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You will see a link for "Forgot your username or password? The will include your username, a link to reset your password, and a link you can use to log in quickly by simply clicking on it. We make registration easier and faster for you by automatically generating a username and password for you and sending both to the address you registered with FarmersOnly.

The username will begin with a word such as farmer, cowboy and cowgirl followed by a series of unique s. The password is strong so that it cannot be easily guessed by someone else. You may change your username one time to something you prefer, and you may of course reset your password as many times as you like. See below for guidance on doing these things.

We strongly recommend that you personalize your username. Your username was ased to you automatically when you first registered for example, cowgirl or farmer, etc. To change it, open a support ticket with a request and include the new username. It has to be unique. Under our terms and conditions, you must provide us with a valid address in order to use FarmersOnly.

If you do not do so, your may be suspended. Make sure that you are typing it in correctly. Also, make sure that your browser is not automatically inserting a password into the that may be incorrect. For example, if you recently changed your password but your browser is inserting an old password automatically, your will fail.

You can also reset your password. You will see a link for "Forgot your Password? There may be a of reasons why you are not receiving s from us. Most providers now routinely employ anti-spam software. Unfortunately, because of the of s FarmersOnly sends out, your provider might be classifying some FarmersOnly messages as spam.

To make sure that you receive from other FarmersOnly members, as well as announcements and updates, please make sure that support farmersonly. When you delete yourwe respect your wishes for all of your information to be Farmers only com pictures from the site and for your profile to be deleted. Everything is completely removed from public view. Once everything is wiped out, no one can see or contact you. If you have been a paid member of the site, obviously you will not be charged again once your is deleted.

Also, if you have been a paid member of the site and delete your before your paid time is over, you must confirm that you are agreeing to forfeit that remaining time as part of confirming deletion of your. If you paid Farmers only com pictures Google Play, you must cancel your paid subscription via the Google Play Store regardless of whether or when you remove your profile since by paying via Google Play, they manage control of your subscription and not us.

In some cases, it is possible for us to pull your basic information from our recent archives and reconstitute your profile. Particularly if you try to recover your shortly after deleting it, it is likely we can recover it for you. Simply go to the registration and register using the same address. If we are still able to recover your deleted profile, we will ask you for confirmation first. Then your profile will be reconstituted for you to use.

Again, please note that this recovered profile will not have any paid time on it, and it may or may not have some or all of your message history. Having an informative, entertaining and attractive profile is the key to getting a lot out of your experience on FarmersOnly. Do not wait to do this later. Otherwise, you will not get good responses from members on our site. And there are a lot of great people here! If you are looking for things to write about, think about your hobbies, interests, connection to farming, values, lifestyle, favorite places, and what attracted you to the site!

To start working on your profile log in, and go to "Edit Your Profile" listed under "Profile Settings. To update your profile, simply go back to "Edit Your Profile" listed under "Edit Profile" and pick the area you would like to update. That is a link that enables you to hide and unhide your profile at your discretion. When you hide your profile it will not appear in any search and you will be logged out of your. Once you log back in at any point in the future, your profile will be shown again. If your intention is to cancel your subscription as well, you must do so under "Manage your subscription.

Once you hide your profile, it remains hidden until you log back in to the site. This means, that if you want to stay hidden you must remain logged out. So, again, you can hide your profile and take yourself out of search. Then logout and you will remain hidden indefinitely. But once you log back in, your profile will become visible again and if you want to be hidden, you must hide it over again. If you registered the profile with the wrong date of birth, log in and click on "Change Private Settings" under " Settings.

Your is based on your date of birth. In many cases a date of birth is automatically inserted for you depending on where you reg, and we of course give you the opportunity to correct that right away. To change yourcorrect your date of birth by clicking on "Change Private Settings" under " Settings.

Alternatively, go to "Edit profile" and you will see that the can be changed using a dropdown menu. Also, if no astrological is showing in your profile, go to "Edit profile" and use the dropdown menu to choose one, which will then make it visible on your Farmers only com pictures to others. If you registered the profile with the wrong gender, log in and click on "Change Private Settings" under " Settings. This probably happened because of a typo when you first ed up, but it is easy to fix.

Simply go to your "My Match" under "My Profile" and change the gender you are searching for. Photos are important. We cannot emphasize enough how important good, easy to see, appealing photos are to your success in line dating.

