El paso encounters

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Why are so many people fleeing from Central America? What happens when a migrant reaches the U. How dangerous is the border? What are our current immigration laws and how does someone enter the United States the legal way? What does the Bible say about immigrants? How are churches and other groups responding to the situation? What can I be doing in my own community? Come us for a two to five Day encounter to immerse yourself in the realities of the US-Mexico border as you explore, listen, serve, and reflect!

Explore El Paso and our sister city Ciudad Juarez. Whether you've visited before or this is your first time, you will experience the region in a new way and see first-hand the realities of life on the frontier. Reflect on your experiences through facilitated group sharing and discussion, private meditation times, and prayer. Border Encounters. Experience in person the realities of the US-Mexico border. Are you interested in grappling with any of the following questions: Why are so many people fleeing from Central America? Reflect Reflect on your experiences through facilitated group sharing and discussion, private meditation times, and prayer.

Here's what Past Participants have said:. Immigration is a complex and often politically-charged issue, but immigrants themselves are people. Interacting with asylum seekers on both sides of the US-Mexico border, and being inspired by the heroic responses of Christ-followers on the ground, challenged and inspired me. I went home both better equipped to love the immigrants in my community and to advocate for just and compassionate policies. Border Encounter Participant. Compelling and transformative--learning first hand what others only guess through distant news media. The border issues are often El paso encounters, confusing and politically charged.

This is an opportunity to understand the issue first from a biblical and human perspective. This trip will help you understand the issues and listen for your own calling. This trip was incredibly impactful and has forever changed the way I think about how we as Christians are called to advocate for immigrants. Every aspect of this trip was well-done and beneficial. The education and first-hand experience we received in just a few days El paso encounters helpful in showing the realities and the complexity of what is truly happening around the border.

I can safely say that each of El paso encounters left changed. Thank you, Sami, for the hard work and intentionality you put into making this experience so well-rounded and impactful! Sami, you did an amazing job pacing the trip for us. Each of the stops along our border encounter was immensely informative and transformational. I felt secure in your leadership. You made sure we were fed at the right times.

You were aware of our own fatigue and need for rest. And you guided us with such grace and humility through a complex and intense reality. Thank you! The Border Encounters experience rivaled any of the other top-notch immigration immersion trips I have participated in.

Sami and his team are well-connected on both sides of the border, and we were able to hear from many different perspectives along the journey. The theological grounding and long-term roots of the leaders in the community were essential components in the success of our trip. All of the participants had life-changing experiences and were inspired to engage more at the border and in their own communities in the interior of the U.

This was a well rounded experience with enough teaching to understand theologically, policy issues and then to see the human tragedy caught in all this. We recommend a minimum of two days and a maximum of five days for your Border Encounter. Participant Ages:. Request More Information:. First Name. Last Name. Phone. Border encounters can be customized to your interest and needs. Presentations, workshops or talks can also be arranged in your location. Hear the Stories of the Immigrants.

Speak with The Border Patrol Agents. Meet Volunteers who serve. Serve those in Need. Encounter the Border Frontier First Hand. Unable attend a Border Encounter? Donate Now to Support the Cause. Support Us.

El paso encounters

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