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Blue arrived daily at six a. She left him alone, except to refill his coffee. She waitressed mornings, cooked for the lunch crowd, then called in the produce orders. Late afternoon and evenings she studied. Now he was her thesis advisor, and she was enrolled in his Jesus Seminar for Fall Semester.

Eventually, she knew her father, Orlo Morgan, would pass on the restaurant to her as it had been passed on to him by his fatherand there would be no more time for religious study. Blue found Sheila a distracted waitress, but a competent student despite her undergraduate degree in restaurant management.

That day at a. When he returned, he noted two middle-aged women now seated by the picture window facing College Street. The older of the two turned his way, and there was the moment of recognition. At the mid-point between their two tables they met and hugged as if the last twenty-five years had been a long weekend.

He gathered his laptop, legal p, and files and pushed his wire-rimmed glasses up on his balding forehead. Finally, he reed Susie and the vaguely familiar figure sitting across from her. Susie crossed her legs, reminding him of her propensity for short skirts. She agreed on the condition he surrenders his paisley shirt. She took it Fantasy stories about sex off his back. At the concert, Susie wore the shirt and nothing else.

That evening began an off-again, on-again romance that lasted almost until graduation. They made plans to marry when he returned from Vietnam. Though her smile remained the same, in the intervening twenty-five years, Susie had gained thirty pounds and changed her hair color. Blue caught himself. He looked at the trim woman with the dark brown hair sitting across from him.

He started to lean towards her, but she held out her right hand to stop him. We can skip the hug. That led to an interest in nutrition and a Doctorate at Michigan. My dissertation caught the interest of several authorities in the field and who helped me turn it into a book that sold overcopies. I was applying for university positions when my editor convinced me to write a second book, this one with simple exercises, more recipes, and lots of glossy pictures of me in pastel leotards. What about you, Blue? Sheila appeared with their drinks and hesitated, waiting to hear his response.

Hesitant to dive into the dating pool. Janie ordered fresh fruit and yogurt for both of them. Sheila makes the homemade catsup. But I could slip away after supper…. Been to too many already. When she Fantasy stories about sex USI while Susie attended, her older sister would arrange social engagements for her. Sheila arrived with the yogurt and fruit. She lingered. She usually worked the kitchen for lunch. Until then, take good care of Janie. Someone tapped on the picture window. He motioned that he was coming in. Susie waved him off.

And she was gone. Janie picked at the fresh fruit. The yogurt was untouched. After a few awkward moments, she motioned Sheila over. Sheila gave her a disgusted look. I remember you back then. It was my sister you really wanted. Blue pushed the remains of the fries aside and wiped his fingers on a clean napkin. I was her backup boyfriend between boyfriends. She shook her head. Susie arranged a car…. But you could drive me. We could stop by the hotel on the way, or after drinks on the way back. Sheila suddenly appeared with the bill. She left without speaking.

Janie glanced down to be sure the onion rings were comped. She reached into her purse and pulled out three twenty-dollar bills, twice the amount of the bill and set them on the table. Finally, consummate our relationship? Janie feigned surprise. Susie regaled me with stories of Fantasy stories about sex erotic adventures, while I battled a crushing sameness.

But hear me out. Sheila had disappeared. But in the bedroom, I want someone else in charge. He was still a handsome man. I lost weight, got in shape, and achieved celebrity. He pushed it across the table. She was already thinking ahead to the book reading. Blue noted that Sheila had changed into a fresh uniform, brushed her hair, and retouched her lipstick. He popped up from his chair. Janie reluctantly stood. Janie looked at Blue. The two of them stood awkwardly in silence. Sheila spoke first. Morgan, I can be your thesis advisor.

You can continue to take classes from me. Pomeroy instead. She could be your new thesis advisor. Sheila considered that. But things have changed…. Sheila suppressed a smile. He shares the space with his wife Pamela, an annoying little Shi Tzu named Mannie, and Sunny, a ginger tabby and the queen of the cottage.

Time changes things. Yes, it certainly does! Not familiar with the book but will certainly look it up now! Thanks for stopping by, John. John Lavelle says:. September 13, at am. Susi Bocks says:.

Fantasy stories about sex

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