Erotic father in law stories

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She hug the washing out. It was a hot day. She got to her underwear and bras carefully hanging them on the line. Emma was a 45 yr old woman. She was 5 ft 11 long red hair. She was slim and athletic with a B cup bust. She wore a strapless red floral dress a white halter neck bikini top and matching bottoms underneath her dress. Gary her father in law worked on the plumbing inside looking out the window at his sons wife.

She was beautiful and slim. A trust goddess he thought. He was 5ft 9 but of a belly but not fat. He was 65 had round face with receding grey hair. He loved her underwear as she hung them out. His cock hardening as he watched her. He mentally undressed her wondering what she looked like. Was she shaven or did she have a racing strip in her pussy. Her breasts. Her nipples were they big or small. She turned and saw him watching her.

She smiled as she walked inside. She stood next to him preparing lunch Erotic father in law stories the kettle. He knelt down leaning in the cupboard. He expected her to move as he had to get right in on the floor. She stood a metre from him as he lay down I side the cupboard trying not to look up her dress. He took a glance seeing the white bikini bottoms over her pussy. His cock how doing cartwheels. She knew he could see up her dress. Moments later he walked back in testing the taps. She dropped her dress took off her bikini and stepped in the open glass shower.

Gary looked down the hallway seeing the door half open the shower running. He crept to the door he could see in the mirror her reflection. Her back to him her beautiful arse. She turned her head back washing her hair. He saw her perfect breasts. There shape her small nipples. Her stomach. Moments later she turned the shower off. She left her bottoms off. His cock was beyond wanting to explode as she made the coffee. He looked at her chest those beautiful breasts he saw. They sat on the couch. She smiled as she was wearing no bottoms her pussy in fresh air.

She sat legs crossed Erotic father in law stories as he sat opposite. She felt horny. My father in law. Ummmmmm she thought. Her husband away for the weekend. Her girlfriend turning up in a hour. She waited till he looked down she knew he was perving. She stopped her leg opening it a bit her pussy showing for a second then re crossing it. The reached the ensuite. He looked under feeling the pipes. She kissed him. After a few minutes she was on her knees sucking his cock. He looked down at his daughter in law sucking his cock. Minutes later with his build up he cum.

She swallowed his semen licking his cock clean. She dropped her dress. He looked down at her shaved pussy and she took off her top hat small petite breasts falling out. He put his hands on her hips kissing her fondling her breasts then sucked her nipples. He pushed her onto the bed. He thought of his son fucking her in the bed. She held his head into her breasts as he sucked and fondled.

He kissed down her body to her pussy licking her clit and pussy lips. He finger fucked her listening to her groan. After a while he stood up guiding his cock inside his daughter in laws pussy thrusting her. She smiled as he fucked her. He watched his cock slid in and out of her. He fucked her for ten minutes thrusting her deep and hard. He orgasmed filling her with semen. They showered and he left. This content appeared first on new sex story. This story Father in law appeared first on newsexstory. My name is Dee. Husband's name is Raymond. We are loving sharing our sexual experiences as we have had many.

We have a open relationship and support each other in our sexual desires and wants and needs we love the opportunity to explore our sexual fantasy and share our experiences. Our Real Sex Stories and True storys and Wife stories and voyeur storys are true and actually happened to us. We like to push boundarys. Sex is ti be enjoyed View all posts by ray-dee Facebook Twitter WhatsApp. Free Sex Chat. I was really turned on by my 80 year old aunt Top Security Slow Train.

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Erotic father in law stories

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