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East Lynne Hide Spoilers. Maleejandra 25 July Their marriage seems ideal and destined for unending happiness, but Robert's strange relationship with his family leaves Isabella powerless in her own home. She is not even able to raise her own son Wally Albright the way she wants to. The only happiness she is afforded is when she is given permission to go to parties with her husband.

Then she comes alive again, just as she did when she was young. Unfortunately, her spirit attracts other men, and Robert East Lynne 2 wants 3 Isabella of infidelity. She is innocent, but is banished from her home and driven away from her son. Depressed and alone, she becomes the mistress to the man that caused her misfortune. It is a shame that part of this film is lost, because it is beautifully done.

Every moment is filled with emotion. Harding is a wonderful actress who is not given enough credit today, but she always East Lynne 2 wants 3 all of herself to her roles. This is no exception. It is heartbreaking to see her torn from her son, and wonderful to see them reunited, if only for a few moments. Even in its truncated form, it would be wonderful to see this film released. Was this review helpful? East Lynne is an adaptation of the book. It has been made several times, but the edition is the best.

As we begin this rare film, we see Robert Carlyle and Isabella get married. They retire to Carlyle's palatial estate, East Lynne, just outside London. The residence is cared for by Cornelia, Robert's sister, who does not like Isabella at all. As the years go by, Robert and Izzy have a son, William. But things are not rosy at East Lynne, as Cornelia snubs Izzy at every turn and treats her like dirt because, she feels, Izzy is not good enough for Robert and is hampering his political aspirations.

Izzy, a regular social butterfly, feels confined and caged at East Lynne. So when Robert's friend Captain Levison comes to visit, and agrees to take Izzy to a ball, she jumps at the chance. However, Cornelia must got to chaperone the two Robert is very jealous. But, at the last minute, Cornelia comes down with an "illness" and calls off the evening. Izzy is not about to miss the ball, and goes with Levison. But upon their return her husband finds out and unjustly accuses his wife of infidelity. He banishes her from East Lynne, and forbids her from ever seeing her son again.

Distraught, she runs off to Europe with Levison in hopes that one day, she may see her son again. The film at first feels like a stuffy British drama but becomes more powerful as the film goes on with an ending you won't "see" coming. The print was recently restored, but on three frames, inexplicably, there is an "X" drawn across the frame.

One frame has a "Crosshairs" drawn on it, while several others have ink lines. Oscar film buffs, if you have a chance to go to UCLA and view this film, do so!

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Gblakelii 9 May Most movies don't closely follow the book they are based on, and this one is no exception. The overall ideas are the same though and there are no "new" characters. The time period is updated tothe original novel was written in The story is at its best for the 1st half, then slows down East Lynne 2 wants 3 and finishes off well. It is unfortunate that it would be difficult if not impossible to view any of the 13 silent film versions.

The Mack Sennett parody, East Lynne with Variations is represented by 2 enticing stills in the book, King of Comedybut perhaps that is all that survives. As for this film adaption, there is a shortened version available on DVD that's missing 12 minutes. One source claims it is without the last reel. If you refuse that, and don't want to go to UCLA for the complete copy, your next best bet is at a used book sale or e-bay for the movie book adaption.

If you've never read the original novel, be forewarned that it's over s! In America it seems this classic story has been forgotten, but in England there was a BBC Radio 4 dramatization in 7 parts and a play revival in AlsExGal 9 March Plot wise it is no great shakes. He sweeps her off her feet and is quite the romantic. But when the two return to his ancestral home of East Lynne, everything changes.

Robert's humorless old maid sister, Cecelia, doesn't like Isabella, she has always overseen the household and has no intention of giving that job up this is where it is like Giantand pretty much makes Isabella a guest in her own home.

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And also Robert is gone on business all of the time, and when he IS home spends his time chastising Isabella over not being dignified enough. Let's just cut matters short and say that the first time that Isabella's foot even comes close to slipping, Cecelia witnesses only part of it, fills in the blanks with things that would have never happened to her at any age, and is believed by Robert over Isabella. She is turned out and kept from her.

Isabella becomes a scandal in England and thus she leaves and goes to Europe where she is not known. Things go downhill for her first financially, then physically, and ultimately she is told she is going blind.

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Excuse me, but isn't this beginning to sound like a Constance Bennett film from the same era? But I digress. She travels back to England to see her son one more time before she goes blind.

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She is in her son's sick room when the film hits the missing reel. All I can say is about half a dozen unbelievable melodrama tropes hit in that last twelve minutes. But one of them is not, unfortunately, Robert and Cecelia being hit by a meteor. That would be a satisfying ending. The acting here is what is really good and overcomes the tired material. Harding was always excellent, but Clive Brook was always playing the stodgy character over at Paramount in the early talkie years.

Here he is given a meaty role of somebody I like, love, and hate, depending on where the storyline is. Conrad Nagel, who doesn't have too much screen time, plays his role like the unlikeable implacable descendant of Puritans that his character is. If he is indeed "10th generation Puritan" as Isabella's dad says, I wonder why his ancestors didn't leave England with the others on the Mayflower? If Robert's relatives are anything like him, his ancestors were probably such kill joys that the other Puritans gave his relatives the wrong day and the wrong ship so they wouldn't be stuck on a sea journey with them.

East Lynne was nominated for only one Academy award - Best Picture. It was a year of weak nominees but not weak films. The East Lynne 2 wants 3 definitely makes this film, and is the reason to watch it if it ever comes your way. Briguy 21 June It's a rather unremarkable film, with a laughably cliched tragic ending.

Ann Harding is charming, though, and has some wonderful scenes here. Look for a pre-Our Gang Wally Albright as her young son. Worth a look, but hardly a lost classic. Just for the record Being one of the majority who haven't seen the film, I obviously cannot comment Interestingly, the role of Cornelia Carlyle was played in both versions by the excellent comic actress Annette Crosby - latterly most famous for her role as the long-suffering wife of Victor I don't believe it!

Meldrew in the sit-com 'One Foot in the Grave'. The BBC also aired a radio adaptation of East Lynne in the mid 's and the work continues to be popular in academic circles as one of the definitive works of Victorian 'sensational' fiction. This is a shame, because it remains a jolly good read and deserving of a wider readership. Create a list ». Oscar melhor filme. To-Do List. See all related lists ». Share this :. Clear your history.

East Lynne 2 wants 3

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