In general, there is no secret in being successful - you only need to be yourself. But be sure to be active, have a lively profile, send lots of flirts and s, and browse many profiles. And again, ing a photo increases your chances of receiving an answer by times. If you more than one photo you are even more likely to attract somebody's attention. When you submit your profile, it is always reviewed by our staff. Profiles must comply with our terms and conditions.

It is essential that your profile not contain any profanity or inappropriate content. You may not include personal contact information. You may not try to communicate with members via your profile. You may not comment on your membership status. You may not disparage anyone. You may not try to sneak in information that hints in anyway at how to contact you outside of the site. When your profile is rejected, we may send you an explaining why.

While we might reject a change, we will also ban you from the site for such a violation at our discretion and without advance notice. Please also note there are character limits for the written sections of your profile. If you exceed the character limit, the change will be rejected immediately and you may remedy this by simply reducing the of characters in the given section.

In order to change the city. If your username was ased to you automatically when you first registered for example, cowgirl or farmer, etc then you can customize your username. You have one and only one opportunity to do this. To do so:. On the left-hand side menu look under Settings and click on " preferences". To remove your profile, look on the left-hand side under " Settings". You will see a link for "Remove Profile" which you can use for deleting your profile and closing your and profile completely. For this reason, we typically recommending hiding your profile instead of removing it.

If you paid us using your payment card directly on our site, then your subscription is automatically cancelled so that you are not charged Farmers only com pictures. Additionally, all of your information is no longer accessible via the site. No one will be able to see anything about you under any circumstances. Also, if you Farmers only com pictures been a paid member of the site and remove your before your paid time is over, you must confirm that you are agreeing to forfeit that remaining time as part of confirming deletion of your.

Particularly if you try to recover it shortly after deleting it, it is likely we can recover it for you. You can easily all image formats. Option 2 is to use the customized address on the "Edit your photos" and simply send your photos to that address. Look for the address ending with photos. There is a unique address for you that will any photos you send there. The photos will appear within 5 minutes of us receiving the. NOTE: If you choose to send it viaplease Farmers only com pictures sure that the is actually leaving your outbox.

Sometimes, your photo may be such a large file, that it cannot get sent. Some users put typos in the address. Also, if your photo is successfully sent, you will see it ed soon. The most it should take is 5 minutes, and usually the process is much faster. You can also select which photo is your main profile photo by click on "Select as main" beneath each photo. Once your photos are ed, you can choose which photo is your main profile photo.

We check every picture before it is published and will not post inappropriate pictures of any sort. Nudity, vulgarity, hard to see images, names, business info, advertisements are all prohibited and ing them may result in immediate banning from the site without warning. We now support easy import of your facebook photo to your FarmersOnly profile.

On the desktop, you will see a link to facebook on "Edit My Photos. Should you choose to delete a photo, please note that we will delete it immediately and it will not be retrievable by anyone. You can change your pictures at any time. Once you have updated new pictures please make sure you clear your computer's cache.

Otherwise, you may find that your old photographs are displayed Profiles with a photo get much more attention than incomplete profiles, so it's important to know the reasons why they can be denied. We don't accept clipart, graphics, drawings and landscape photos as a profile photo. Photos of children without the profile member are unacceptable. Photos that are so dark that we can't see you, or so fuzzy that we can't see you, may also be rejected. Photos that include any attempt to communicate your contact info, place of business, or any other information meant to circumvent our policies will be rejected and may result in your profile being shut down permanently without notice and without refund, in accordance with our terms of use.

Photos of anything besides you may only be posted as secondary photos, not your main profile photo. We may delete, switch, or otherwise alter your photo if it does not comply. Any nudity, half nudity, lewdness, vulgarity or otherwise inappropriate photos will also be rejected and may result in your being shut down immediately without refund, in accordance with the terms of use you've agreed to. Your photos have been ed but not yet approved. That is why others cannot see them yet. Remember, all photos are reviewed and approved before others can see them. We try to approve photos as fast as possible so please be patient and they will appear to others very soon.

If you are still struggling, you can send us your photos and we will them for you manually but this may take up to a day. Send them to photo farmersonly. Immediately after your photos are ed they are placed in a queue for approval. We try to approve photos immediately but when the site gets especially busy, it may take up to an hour or two as we go through thousands and thousands of photos.

While your photo is pending approval, only you can see it. After it is approved, everyone else can see it, too. If a photo is rejected, it is deleted from the site. If you have a particularly inappropriate photo, we may shut down your immediately without refund in accordance with our terms of use.

Farmers only com pictures

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