Family songs in english

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We all have a family. They may not have all the same of people or the same family members but family is something important to even the smallest children. It is important though when talking about family with the children in your class to make sure that they know that all their different families are important and special. They need to able to identify with the families they are seeing in class.

An introduction to 7 different family members that you could of course adapt to the families of the children in your class. It has a catchy tune that gets progressively faster which the kids will enjoy. How fast can they do it? This is a great way of drilling the names of family members and asking who people are while still being fun for little. There are lots of different versions of this song. If you want something a bit more different though, have a look on YouTube at all the different versions.

You can have animal finger families, monster finger families and many more. You can adapt the song to any variety of family members that the kids in your class might have and swap out any that might not be relevant. A modern classic by now, everyone knows Baby Shark and the actions to the song. Adapt the song and the actions to all different sorts of families, both human and animal. What is a family?

This song shows lots of different families and family members doing activities together. It uses both human and animal families to show how families work and is a good way of showing that there are lots of different types of families all Family songs in english the world.

Not all families are the same and not all families live close together and this is a great way of explaining this to the kids in your class. This is another good song for showing different kinds of families all over the world. It shows that it is absolutely normal to have families of different colors, different religions, styles of dress and lots more.

It also shows what these varied families have in common: that they all love each other and love to be together doing things. When I asked them to work out relations of one family member to another, it took them quite a while to get it. Hopefully this song will help. It shows how one person on the family tree can be a brother, an uncle, a father and more depending on who it is being related to.

Use it to make a family tree in your class and ask the children what they are in their family: son, daughter, cousin, sister, brother, grandson etc. Then they can make their own family tree and label all the different family members.

There are lots of actions and language to learn to accompany the song. This would be a great song to do for a show for parents or an end of year party. If you do school Family songs in english, it would be excellent for a song for the whole school to sing together and build that community spirit. Any of us who were lucky enough to go and stay with our grandmothers will have fond memories of being allowed to do different things and having lots of special fun with Grandma.

This song celebrates that and would be an excellent starting point for a conversation about grandparents. What do your class enjoy doing with their grandparents? Do they see them often or do they live far away? You could also use this in a class about families around the world and their different traditions or about things to do during the school holidays. You can, of course, adapt it to be about Mummy, or any other family member than you want if you can squeeze all the letters in…. It would be such a nice song for your class to learn to sing to their Moms.

You can talk about all the things that their Moms do for them and why she is special. You could of course do the same thing and adapt the song for Daddy too or any other member of the family. Do you have any to add? How do you teach about family in your classes?

Family songs in english

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