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Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! In Register. Many thanks guys, your all the best for your help! Mookle Posts: 1, Forum Member. Give ok cupid a go, I quite like that one even though i've given up on that method of meeting someone! Tequila Posts: 5, Forum Member. QFour Posts: Forum Member. The free sites are just that. Free :eek: So every Tom Dick and Harry goes on for a laugh. You are going to get no where if you pick cheap sites or sites that are free. Met my wife through a dating site. I advertised for exactly who I wanted to meet Brilliant.

I'm struggling on POF aswell Caz - good luck and don't give up!! I'll give OKcupid a go - thanks for the suggestion Mookle. Forum best free dating sites met my husband on Plenty Of Fish Good luck with your search Aw - that's nice KT! Of course there are lots of nice people on there Very happy for you though.

HenryBane Posts: 4, Forum Member. You mention being bi, have you used Google to see if there are any bi dating sites? One I've found is Bixsexual Passions, which sounds more like a hook-up site, but seems like a small social network site for bisexuals, which includes a dating side. I met accidentally, I must add my OH on a music forum, might be worth ing one of those?! Bedsit Bob Posts: 24, Forum Member. Tequila wrote: ». A lot of the men on the free dating sites are just looking to get their end away. Bedsit Bob wrote: ».

Let's be honest, ultimately all men, on all dating sites, are looking to get their end away. Justmadeit Posts: 7, Forum Member. I met my girlfriend on there, we've been together a year and a half and before i met her i had quite a few dates. From women i have spoke to on there some told me they get sleazy messages sometimes, which gives the rest of us a bad name. No everyone on dating sites has a problem meeting someone in real life, i guess its just another option these days.

Its worked for me and many others so keep the faith. You do have to be patient and realise that if you get a date it might not go well or you might not click. Worth making the effort though. Justmadeit wrote: ». Worth checking out i suppose.

I'm on POF but haven't got anywhere - but then I'm 46, overweight and told the truth in my profile:. As most said here, free dating sites are as good as being free. Most of the time, not very good. The fact is, most of the free ones don't allow you to mould your profile very well and of course meeting people through dating sites requires a lot of trust.

Have you looked at a dating coach? This is something I'm contemplating maybe later this year. I'm reaching 26 at the end of this year and I'm seriously ready to meet someone. It could the be the fact that you need someone to give you a different perspective on meeting people and some confidence. I think that's all I need but I'm going to try and stick it out on my own and using dating sites until I turn Best of luck op, never give up hope in finding that someone special as there is someone for everyone.

Gary Brenton Posts: Forum Member. I met my now wife on there. Nikki E. Posts: Forum Member. I've been on dating sites for years - I've made a few friends by using them. I find that most people on there want " Instant " dates - as in, they're not really too prepared to wait, take things slow, as friends first - which is a shame, because I cannot rush into anything.

So, I've not met anyone in the "romantic" sense - but others must have better luck, or something. I like ok cupid its free and simple - predominantly American but the British on there are Forum best free dating sites in. China takes over on the social networking sites. But since you're looking for a UK dating site, you might wan't to try jiopo. Even facebook serves as a dating sites because you can meet alot of people there.

Don't bother with dating sites, just instagram and someone will proposition you before the week's out. In or Register to comment.

Forum best free dating sites

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