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Search America's historic newspaper s from or use the U. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between present. Chronicling America is sponsored tly by the National Endowment for the Humanities external link and the Library of Congress. Learn more. LbN tA Law o w" UOLI 'mP RAR, CA CORA No. S; Mo Bymmeg, hum PII. IIr WN. O Orv order of te C 0.

Odd P"11O1. Pre tert4: a t4 fie. He f10r31 o0d0r. Elmonndemd b: yt. YRlmo P. Vioknt Cough, Bldody Etlnelwrafd1m, etc k. I rk.

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W Cterfry Of Dr. IR cUND. Pa Ileulr to rt far eweyn. Ip of Wtld Carr. S York. COd Leva.

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P 5 The C. Slrn gE ed lntrmediate. Ra PIE. C mo, to DIyade5, IC. Ia c, ',bb, 97, SIai ond. C are Filipino girl swm cute 7l 6c w anlC Ce. YW, ,CI. IJmso b. Cib Paid, huN. C d OPC rounI. N IB l,,I. L 1 cCI:. A ONC. IC W e. OphiC C Ieels by 04I 5. Irrl t rn, 10 J ,tod n! ChurleBopkingl was appointed Seereter proten The radins of lb minuts of the last meeting was diepensmd with. A eOmmUnloation from the Comptroller. The City eTrellener' report, showingl the balne on. A 41ort of the Surveyor, Ilformi. A oommunfcatlon from the Board atof Aldermen, rib-a.

Beverasl perillon, amoog them one from the Loeisapa niverultl, were referred to the Commilttee on t. A oommunoieatin from the New Oriens emale Or phan Asylum, raqlelrtlolg the payment of mnlee de by ths nt4, was referrnd to the Committee on lsoase. Logan MoKnight announaed that he should intro. A dlspensatioo of the ruleg being obtained, a reesonlutio to pay sundry bills sginst the oilty was rad, and nil of tbem. A resolution authorising the Surveyor to have the bridge on OCarrollton Avenue repaired, was adopted by a ug-nnlmous vote. A resolution authoriing the mene of the Canal Strast erry, n ksep ld trr monnnieg on r imiart m rmla r b tare.

A readtlonarrln din the aontaeot with the oontrotor or clening th etreets at the EIghth and Niuth Wrd eadoptad. A resolutlon authoriing the earsl of the Latoaytti Perry priviegel t the highest bidder, was laid over to t. A rnolutlot ordrlng the removal of roned stone pae mnts wherever uod, and reptlaemenatby atstones or bri.

A rsolutlon as to impreving the paying of the side. Policn-Te Polle Commilttee reported favorably with regard to everel private petitlore, and the report was unanmonaly adopted. Sroel Comuiller. This report was made, apeolal order of the day for the next meeting. The JoiLnt Cammlite f the two Boards appointed to revl" the ordiounos of the CiLty requeetd a postpone ment of their report, whioh was gonmtd.

A lengthy meage from the Board of Aldermen or. The Board then adjIourni. John, Holden, foreman of P. Moaeux maruhbleo yard, at the corner of St. Louts and Robeotoon street. The deeased was a native of England, forty-five yearn of ae, and laves four ehhdren, hut no wife. The Coroner held an to quest on the body, and returned a verdIct in anocordanro with th foot.

Deputy Cor oner Mitohell yesterday held an inquest on the body, and returned a verdlt in accordance with the faot. The deeeased was a native of New Yortk, twenty-thsre yen of ng. Coyle was refused bail, and sent to prison to await an examination on Saturday.

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A wuarrant woas sued. He was acsed by Mr. John B Hyde, of No. Warner, on Dryades street, near Poydrnu,t four o'clock yesterday morning. H is in prison. He is in the parish prison. Baker, it appeared, was abusing his wife, nod fell upon Mtotoy becausee h Intercdedd for her in friendly man ,ner.

Doyle, and Thomas Brown, before the mme tribuhal. Thery are all oab-drivere. Harris and Doyle were committed for asoult with intent to kitll, and Brewn for arryinog a eoncealed weapon ; and al gave bahil to apperar. John Ryon, a fourth cab-driver, who was impS -ated in the afair, w diheharged.

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Moreno, of Iaroadelet street, is to be examlned on Satuday, oa oharge of threatening personal vlolenoe upon a twelve-year old girl, the daughter of hise next door neigh bor, Mary Ann Dougla, f. Paul etreet, on Sunday noening, in Poydrae Market. They will be overhauledoa the 7th proximo.

Murphy ; andJamse SBiddone, aoccused of selling liquor to slaves. Someman was SLed also for running an uned drany. A warrant was isued. Ann strereet, botween twelve and one o'clock yreerday. Ie gave tail to appear. Uonp iSeeL. Leves, Jaw. W ingsld, e-am' a. Wrds, J. MeiDolall, i r. Shae, R. Jhn Adamens, D. Biosa, Thn. Lgge, P. Legett, J. Oharlse street, Two doo from the St.

Chls Theatern. Verandahs Doeo. Btjbi;e Btraisht sad CirLenrls. The gnsem features of the Money Market have not chanogedto-day. Money eontinueeasy of aeseewith od Offeri in Bank on redued r see compared with the i, aility to disoount. We had parts of eurayt nalle todasy, but we could not SSentain tht anythig of Intmruewas rerlved. Our latest oates from NeA York are of the 24, though we lears letters of the.

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In Boston the supply Ssof motey was equal tO the demand, good busines paper being diseonntedon te treat at 7 to 8 per ct. Thee soounnts do not Seem to telly. We hadly think there is o easy a money ,y maretitheb countr at this moment s that of New Orlesaus.

Filipino girl swm cute 7l 6c w

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