Exo chanyeol and baekhyun dating

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Chanyeol has been under fire after an alleged ex-girlfriend claimed the EXO member cheated on her. While SM Entertainment issued a comment on the matter, another post about the singer's character came to light. A social media user claimed to be a friend of Chayeol, his supposed ex-girlfriend and Baekhyun. The user took to Instagram and claims the singer once said that regardless of how he acted, he would still be liked. She also claimed that the singer lacks basic manners towards people. I realized you don't have even the minimum respect towards the people who like you, support you, and trust you," the user claimed.

The post also said, "You should self-reflect before blaming others and apologize to your friends for once. Do you think I would shield and protect you if you called me to tell me this and that? You know my personality. You should've been prepared to hear nothing good from me. You only try to shut people's mouths first. You're not there yet.

Yeol, please wake up. Baek H. The user also claimed there is bad blood between Chanyeol and Baekhyun. Following the shocking claims, Baekhyun took to Twitter to cheekily take a dig at the said user. As reported by Koreaboo, the singer did not mention the post or the alleged friend but compared the "acquaintance" with a mosquito. Check out the tweet below:.

Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates. EXO member Baekhyun takes a dig at an alleged 'friend' of idol and Chanyeol questioning the latter's character. EXO member Chanyeol confirmed to enlist in the military in March. Can you guess which EXO music video it is by a simple screenshot? Take our fun quiz to find out. REPLY 3 7 months ago. Anonymous : No matter what they do it's their personal matter.

No one has the right to speak about their private lives. Although it's inappropriate to share your personal stuff even if the other one is wrong. No matter what they say, we will always support him. REPLY 11 8 months ago. Anonymous : It makes me wonder whether the idols we see on TV are really being true themselves or just putting up a facade. Tbh, we know what we know. We believe that chanyeol is not what these so called acquantices are claiming he is like.

We don't know the past, and we don't need to because it had nothing to do with the present. REPLY 9 8 months ago. Anonymous : I think because of chanyeol birthday are reaching so,the heater are going to spread haters. But we trust our chanyeol we are always with him. REPLY 17 8 months ago. Anonymous : Just look at the pictures, they are very bad photoshop.

End of this. Anonymous : Don't waste ur time by false accusation. He is the real Parkchanyeol We trust him we loved him and we will support him forever and he will Shine forever We won't fall for your damn shittt rumors. REPLY 15 8 months ago. Anonymous : This is the reason why Sehun and Kai once said people are the most scariest Not even an inch He is the Real ParkChanyeol he will Shine forever.

REPLY 13 8 months ago. Anonymous : sasang or what you called Exo chanyeol and baekhyun dating are hater they dont care to ruin any reputation i hate people like that chanyoel is innocent. REPLY 7 8 months ago. Anonymous : his so called ex is a liar go to hell. REPLY 4 8 months ago. Anonymous : Don't think like that, maybe he is innocent or not ,we don't know the situation, don't make it as big scene,stop rumors please. Exo chanyeol and baekhyun dating : your right.

REPLY 0 8 months ago. Anonymous : Every story has a different side. Everyone has there flaws and no one is perfect. REPLY 1 8 months ago. Anonymous : I don't think the exo members are scared or ashamed of showing who they are in a relationship with, if it was like that i don't think Chen would have married his now wife and for god sake these people have been together for so long they are literally brothers and if you wanted to accuse them of sabotaging another's life you're outright lying. REPLY 8 8 months ago.

Anonymous : When will article agencies understand that people want to see articles about idols supporting each other rather than tearing each other down? I'm barely an exo-l but even i know how close the members are with each other. Find somewhere else to dig please. People, no matter what group they stan, what fandom they come from, will never sit back and relax when it's obvious that an article is trying so hard to ruin someone's hard earned reputation.

REPLY 3 8 months ago. Anonymous : I personally believe that whatever the user has said is not altogether false. Like, something must be true behind these allegations. However, I maybe wrong as well. Regarding Baekhyun's behaviour, he was downright rude. Even if d user had made false statements but still comparing someone to mosquito is bad. He should have been more polite. Anonymous : If someone insults your friend this much You'll call them worse than mosquito Don't u?

I mean, don't we all? Anonymous : When someone insults your friend this much, you will also call them worse than mosquito Don't you? I mean don't we all? REPLY 10 8 months ago. Anonymous : If someone made all these false accusations about my best friend, I will not stop just by comparing him with a mosquito. I personally think someone should award Beakhyun a freaking award for peace for only tweeting this much.

After all he's still in 20s, an age where we tend to act more than listen. If he is not a good person no idol will make friendship with him. Are you happy to do all this. REPLY 12 8 months ago. Anonymous : If these people have a lot of time in these quarantine try keeping ur business with urself and stop bothering people. Can't you even think before accusing, people can't lie and live a fake life these many years. Stop abusing people who have done their hardwork to be who they r today Anonymous : I don't believe anyone because I don't know the situation.

I do believe that it's their personal business that doesn't need to be out and about and sounds sketch but we don't know because we weren't there. People have to learn to handle things better than running to social media. If you want to spill tea, you better have all the receipts. Anonymous : It does seems fake through and through. Anonymous : Think before you speak, don't ever involve Exo in your trash talks and don't think that Exo is alone we exols are always here for them we Exo chanyeol and baekhyun dating exo and we don't have that much patience to tolerate others speaking ill about exo so behave yourself or else we exols knows how to protect our exo chanyoelisinnocent welovechanyoeloppa weareone baekhyunoppaweloveyou weareexolbyheart.

Anonymous : Yeah we are always there for him We believe in them. As they said to us once "Don't belive until we told you the same. Anonymous : Be polite in your words, not rude. REPLY 2 8 months ago. Anonymous : hell no am I gonna be polite to someone that is spreading false rumors about my friend. Anonymous : I dont believe chanyeol is that way He kind hearted person and who ever that alleged friend is i feel like your just some hater making stuff up REPLY 20 8 months ago.

Anonymous : Do you know Chanyeol personally. Anonymous : Do you know Chanyeol personally? Anonymous : ye I do. Anonymous : Please stop these we trust chanyeol. REPLY 16 8 months ago. Anonymous : Exactly, more than anything else. REPLY 0 7 months ago. Anonymous : What meaning? Anonymous : Like we would just trust anybody's words over the person we have been watching and loving all this time. Get a life antis. And who would believe that there is bad blood between Chanbaek LOL And Baekhyun.

I live you man. Anonymous : Please pinkvilla stop. We trust him. He is the only innocent soul in this world. REPLY 22 8 months ago. Anonymous : Exactly please don't try to defame our chanyeol oppa. Popular posts in Rooms View All.

Exo chanyeol and baekhyun dating

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Is EXO Member Baekhyun in a Secret Relationship with Teammate Chanyeol?