English labs for sale in va

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Ann established Dove Hill Labradors in and has bred all three colors of Labrador retrievers for the past 36 years. Her love for dogs prompted a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, where she concentrated on behavior and genetics.

Ann has attained many performance and breed titles with her Labradors. Over the years, she began to import classic English bloodlines which improved and strengthened her foundation blood. To breed and maintain the classic Labrador temperament for whatever your goals may be. We are a small ethical breeding facility. We are stewards of the breed, not just puppy breeders. We breed an average of litters per year of quality black, yellow, and chocolate Labradors. Consequently, a waiting list is generally on hand for upcoming litters.

Our small specialized size ensures lots of hands on for every dog, every puppy, every day. We are as dedicated to them as they are to us! Dove Hill Labradors is located 1. We are situated on 12 acres surrounded by pastures, creeks, ponds, and woods. We maintain approximately 15 labs, where each one is a member of the family. Some are show dogs, some are performance oriented, and some do both. ALL of our Labradors excel in temperament. Check out our sister website DoveHillsEnglishLabradors.

It's part of being a dog Onyx is a week old black pup now under the care of Najla West. What a handsome character he is. The entire staff fell in love with that face. Your policies on worming, vaccination, feeding, and training dovetail with our policies nicely. We wish all new pet English labs for sale in va received such good advice from their breeders. Lastly, it was delightful to learn that this owner plans to neuter this pup and pursue professional training.

I feel confident this pup will have a good life! We bought Jake from you 11 years ago when we lived in Virginia. We loved him so much and he was a central part of our family. He was extremely smart, almost like a person at times, and unbelievably kind. He was so gentle with our children and such a loyal companion for us. Dove Hill Labradors. We are NOT a puppy mill.

English labs for sale in va

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