct or not. What could cause a false positive while taking a drug test? Drug test kit can produce a false positive if the individual is using certain medications, such as antihistamines or cold medications. Vicks inhalers have also been shown to produce false positives. Prescription drugs taken for depression can also produce false positives, such as bupropion, which can also be found in drugs used to relieve nicotine cravings.

It is recommended to talk with your doctor or healthcare provider about whether any prescription or over the counter drugs you take could lead to a false-positive test result. There are several precautions that can be taken to prevent the patient from trying to produce a fake result when using a drug test kit.

If you are in a hospital setting then it would be appropriate to ask the patient to put on a gown before entering into the bathroom, preventing them from taking in any other urine samples which may be hidden in their clothes. The patient may try to dilute the urine sample by adding water from the bathroom to the sample. To prevent this from happening, turn the water off from the taps and add a colorless substance to the toilet water which will produce an abnormal result in the test.

In addition, it is common to perform a temperature check of the patient and the urine sample to make sure the sample came from the patient and not from another individual. It is not possible to stop the patient from seeking out other substances that can be taken before the test to prevent the detection of the narcotic in the urine. However, these substances are often illegally obtained and the patient cannot be sure that they will work or be safe.

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Drug test buy

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