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When Darren fell in love with Jeany, from the Philippines, they pictured a beautiful life together in Australia. But their dream has been put on hold. It was November when Jeany and I first made contact through the online romance site - Filipino Cupid. She was looking to meet someone outside of her own country and culture and so was I. Connecting with someone from overseas also seemed like a bit of adventure to me as well. We chatted for a few days through Filipino cupid home showmenu website, then moved onto Skype chats, and it was through talking on Skype, being able to see each other, that things really started to progress in a good way.

I still remember vividly that very first Skype call I made to her. The moment I saw her face I was just blown away by her natural beauty, and also how naturally the conversation flowed between us as we spent many hours chatting. After just a few weeks of Skype calls, I made the decision to travel to the Philippines and meet Jeany, as it was the only true way to tell if there was something real between us or not. I booked flights and spent 2 weeks in the Philippines with her just before Christmas in We had the best time and got on famously.

I also met her sweet daughter, Jewel, and many of her friends and family they have very large families in the Philippines. Darren and Jeany, centre, pictured together on their wedding day with guests. Photo: Supplied Supplied. When I returned to Australia it was obvious there was something really good between us, a strong connection and chemistry neither of us had really experienced before.

I already Filipino cupid home showmenu that trying to bring Jeany and her daughter to Australia was going to be a long and expensive process, but we really wanted to spend more time together, and the easiest way to do that at the time was for me to go back to the Philippines for a while. From mid-January to mid-April Jeany and I spent another 3 wonderful months together. However, my online income was really starting to dwindle and I was forced to return to Australia to regroup and make new plans.

By this stage we were very much in love. We really wanted to get married and all live in Australia together. While I was back in Australia I started an online business that I thought would do really well in time and I managed to secure a loan for our Filipino wedding which is also far cheaper than an Australian wedding.

Considering we were doing everything on a strict budget, the wedding turned out awesome. It all went to plan, the setting looked amazing, the weather cooperated, and my bride was absolutely stunning! Darren is still trying to figure out a way to get both Jeany, and her daughter, to Australia.

In December Jeany came to Australia with me for our honeymoon. She stayed for 5 weeks while her daughter remained behind in the Philippines. The visa approval process can also take years in some instances, especially for Filipinos. When months went by and Jeany and I had been apart for so long, and really getting nowhere with our plan, my sister offered to send me back to the Philippines for a while so my wife and I could spend some quality time together at least. SBS News. Explore SBS. News Programs.

Follow Insight. By Darren Burton. Photo: Supplied. The real cost of international love. International Online Dating.

Filipino cupid home showmenu

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