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ed Aug 25, Messages 46 Reaction score 0 Points 6. Earning money? Anyway, thanks for the report, but why grades for only one girl? ed Oct 2, Messages 52 Reaction score 0 Points 6. I'm a relative newbie at this, and it was my first time in an FKK, so I'm writing this from the point of view of a noob.

All you veterans, please don't laugh at me too much. But this might be useful for others like me. It was a Saturday, and I had a stopover of about 6 hours in Frankfurt during the daytime. Based on what I had read, I had decided that my choice visit would be Oase. I withdrew a big amount of cash. I left my Fkk oase review, including my cell phone, at a storage locker, and put on a hat and sunglasses. As anonymous as you can hope to be, if you don't count the fact that inside the club everyone sees your face.

I didn't miss my phone, it's not like I was intending on checking to Facebook and tell everyone including my mother who is on FB "Eldritch has just checked in at FKK Oase. Outside, I saw several taxis. This is when I began walking about a little bit, nervous, and wondering if I would chicken out after all.

The idea of an FKK did make me a bit nervous. I have no problem with the being naked part, but how would I feel about public displays of sex? A bit uncomfortable perhaps? I like my privacy. Eventually, I walked up to a taxi and said "Oase. I had passed the point of no return. At around 12, the taxi drove me to a small shack in the middle of nowhere. It was all quiet, and the parking lot nearly empty. Hey, we've all been there, and there is only one way to cure it.

At the entrance, I paid the 65e, while they explained the system - 50e basic and 50e extras. When it became apparent my German wasn't up to task, they switched to English without issue. I go in and get changed into a robe, and then check out the place. Yep, there's the porn theater, there's the dance club, there's the bar, and there's outside with the pool. There were less than 10 men from what I could see, and at least times more girls. On my way to the pool several girls were coming onto me already, some of them quite persistent. The lack of customers probably pushed them harder.

Or I'm a natural babe magnet. I Fkk oase review know. I wanted to take my time, though, and went for a dip. Once ready, I headed back inside, and was nabbed Fkk oase review a petite, athletic girl. She called herself Anya, 24, from Poland. I found her to be cute, and GFE-ish, so why not. She took me to the porn theater for starters, then a session in the private room.

I knew it could happen, but it still felt a bit disappointing. In any case, the actual sex was fine, and in the end she sucked me off quite thoroughly. To pass the time, you can get crap food from the bar, take a dip in the pool, or simmer in the sauna. Due to my schedule and stamina no chemical enhancements and tired from flightI had pre-decided on only 2 sessions. When I had around 1 hour of time left, I decided it's time to nail the second girl.

I had decided to try to find Lexi, a beautiful big-tittied blonde German, with whom I was talking earlier while I was recuperating. However, as I'm clearly an easy target, I ended up being picked up by Alina, 22, from Romania. She was slim, and had small tits but a pretty face. I ended up getting a semi-public blowjob in the porn theater. Not 2 meters behind me was another couple going at it. If you had asked me just a week ago, it was definitely not something I ever thought I would do!

Having gone through that, I can be sure that all nervousness and shyness about FKKs are now gone forever. After that, it was time to go. I exited just as a bunch of Indian guys were coming in, looking like 7 year olds about to enter Disneyland. I took a taxi to Friedrichsdorf and the train from there to the airport. Next time I have a stopover in Frankfurt, I will definitely return to Oase! Finally, here's "newbie corner: questions and answers", on what my main concerns were before going and what might help someone's first time to an FKK.

On the way back, you can take a taxi to Friedrichsdorf 10e. But, be warned that only every other S5 goes to Friedrichsdorf. It might be a good idea to check the schedules. This could be a bit challenging if you're a gentleman like me and can't say "out of my way bitch, I was just about to talk to that girl with the big tits when you stepped in. If you're a pansy like me, it will be hard to do just a 50e session, and you might as well accept that you will pay e anyway, and then go all the way to make sure you get your money's worth.

Girls aren't allowed to enter the sauna, so you can simmer there, or just take a nap on one of the chairs inside the sauna building. This one Bulgarian girl claimed to speak 5 languages fluently. If that's true, I wonder what she's doing working there This is where you put your money, and come get it after a session. Well, that's been a long rant.

Fkk oase review

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Overnight in Frankfurt - which FKK is best?